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WOTO Challange

I am behind! :(  I was supposed to read Stolen book 2 in the Women of the Otherworld series by Kelley Armstrong and post my review before today! This is a reread for me and I love the book so I could whip a review up but I don't want to cheat so I am in the middle of reading it. Hopefully I finish and have time to write the review today!

Stolen (Women of the Otherworld, #2)

Just in case any of you have missed this book, here's the synopsis from Goodreads:

 It was in Bitten, Kelley Armstrong's debut novel, that thirty-year-old Elena Michaels came to terms with her feral appetites and claimed the proud identity of a beautiful, successful woman and the only living female werewolf.

In Stolen, on a mission for her own elite pack, she is lured into the net of ruthless Internet billionaire Tyrone Winsloe, who has funded a bogus scientific investigation of the "other races" and their supernatural powers. Kidnapped and studied in his underground lab deep in the Maine woods, these paranormals - witches, vampires, shamans, werewolves - are then released and hunted to the death in a real-world video game. But when Winsloe captures Elena, he finally meets his match.

This book is really good and if you haven't read it, you should give it a try! Bitten is the first book and it is helpful to read it first.

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In My Mailbox #11

This meme was started by The Story Siren.

I bought:

Fifty Shades Darker (Fifty Shades, #2)


Fifty Shades Freed (Fifty Shades, #3)


Fury (New Species, #1)


Slade (New Species, #2)


A Witch in Winter (Winter Trilogy, #1)


All These Things I've Done (Birthright, #1)


Darkness (Brookehaven Vampires, #2)


Hunted (Dark Protectors, #3)


Storm (Elemental, #1)


On the Prowl (The Others, #13)


The Hunger Games (The Hunger Games, #1)


Untouched (The Amoveo Legend #2)


Bloodright (Blood Moon Rising Trilogy,   #2)


Half-Blood (Covenant, #1)

I don't know where to start! :D

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Return to Eden Blog Tour/ Interview with Author G. P. Ching and Giveaway

G.P. Ching is the author of The Soulkeepers Series and a variety of short fiction. She specializes in cross-genre paranormal stories, loves old cemeteries, and enjoys a good ghost tour. She lives in central Illinois with her husband, two children, and one very demanding guinea pig.

You can find her:

Her blog / Twitter / Facebook / Goodreads

Without further ado, the interview:

Which of your characters is your favorite to write? the easiest? the hardest? the most fun?

Abigail was always my favorite and the most fun to write. Her history is complex and she has no limitations. It's fun to be a hero in a villain's body. My favorite scene in Return to Eden is her soliloquy in the garden.

The hardest character to write is God because in the Soulkeepers he/she becomes a perfected reflection of the character who sees him/her. So, I have to maintain a consistency between each sighting but also reflect how God changes to make the seer more comfortable.

What part of writing do you find the most challenging?

Deciding what to work on first!

In what scenario do you do your best work?

At my desk, listening to music, with a large cup of coffee by my side.

Here are some questions to help us get to know you better.

Which new release are you most looking forward to reading?

I support all of my fellow authors with new releases, indie and traditional, and read a little bit of everything. There are so many great books out there.

Who is the first person you call with good or bad news?

My husband, Aaron.

Home cooked meal or ordered out?

Home cooked meal.

Homebody or social butterfly?


Are you more likely to wear a skirt or pants?


What is your biggest weakness?

I'm a sucker for children and furry animals.

Least favorite chore?


Do you have a favorite sport?

Ice hockey or football to watch, volleyball to play.

Do you have a favorite gem?

diamond in my engagement/wedding ring.

Favorite beverage?


Thank you for answering my questions and for letting me be part of your Blog Tour!

a Rafflecopter giveaway

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Tabitha Vale interview

Today Author Tabitha Vale is here. She agreed to let me interview her!

What do you hope people get out of reading your book?

I hope that people can be inspired by Sage; she’s so strong, and honestly that’s what I need in my life right now, so that might be why I wrote her like I did. I just hope that all the girls (and even boys) who read it can realize that they can do what they set their minds to.

Do you have to concentrate and visualize the story or do ideas just randomly come to you when you're out and about?

Both. Generally they just come to me at the most random times, but sometimes when I’m sitting on my laptop I have to sit there and let my thoughts travel off to connect the scenes that I already have.

What or who inspires you?

Music helps me set the mood and sometimes visualize things, movies and books help me with the structure and content, and video games, believe it or not, help me with the design of the world and characters. Writing fantasy, that aspect is really important. I always love how creative video games are!

Here are some questions to help us get to know the person behind the author.

Hardback, paperback, or ebook?

Hardback, but that’s just because they feel so fancy. I can read an ebook just as easily, though. Very convenient for me.

Which books have been on your tbr shelf the longest?

I haven’t had my TBR shelf for very long. Only a few weeks maybe. But on there I have… Cinder… and I can’t remember the others haha. There’s only 2 or 3. I focus more on writing these days than reading.

What food can't you live without?

Korean food; I lived in Korea for a while, now I’m addicted to it!

What is your favorite part of the day?

Early morning. It’s so fresh and crisp, but I’m hardly ever awake to experience it lol.

Do you prefer baked or fried?


Favorite beverage?

Water! I never drink soda and actually, I don’t really drink much of anything other than water. Never realized that before

Silver or Gold?

Silver is better usually!

Homebody or social butterfly?

Homebody, but I can be sociable easily when I’m around other people. I’m a hybrid haha.

What type of music do you listen to?

Kpop, everything from GLEE, instrumental, and trance/club music.

Tabitha thank you for stopping by and for answering my questions.

You should check out her book  Pawn of Mine.

Pawn of Mine

Here is a synopsis:

The world never ended in fire and ice. The people were consumed by it and now control the elements. The Fires have harnessed the power down to an art while the Waters cower in fear of their abilities, remaining weak and hopeless. Seventeen-year-old Sage Sinclair hopes to dispel the weakness of her Water people because she knows that if she doesn’t do anything, no one will. When she discovers something special about herself, she seeks Humble Narcissist Ruler Agni in the great fire city, Saint Firefly. Once she gains his seal of approval, she’s admitted into Erra Academy where she secretly sparks a revolution among her ennui peers—a revolution to fight back against the Fires. She has every hope in her movement, just as long as her feelings for a handsome and frivolous Saffron Larkspur don’t get in the way—that, and Agni’s sudden fascination with her.

Doesn't this sound good?

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Karen Mueller Bryson Virtual Book Tour

Today Karen Mueller Bryson is visiting the blog!

During the tour Karen is giving away a $25 Amazon GC to one randomly drawn commenter!

She's been kind enough to let me interview her.

What is your favorite or least favorite thing about writing?   

I enjoy the actual writing process and I love having a finished product! I don’t like the fact that writers now have to be sales people, marketers and publicists for their work and their brand. The “business” side of writing takes as much time as the writing itself!

What do you hope people get out of reading your books?

My number one goal is to provide readers with a source of entertainment. That’s why my company slogan for Short on Time Books is “fast-paced and fun novels for readers on the go!”

Here are some questions for fun to help us get to know the person inside the author!

Breakfast, lunch, or dinner which meal is your favorite?    

This may sound strange but I don’t normally eat for pleasure. I eat in order to nourish and fuel my body.  Meals don’t generally mean that much to me, except maybe on a weekend when my husband and I treat ourselves to linner (late lunch/early dinner) at a restaurant.

I really wish that I was more like you in that aspect! I love food!

Do you prefer city or country?

I have always lived near a major city but far enough away to still be considered “the country.” I like having the best of both worlds.

What is your favorite day of the week?

Any day is a good day as long as I’m still breathing!

lol! Good point.

If you could pick any destination, where would you go?

I’ve been fortunate enough to travel through 47 states in our country and to 13 different countries. Some places I would still like to visit include: India; Chili and Easter Island; Nepal and Bhutan; Greece and Italy; Africa (Zambia, Botswana and Namibia); Mongolia and Russia (Trans-Siberian Railway); The Czech Republic (Prague) and Hungary (Budapest); Australia and New Zealand.

Wow! I am green with envy that you've been so many places.

What is your favorite fairy tale?

I’ve never been a huge fan of classic fairy tales. I thought many of them were creepy when I was a kid. (Especially some of the traditional German fairy tales my grandmother used to have.) But I do love two classic stories: The Wonderful Wizard of Oz and Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland. My first two novels, Hey Dorothy You’re Not in Kansas Anymore and Where is Wonderland Anyway, were inspired by those books.

Which books have been on your tbr shelf the longest?

I have so little time to read anymore! I purchased A Discovery of Witches several months ago and have yet to crack it open. I also have I Am Number Four and its follow up The Power of Six waiting for my attention. Lately, the only way I can actually finish a book is to listen to the audio version while I am commuting.

What is your biggest pet peeve?

I live near Phoenix, Arizona, a large metropolitan area as well as a big place for tourists and retirees. At certain times of the year it is extremely frustrating to deal with the traffic. I am also bothered by the number of people, who still text and drive. Two people ran me off the road because they were not paying attention to their driving and pulled right into me!

I agree that people should definitely Not text while driving! I can't understand what is so urgent that they can't wait to text until they are parked.

Inside or outside?

I’m a writer! Definitely inside!

Elevator or stairs?

I always try to take the stairs, if possible. I like to walk.

Thanks so much for taking the time to answer my questions.

I am really happy to be part of your tour!

You can find Karen on Goodreads .

Make sure that you leave a comment to be entered to win the $25 Amazon gift card!

Both Twyla's Last Trip and One Last Class are super quick, fun reads.

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One Last Class

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

One Last Class is about Zak Spencer a has been actor. He is tired of being turned down for acting jobs. He wants something more out of life so he decides to go back to school.

He only needs one class to graduate. He goes to class and finds out that Amy, his professor is the girl of his dreams. Things aren't quite that simple and he has to work for it.

This is a cute romance and it is a really fast read. The characters were great!

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Twyla's Last Trip

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Twyla's Last Class was a super quick read. I enjoyed it. The main character is Lucinda Starr, who is a little scary. She's trying to finish her experiments for her upcoming dissertation defense and her mother's lawyer interupts her to tell her that her mother died.

In order to get her mother's estate, she has to take her mother's remains on a trip across the country. T.J. Yates is her mother's lawyer and he has to go on the trip with her to document it.

During the trip they end up falling for each other. It is a cute read.

I recommend this book to anyone who wants a really fast clean romance.

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A Tuesday Temptation!

Tempted (Dark Protectors, #2.5)

Here's the synopsis:


On the run from a mental institution and her vindictive half-brother, it’s safe to say that Sarah Pringle’s happy life as a schoolteacher is on hold. Too bad that as far as self-defense goes, “run and hide” is the best she’s got. And with the monsters that started her escape hot on her heels, that’s not going to cut it for long…


That is, unless Sarah has a bigger, badder, hotter monster on her side. Max Petrovsky is right at the top of the list of alpha male ass-kickers. And he knows exactly what Sarah’s up against. Good thing, because the minute he sees her something primal kicks in, turning everyday attraction into red-hot desire. As long as they’re cooperating, why not mix some pleasure with business? Of course, Max should probably tell Sarah he’s a vampire himself…

I love this series! Tempted is book 2.5. It is currently free! As always, double check the price before you buy it because the prices change. Get your copy from  Barnes & Noble or Amazon today!!!  

If you haven't read the other books in the Dark Protectors series you're missing out. The first book is Fated. You can read the synopsis and buy it HERE! The second book is Claimed and you can get your copy HERE! The Third book, Hunted is released today!!! You can purchase yours from  Amazon . 

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Cover Reveal: Changed by Jennifer Snyder



Would you fight to the death to prove you are worthy to stand beside the one you loved?

Eighteen-year-old Tessa Morganton’s life has flipped upside down. After learning Jace’s secret and discovering the man she’d thought all her life was her father isn’t, she must also cope with the reality of what she’s now become—a werewolf.

Tessa tries to maintain her normal life while her body changes more and more each night as the full moon grows closer, but when Shelby comes back to pay her a visit, Tessa soon realizes turning into a wolf may not be the only dilemma she will have to overcome.

As the Wolf Moon draws near, Tessa uncovers some things about Jace and Shelby’s relationship and exactly what Pack Law entails in the untraditional situation Jace has created for them all.

 Doesn't this sound awesome? I'm so excited! I can't wait to read this!!! Guess what? I have an excerpt to share too!!!


An itch began to spread slowly from my bite mark and across my entire body. It never seemed to be satisfied, and I worried that if I continued to scratch it the way that I was, I might draw blood. My eyes flickered toward my bedroom window while I anxiously awaited Jace’s tapping. When was he going to be here? I didn’t want to change in my bedroom!

And then he was there—his smiling face filled with excitement, staring at me through the glass. I pushed the window open, but didn’t smile in return.

“Ready?” he asked, his amber eyes twinkling in my bedroom light as he removed the screen from my window.

I shook my head. “No, I’m not feeling so well.”

“You’ll be all right; it’ll go away shortly. Trust me, Tessa, come outside,” he whispered into the night, his gaze shifting toward the full moon.

Even though my legs were trembling beneath me, I still managed to climb out my window without falling on my face thanks to Jace. The cool night air gently swept across my skin, cooling my itch upon contact. Jace took my hand in his and slowly we began walking away from my house and out into my darkened backyard.

I took in a few deep, measured breaths while we walked and didn’t glance over my shoulder once to see if my mother was watching for me. I didn’t care if she saw me; it was the least of my problems at the moment.

The beautiful full moon caught my attention as we neared the edge of my yard, and I stared at it, mesmerized. My pulse quickened. I could feel it pulsating in my fingertips and wondered if it was as loud to Jace’s ears as it was to mine.

“Let’s go back a little farther tonight,” Jace insisted.

I nodded, grateful for the first time in my life that my parents and I lived on three acres of land. Stepping over twigs and weaving through branches, we made our way farther into the wooded lot. I found it extremely easy to see where I was going. My eyesight had grown amazingly clear.

When Jace finally came to a stop, I shifted my gaze to his face and marveled in the look of childlike excitement etched into his features. I wished I could feel even a tiny portion of that right now. Instead, all I felt was a crippling fear eating away at me.

“You’re shaking. You okay?” Jace asked, gripping both of my clammy hands in his and looking directly in my eyes.

A tiny hysterical giggle escaped me. “No, I’m not okay. I’m scared to death right now. I’m so freaking scared that this is going to hurt just as badly as being bitten did.”

His face softened, his excitement washing away at my words to become replaced by an intense look of guilt. “It won’t, not if you don’t fight it. You’ll be all right. I promise. I’ll be here with you the whole time.”

My lips formed into a hesitant smile as I looked deeply into his eyes. The smile was more for show than anything. Don’t fight it? How did you not fight something like this?

The Official Release Date for Changed (Marked Duology Book 2) is May 21!

This is at the top of my wishlist! I love the cover! If you haven't already read the first book in the series, you should! Marked was a great read! You can see my review for Marked HERE! 

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Mini reviews for Books 1-3 of the Sugar Creek Series by Becky Wilde

Tessa's Chosen (Sugar Creek #1)Tessa's Chosen by Becky Wilde

My rating: 3 of 5 stars

Here's the synopsis:

Book 1 of the Sugar Creek series

Tessa is set to move out of her home when her ex fiance arrives on her doorstep to stop her. After he physically abuses her she escapes from him and drives away.

Arriving at an Inn in Sugar Creek Ohio battered and bruised Tessa is confronted by three Alpha male brothers, Lucien, Raphael and Gabriel Woolf. Not realizing they are werewolves and that she is their mate. Tessa is kidnapped by the three brothers.

Will they be able to win her over to secure her love or will she be too scared of her past experience with Alpha males and escape from their dominance? 

This was a quick hot read. Some of it was unbelievable, some of it was laughable, it was entertaining to say the least. This is in no way the best werewolf book that I've ever read. I did enjoy it though. It is definitely only appropriate for adults. They have a menage.

Melissa's Acceptance (Sugar Creek #2)Melissa's Acceptance by Becky Wilde

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Here's the synopsis:

Book 2 of the Sugar Creek series

Melissa Wise, a twenty-two year old, slender red haired virgin takes a drive for some much needed rest and relaxation after she breaks up with her now ex-boyfriend Wesley Sands. She ends up at a little place called the Shifter Inn outside of Sugar Creek, Ohio.

She is about to leave through the inn door when she is inadvertently knocked flat on her back, cracking her head on the floor knocking herself unconscious as two men barge in through the inn door.

Damian and Luke Aerth are very worried when they realize they have just hurt their mate. They call a doctor to check her over and when the all clear is given they take her back to their cabin which is on their Alpha's land, to take care of her.

The two men convince Melissa to experience a ménage with them and claim her as their own. Will the two men be able to convince Melissa she means more to them than just sex? Or will she feel as if she’s been used by yet another male and turn her back on them?

Much like the first book in this series, it was a quick hot read. Some of it is funny, some of it is sweet, it was entertaining. Not the best thing that I've ever read but enjoyable regardless. It is only for adult eyes.

Sara's Mates (Sugar Creek #3)Sara's Mates by Becky Wilde

My rating: 2 of 5 stars

Here's the synopsis:

Book 3 of the Sugar Creek series 

Sara Wise is dragged from her bed by two huge hunky werewolves pounding on the door to her cabin, after the celebration of her sister's wedding, Melissa to her two mates.

Chase and Tony Avero try to drag Sara back to their cabin so they can talk to her and get to know their mate. Sara is not impressed at being hauled from her bed at four o'clock in the morning and tries to clobber the two men with a tree branch.

She is no match for the two huge men and finds herself ensconced in their cabin. Sara is so angry she mouths off at them which unbeknownst to her sets her mates blood on fire. Tony and Chase end up seducing Sara and claim her as their mate.

Sara escapes from the two dominant werewolves and doesn't realize she is being stalked by a rogue werewolf.

Will her mates get to her in time or will they be too late?

This book was my least favorite of the series. It was mostly unrealistic. I know that it is make believe but I like a story to at least of a little bit of believability. This one had me rolling my eyes alot! It seemed like many scenes were repeated from the second book.

Sara's Mates, like the other books in this series, should be read by adults only!

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Review: The Shapeshifter's Secret by Heather Ostler

Product DetailsMy rating: 4 of 5 stars

The Shapeshifter's Secret was full of suspense, had a touch of romance and was really action packed! I really, really enjoyed it and I can't wait to talk to someone about it!.

As I'm sure you can tell from the title, this book is about shifters. The main character is Julia Levesque. She has lived her whole life not knowing the truth about her heritage, where she was from, who her mother was, etc.. She thinks that she is losing her mind when she starts to experience strange things. Imagine the shock when she finds out that her life as she knew it was a lie. She feels betrayed by those she is close to and confused by the strange information she  is being told. The story is so well written that you feel as if you are not just reading about it but going through everything with Julia.

She is really from a place called Ossai, where she is royalty. However the government in Ossai has been corrupted and Julia is in extreme danger. There are so many twists and turns that it keeps you on your toes. When she is at Lockham Castle, which is like a school, some of the scenery has a Harry Potterish feel. It was great!

Julia makes friends and enemies and falls in love. This was an awesome story and I really hope that this was just the beginning of a new YA series. The way the story ended, I am guessing there will be another book or more. I will be very disappointed if there isn't. There is soooo much to love about this story but I really don't want to ruin anything by telling you too much.

I recommend this to everyone who likes YA books, Shifter books. or who is just looking for something different to read.

I received a copy from NetGalley to review and this is my honest opinion.

It will be available for purchase on June 12th! Do yourself a favor and put it on your wishlist now.

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Saturday, April 14, 2012

Review: UNTOUCHED by Sara Humphreys

Untouched (The Amoveo Legend #2)My rating: 4 of 5 stars

Untouched is the second book in the Amoveo series. I recommend starting this series from the beginning. You could read it without reading Unleashed (book one) but you would miss another great story and you probably wouldn't understand the plot as much as someone who started with book one! This series is a unique take on shifters!

It starts at Malcolm and Samantha's wedding with Kerry doing her best to fit in and not touch anyone. They are worried about her safety because the problems from book one have not been completely resolved. Sam and Malcolm hire Dante to be Kerry's bodyguard and Kerry is not a happy camper. Dante goes to Kerry's modeling gig with her and things slowly progress with their relationship. Things get crazy and they realize too late that there is a problem.

Unleashed has mystery, romance and action all wrapped up between it's pages. It was a good adventure and I'm looking forward to reading Untamed (book three). I can't wait to see what Sara Humphreys has in store for us!

I recommend this to everyone who likes shifter books. This is Not a YA book.

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Easter Eggstravaganza Wrap Up!

Thank you to everyone who entered.  I have a confirmed winner!

I was very excited that my winner is Kayla from Bibliophilia, Please!

She picked the $20 Amazon gift card.

Congratulations Kayla and Happy Reading! :D

For those of you who didn't win, you still have a chance to win something! 

 The Dream Wedding Contest is still happening.

You just have to enter and you could win a Kindle or $25 giftcard!

Take a chance and enter today! Good Luck!!! :) 

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Freebie Friday!!!

Here are some free Kindle books that I found on Amazon.
As always, please use caution when purchasing them!

Double check to make sure that they are still free before purchasing.

If you don't have a Kindle, you can get the Free App  from Amazon!

If you want the synopsis or to get the book just click on the title (under the picture) and it will take you to the Amazon page! :D

Love Lust (Vegas ParaRealm)Fated Hearts (A Novella)Eternal Changes

       Love Lust                Fated Hearts          Eternal Changes

The Essence Of My BeingSpying in High Heels (A High Heels Mystery, #1)NOT YOUR EVERYDAY HOUSEWIFE

Essence Of...   Spying in High Heels  Not Your Everyday...

Beautiful Demons (Peachville High Demons, #1)Not What She SeemsThe Vampire's Warden (Undead in Brown County, #1)
Beautiful Demons   Not What She ..  Vampire's Warden

The Billionaire Wins the GameNo One But YouMeeting Destiny (Destiny, #1)

Billionaire Wins Game  No One But You  Meeting Destiny

A White Cougar ChristmasAloneThe Rock Star's Daughter (Treadwell Academy, #1)

White Cougar Christmas    Alone       Rock star's Daughter

Beautiful MessBait (Angler, #1)Fallen Blood

    Beautiful Mess                  Bait                    Fallen Blood

Micah's Magick (Elemental Witches, #4.1)The Summons: A Goblin King Prequel (Shadowlands, #0.5)Zola's Pride (Southern Arcana, #2.5)

   Micah's Magick       The Summons           Zola's Pride

All of these goodies are yours for the taking!
Help yourself, just click the links!

All of these were free this morning on Amazon.

Double check each item before you buy them.

Sometimes the prices change.

Sound good? Let me know which ones you like!

 Happy Reading !!!! :D

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