Thursday, November 20, 2014

GGMMMU Giveaways Results!

Here are the results for All of the GGMMMU Giveaways:

Beings with Special Abilities ~ VampedChik won the copy of Dark Nebula from W.J. May and a copy of Being Jamie Baker from Kelly Oram, Carmen and Robbie both won copies of Being Jamie Baker as well

Werewolves ~ J.C. won the ebook from me and choose Liulf, Eva won the audio book from Kym Gosso, Sharon won the ebook from Kym, Natasha and won the Dimitri mug from Kym.

Djinn ~ Holly won a copy of Burn Baby Burn from Author Shannon Donnelly

Vampire ~ Miki won the gothic necklace Author Elle Rossi

Magical Beings ~ Miki & Robbie both won an ebook (up to $2.99) from me

Shifters ~ Shelley won a $5 Amazon giftcard from Author J. C. McKenzie

Elementals ~ VampedChik won an ecopy of Liquid Lies from Author Hanna Martine 

Time Travelers ~ Amber won an ecopy of Enemy of Mine from Author Red L. Jameson

Gods & Goddesses ~  Amber won an ecopy of Prophecy from Author Julie Anne Lindsey, Alisha won a copy of Enemy of Mine from Author Red L. Jameson

Of air and sea ~ Robbie won an ecopy The Shucker's Booktique from Author J. C. McKenzie & VampedChik won an ecopy of Cato from Author Celeste Pratter

Ghosts ~ Booklady won a copy of Ghosts of Christmas Past from Author Jessica Aspen

Zombies ~ Due to lack of participants I cancelled this giveaway.

Witches ~ Miki won a full set (ecopies) of the Beloved Vampire series from Author Mary Moriarty

Angels & Demons ~ Booklady won an ecopy of Ascension from author A.S. Fenichel & Shelly won a cover magnet from Shadows of the Soul + a set of collector cards from the series from author Angelique Armae

All Souls ~Amber won an ecopy of Dream Weaver from Author Su Williams, Lavender won an ecopy of Breaking Normal from author Su Williams, Robbie won an ecopy of Rock Star from Author Su Williams, & Miki won an ecopy of The Keeper's Curse from Author Diana Harrison 

Fairies ~ Lavender received a $5 Amazon Giftcard from me

Costume-less Costume party ~ Miki won a surprise that is on it's way to her as I post this. ;-)

Main GGMMMU winners:

Miki won the book of her choice from TBD from me

Booklady won a print copy of Shift happens from J.C. McKenzie

Tiffany won a print copy of The Necromancer's Betrayal from Author Mimi Sebastian

The 3 print copies of Shadows from Author Paula Westin were won by Alisha, Kayla, & Lynn

Kortney won a signed paperback with some swag from Author Kelly Oram 

Amber won a print copy of Dire from Author Alyssa Rose Ivy

EJ &Kat won the 2 a swag packs including a totebag, notebook, and set of bookmarks from Author Susan Illine
Kerry won a print set of My Beloved Vampire books from Author Mary Moriarty 

Congratulations to all of the winners!

I have forwarded all info to the authors. If you do not hear anything or receive your prizes, please contact me!I am still waiting for Robbie and Miki to tell me which ebook they'd like but they have been notified that they won. :-)

Don't forget to enter the Comment Incentive Giveaway. It is a great chance to win a book you'd like to have! The link can be found at the top of the page.


  1. Thank you!!!!!! And congrats to all winners. Thank you once again to the authors for their generosity.

    I will let you know my choice as soon as i manage!

    Are we going to get the answers as well?

    really thank you for this fantastic event

  2. I sent my choice to you on November 14. But will resend today.
    My choice was Burn For Me by Ilona Andrews

    1. Sorry! The Gremlins must have eaten it.

      Where did you find it for $2.99?

  3. Congrats everyone! and thank you!

  4. Congrats to all the winners! Special thanks to Brenda and all the wonderful authors for sponsoring this great event.

    1. ^^ let us know what you think of Ascension please^^