Thursday, November 13, 2014

Results for the costume-less costume party!

Okay, so I thought that I explained this fairly well. I even listed all of the guest posts with links for you to go back and judge. Something must have gotten lost in translation though because many of the authors entered were not ones who took part. Steven King was voted pretty often. Too bad that he wasn't one of the options! Below is a paragraph from the original post. Did I confuse you?

I've listed all of the author guest posts and interviews and what type of being they represent below. Your job is to go back through and decide what title to give to each author based on their post. Much like how you would judge a costume contest but without the costumes. (Maybe next year!) There are more authors than titles but spread the love.

Below are the list of Author posts. Under that is the list of possible categories and below that is the giveaway. Have fun and Good Luck!

Kelly Oram ~ Unique abilities Susan Illene ~ Unique abilities

Kym Grosso ~ Werewolves   *  Shannon Donnelly ~ Djinn

 M.L. Guida   ~ Dragons  *  Elle Rossi ~ Vampires

W.J. May ~ Unique abilities  *  Jennifer Snyder ~ Conjurers

J.C. McKenzie ~ Shifters  *  Alyssa Rose Ivy ~ Pterons

Hanna Martine ~ Elementals

Red L. Jameson guest post ~ Time Travellers

Julie Anne Lindsey ~ Demi Gods  *  Red L. Jameson ~ Muses

Megan Morgan ~ Sirens  *  Celeste Pratter ~ Aliens

Chrissy Peebles ~ Zombies  *  Mimi Sebastian ~ Necromancers

Jessica Aspen ~ Ghosts  *  Mary Moriarty ~ Witches

Dale Mayer ~ Psychics  *  Paula Westin ~ Angels

A.S. Fenichel ~ demons & hunters  *  Angelique Armae ~ fallen angels

Su Williams ~ Dream weavers  *  Diana Harrison ~ Soul Crafters

Echo Ishii ~ Elves  *  Jessica Aspen guest post ~ trolls & goblins

Who is the Author you'd most like to be BFF's with? J.C. McKenzie I can see this though there were a few others I could also see!

Who would you name the best conversationalist? J.C. McKenzie I understand this one too!

Which Author was the Creepiest? Chrissy Peebles She did an amazing job talking about zombies!

Which author is most likely to get you arrested? Kelly Oram I could totally see that!

Who gave the best representation of their being? We have a tie for this one. Paula Westin & Hanna Martine. Both were great but many of the others were as well. I could not have picked this category!

Padded jacket ~ Which author is most likely an escaped patient from the psych ward? Kelly Oram and Julie Anne Lindsey both scored top marks in this category. Not who I would have picked at all! lol!

Who was the most confusing author? Julie Anne Lindsey 

Was there an author that you found to be the weirdest or the kookiest? Shannon Donnelly 

Which author was the most informative about their character, book or pertinent info? Jessica Aspen

Who was the most generous author? We had a tie for this one as well but I am overruling it because in addition to giving many prizes, this author kept checking back in and even stopped on a few other posts as well thus being generous with her time as well as her donations! J.C. McKenzie was most deserving but the other one voted to the top was Kym Grosso.

Who is the most original author? Diana Harrison

Who do you think did the best job projecting sexy? It was unanimous! ~ Kym Grosso

Who is the spookiest? Red L. Jameson

Who would you name the friendliest author? We have another tie and I think they are both excellent choices! J.C. McKenzie and Celeste Pratter

Who would be most likely to make you split your pants laughing? Red L. Jameson takes this title as well.

Who would you name the most gruesome? Mimi Sebastian gets this title!

What did you think of the costume party? 
I can't stress enough that most of the prizes were donated by the generous authors who took their time to take part. Please, if given the opportunity, help me to sing their praises and send readers their way!
I crown J.C. McKenzie queen of the costume-less costume party!  She had the most votes over-all!

Congratulations J.C.! You obviously made quite an impression! :D

Don't forget to enter the Comment Incentive Giveaway. It is a great chance to win a book you'd like to have! The link can be found at the top of the page.


  1. Congrats JC it's really well deserved!!

    i really liked this part of the GGMMMU as well and i think your instructions were perfectly clear so i don't see how stephen king ( and others ) could have appeared as answer^^;;

    really thank you a lot to all authors once again

    1. oh was there a lot of " other" idea for award listed? you did not add that category^^

    2. Not really but they sort of conflicted with each other so I just left them out.

    3. Thank you Miki! I had so much fun participating in the event. I wish I could've read more of the posts when the event was still running. I'm still catching up, but loving them all. :-)

  2. Thanks for the post. I must have misunderstood or my mind didn't register the instructions correctly.

    1. Well you must've done something right, because you're one of the prize winners! Congrats again on your win and happy reading. :-)

    2. No worries Robbie! You didn't win on this giveaway but as J.C. said, you won some prizes so it's all good!

      You were not the only one confused by far! ;-)

  3. Sorry I missed this one. I am a few weeks behind on my blogs emails. But way to go JC

    1. Thanks Connie! My poor husband is going to have to put up with my prancing around for a little while! LOL!

  4. I thought your instructions were perfectly clear. Thanks to all the wonderful authors and to Brenda for sponsoring this great event!

    1. Thanks for participating BookLady! :-)

    2. You're most welcome Bonnie. I'm so glad that you enjoyed it. I enjoy organizing it and with the authors' help this year, sponsoring it was much easier!

  5. I followed you. :) It was hard to pick for some of the categories. I wanted to give authors a fair shot but some stood out more than others.
    Congrats JC!!!

    1. Thanks VampedChik! I had so much fun. It's great to interact with other readers and writers. :-)

  6. SQUUEEEE!!! Thank you so much for crowning me Queen of the costume-less costume party! I'm so excited and it's really fun to read through the comments. I wish I could be BFFs with all my readers! :-)

    1. Your personality shines through and makes us feel almost like we know you. All of your titles were well earned! :-) I can't think of any author more deserving of being queen!

    2. Awe! Thanks Brenda! You'e made my day--multiple times! I love your blog and your readers! :-)