Tuesday, January 31, 2012

This blog is having a Major Identity Crisis!

So I was looking at posts from other sites that I follow, and as I read a particular post from Parajunkee. I had a wake up call. In all honesty, I thought that Blogger would prevent from me from choosing a name that was taken. I am new to the whole blogging world and at first, I didn't even know about Wordpress or any of the others. I never gave it a thought that someone else might have the same blog name because Blogger accepted it!

Needless to say, there are a couple of them. Some that are no longer blogging and some that are. I realize that I am not the only one this has happened to. I just can't help but feel embarrassed that I didn't think of that. If you are one of the other Book Crazy blogs, and you were there first, I do apologize. It was an over site!  I am going to change my blog's name, just as soon as I can check blog names.

 So, If you were looking for Book Crazy, you're in the right place. We're still crazy, but the name is now Crazy Four Books. It is a better name anyway, now it matches the URL and my twitter too! We are just changing things up a little! I'm very sorry for any confusion, I may have caused. Thank you Parajunkee, for inadvertently calling attention to a problem that I didn't know I had!
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In My Mailbox! #3

This meme was created by the Story Siren

                   I bought: 

Nightwolves Coalition by Clarrissa Lee Moon

Nightwolves Coalition (The Nightwolves, #1)


Shadow Bound by Erin Kellison

Shadow Bound (Shadow, #1)

                  I won:

Changeling Dawn by Dani Harper and a tote bag  from The Qwillery

Changeling Dawn (Changeling, #3)


 Alpha Instinct (ARC) by Katie Reus from Synchronized Reading

Alpha Instinct (Moon Shifter, #1)

                  E books

Angelfall by Susan Ee from The Happy Booker



Beautiful Demons by Sarra Cannon
Beautiful Demons (Peachville High Demons, #1)


Inner Demons by Sarra Cannon
Inner Demons (Peachville High Demons, #2)


Gabriel's Inferno from A tale of many reviews
Gabriel's Inferno

They all have such pretty covers!

If you have time, check out the cool blogs where I won my goodies!

That's what was in my mailbox.  What was in yours?

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Monday, January 30, 2012

Looking for a free Kindle book to read?

Here are some Kindle books that are free right now on Amazon!

Don't have a Kindle? I don't either, I downloaded the free app from Amazon .

A word of caution: always double check the price, before you buy it!

Tomorrow is Today (A Tempest series bonus story)  by Julie Cross

Heavenly by Jennifer Laurens 

Slow Ride a Rough-Riders story by Lorelei James

Second Sight Dating by Marianne Stephens

Emerald Green by Desiree Holt

Seducing Jane Porter by Dominique Adair

Sheltering Hearts by Robyn Carr

The Arrival (Birth Right Trilogy) by Nicole MacDonald

Try one. Try them all. You can afford them. Happy Reading!

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Sunday, January 29, 2012

Sparkling Reviews Blog has 2000 followers, help them celebrate!

Sparkling Reviews Blog is having a huge 2000 Followers Giveaway!

2000 Followers, I can't even imagine!

The giveaway includes:

*1 73 inch Mitsubishi TV

*1 Sony Home Theater Set (includes Blu Ray Player , iPod dock, and speakers)

*1 $1000 Visa Card (Cause you need food too right? nothing like a movie and take-out)

*1 $1000 Amazon Card (Cause you need Blu Ray movies to watch on your new system!)

Interested?  Go check it out at Sparkling Reviews

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Sunday's Suggestion!

I'm reading Changeling Dawn by Dani Harper!

Changeling Dawn (Changeling, #3)

           From the back of the book:


Shadow and moonlight merge beneath her bare feet,
the forest floor blurring as she flees the dogs and
torches. Werewolf, monster--- those are the names
given to her kind by the humans who hate them.


Kenzie Macleod has spent her whole life hiding what
she is, and she's not about to open up to any man, 
even one as powerfully attractive as wildlife expert
Josh Talarkoteen. But legend says that a Changeling
cannot escape the call of her true mate, even in the
wilderness of backcountry Alaska.


An isolated archeological site, a terrified Changeling
cub, a shadowy research facility---as Kenzie and
Josh face the ultimate betrayal, his obsidian eyes
promise untold pleasure and hint at secrets of his own...

I'll post my review soon. Have you read it? Is it on your wishlist?

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Saturday, January 28, 2012

I'm reading Alpha Instinct (Moon Shifter #1) !

I was lucky enough to win an ARC of Alpha Instinct by Katie Reus!

Alpha Instinct (Moon Shifter, #1)

Synopsis from the back of the book:

Fear has a scent. So does desire…  

Ana Cordona has been a strong leader for the lupine shifters who survived after all the males and most of the females in her pack were mysteriously poisoned. As tough as she is, with no Alpha male, the pack is vulnerable to the devious shifter Taggart, who wants to claim both their ranch and Ana as his own. When Connor Armstrong comes back into her life, promising protection, it’s almost enough to make Ana forget how he walked out on her before—and reluctantly accept his offer to mate.

The minute Connor sees Ana again, it reawakens a raw hunger. He must have her for his bondmate—his wolf cries out for it. But his human side knows he must proceed with caution because of their complicated past. If he is to truly have her body and soul, he must go beyond his burning desire and win back her heart. Whatever it takes, he is determined not to leave her side again.

But Taggart and his rival pack are not their only enemies. A human element in town is targeting shifters. Their plan not only threatens Ana and Connor’s future, but the lives of the entire pack

Sound Good? You can get your copy on February 7, 2012, when it will be released .

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Friday, January 27, 2012

My Review of Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duvall

In this series opener, we root for the Immortal Guardians and the vampires are the bad guys. You can find all the elements of a good book between the pages of of Darkness Dawns. It has loads of action, a little bit of mystery, and a lot of romance. The book starts with excitement and the action doesn't quit!

The main characters are Roland (an Immortal Guardian) and Sarah. We begin the book with Sarah trying to make a veggie garden in her backyard, when all of the sudden, there is a lot of noise. She eventually goes to see what is going on and finds Roland in a very bad situation. She does what any great heroine would do and saves the day!

Roland is leery of people and unaccustomed to kindness.He is impressed and amazed that Sarah is willing to help him.

We watch Roland and Sarah's relationship grow from mutual respect to love. All of this happens while he is trying to keep her safe from the vamp that tried to kill him and figure out why he is being targeted

It was a wonderful adventure. (other than the blood and gore (that was cool, not wonderful)) I enjoyed watching the relationship between Sarah and Roland blossom. I really liked the interaction between all of the characters. The characters are so diverse and I am eager to learn more about each of them.

I'm looking forward to reading Night Reigns, the next book in the Immortal Guardians series. I would recommend this book to anyone who likes action with their paranormal romance.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

TBR Take Down!

I'm decreasing the to be read list, one book at a time!

This weeks victim is: Darkness Dawns by Dianne Duvall

Darkness Dawns (Immortal Guardians, #1)

   What book are you tackling today?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Wednesday's Wonderings!

Let me say that I am very thankful to authors. I truly wouldn't know what to do without books.

While most of  them are very good to their fans, and it is obvious that we are valued by them.

I was just wondering, do all authors take their readers into consideration?

I have been waiting for Stephanie Meyer to write Midnight Sun for a very long time!

I know that I am not the only one. She had promised to get back to it.

I'm just wondering What happened? Where is it? When will it be finished?

Does it matter to her, that her faithful fans are left wanting?

Does it matter to her that we are still waiting years later?

I have also been waiting for Here comes the Vampire by Kimberly Raye for a very long time!

I understand that originally, it was put on hold due to losing a family member.

I was and am sorry for her loss. I went through losing my father in October so I understand.

However, as a fan of the Dead End Dating series, I can say "Haven't we waited long enough?"

Not too long ago, she had said that it would be coming out soon.

I'm just wondering What happened? Where is it? When will it be finished?

I have been waiting for many books. I am faithful to the authors and series that I like.

I suggest the books to people, I wait patiently, and buy the books when they come out.

I'm just wondering, is it to much to ask for the authors to keep their word?

I know, sometimes things happen that cause delays.

Is it too much to ask, that they let us know why it is delayed, or at least when to expect it?

If the author decides not to write the book, why not let us know?

The silence is deafening.

I'm just wondering, does it matter that they have faithful fans who are waiting?

Shouldn't the authors care that their fans are willing to wait, without even knowing why they are waiting. 

The fans are still faithfully waiting.

I'm just wondering, does it matter? Do they care?

The silence is deafening 

I'm wondering, am I the only one to ponder this?

I'd love to know your opinions, thoughts, or feelings.

I have decided to email these authors to request an updated status on their books.
I'm just wondering, will they reply?

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Tempting Tuesday!

What Books are Tempting you ?

I'm tempted to read:

Tempest (Tempest #1)

                    Synopsis from Goodreads

The year is 2009. Nineteen-year-old Jackson Meyer is a normal guy… he’s in college, has a girlfriend… and he can travel back through time. But it’s not like the movies – nothing changes in the present after his jumps, there’s no space-time continuum issues or broken flux capacitors – it’s just harmless fun.

That is… until the day strangers burst in on Jackson and his girlfriend, Holly, and during a struggle with Jackson, Holly is fatally shot. In his panic, Jackson jumps back two years to 2007, but this is not like his previous time jumps. Now he’s stuck in 2007 and can’t get back to the future.

Desperate to somehow return to 2009 to save Holly but unable to return to his rightful year, Jackson settles into 2007 and learns what he can about his abilities.

But it’s not long before the people who shot Holly in 2009 come looking for Jackson in the past, and these “Enemies of Time” will stop at nothing to recruit this powerful young time-traveler. Recruit… or kill him.

Piecing together the clues about his father, the Enemies of Time, and himself, Jackson must decide how far he’s willing to go to save Holly… and possibly the entire world.

                              Or Maybe:

Darkness Falls (Immortal Beloved, #2)

                   Synopsis from Goodreads 

Nastasya has lived for hundreds of years, but for some reason, life never seems to get any better. She left her spoiled, rich girl life to find peace at River's Edge, a safe haven for wayward immortals. There, she learned to embrace River's Edge, despite some drama involving the sexy Reyn, who she wants but won't allow herself to have. But just as she's getting comfortable her family's ties to dark magick force her to leave.

She falls back into her old, hard partying ways, but will her decision lead her into the hands of a dark immortal? Or will it be her first step to embracing the darkness within her?

I'd love to know what books are tempting you!

Monday, January 23, 2012

Don't miss this unique take on Shifters!

Loramendi's Story (Lords of Shifters)Loramendi's Story by Angela Carlie

My rating: 4 of 5 stars

This shifter story is really unique. Angela Carlie's shifters come from three different tribes who all live in a fairylike world. There are other differences but I'll let you discover them yourself. I really enjoyed Loramendi's Story.

We begin Loramendi's story, in a small nowhere town in Washington. The main character is Lora, a senior in high school. She has a boring life. She spends most of her time hanging out with her friends, hiking, watching surfers, and working. After a hike, as Lora and her friends are leaving, a massive bear, tries to get to their car. All around town, weird things are happening involving animals.

Lora works at a restaurant in town and when she is there one day, she officially meets Chance. Chance is a very cute windsurfer that she has seen around town. He makes her nervous and she leaves. She really can't stop thinking about him. They eventually start going out. He seems to care about her so much! The plot starts to twist and turn from there.

I couldn't help but feel bad for Lora. She has so much to deal with, as she finds out about the three tribes of shifters. She handles it well and accepts everything with ease. There really is so much more to the story, but I can't say it without giving spoilers!!!

I really liked that this shifter story really was unique. The romance between Lora and Chance was quite heartwarming. They seem to have an instantaneous connection and Chance is really charming.

I would recommend this book to anyone who likes shifter stories. The romance was of a sweet nature and would be fine for young adults.

I only have one complaint. The story was a little slow to start. However, the plot was moving right along before you had a chance to get bored! I could also complain that it ended, but all good things must come to an end eventually!

I am really excited to see what happens in the next book of the series: Spider Wars!

A review of Touch of Frost by Jocelyn Adams

Touch of FrostTouch of Frost by Jocelyn Adams

My rating: 5 of 5 stars

Touch of Frost was an excellent story about the tragedies and possibilities of forbidden love. It takes place in the snow covered rockies. Jocelyn Adams describes the scenery in a way that transports you there. You can easily envision every beautiful detail!

We begin the story with the main character, Lauren, reminiscing about her Grandfather. This is the first time She's been to the cabin that they shared since he passed away. She is sad and missing him terribly. He had been the male influence in her life. She decides to take a hike in the snow like the two of them used to do. She gets caught in a massive blizzard and the story really takes off from there. I could say so much more, but I don't want to give anything away!

This was not just a story, but an emotional adventure. Ms. Adams has an amazing ability to make the story seem personal. You can't help but feel what Lauren feels and she goes through many emotions.

Touch of Frost has everything I look for in a good story. It has adventure, a little suspense, and romance all wound together in a wonderful plot. The characters were believable and the the scenery was breathtaking. I was enthralled with the story till the very end.

I would recommend this to everyone who wants to read a great romance. This is not a story that you read, it's a story that you experience!

I received an e-copy of this book from  J. Taylor Publishing in exchange for an honest review.

Sunday, January 22, 2012

In My Mailbox! #2

This idea was borrowed from The Story Siren.

    In my mailbox this week was:

                   I Won:

On a Dark Wing 
I won this from the On a Dark Wing  tour!. Jordan Dane signed it and even sent me a bag of Abbey's favorite snacks too! How cool was that!
Chosen By Blood (Para-Ops, #1) 
I won Chosen By Blood  from the Dark Faerie Tales Blog. It was signed by Virna Depaul!

I won this Earth Tree Pendant from Eleri Stone's Blog. It  represents Yggradsil, the world tree of Norse mythology. Isn't it awesome?                    

       E-book to review:

Touch of Frost

Awesome Story! It'll be available on February 1st.


Hidden (Women of the Otherworld)

Hidden by Kelley Armstrong.  I didn't think it was ever going to get here! 

That's What I recieved this week. What did you get?

Friday, January 20, 2012

Oh, I am so excited! Guess what I get to read?

Touch of Frost

Synopsis from Goodreads 

Even the simplest of touches between Will Frost and Lauren McLean are forbidden.

To share love will surely mean death.

Since her granddad’s passing, Lauren has existed a few steps out of sync with the world. Desperate to feel the love only he offered her as a child, Lauren returns to the haven they once shared — a snow-covered cabin at the foothills o...moreEven the simplest of touches between Will Frost and Lauren McLean are forbidden.

It’s not the memory of her granddad that warms her ice-cold, frost-bitten body after being caught in a blizzard, though. It’s the man in whose bed she wakes.

Along with bringing life to her soul, Will stirs deep-rooted memories in Lauren and brings out the love she seeks.

What Will knows about himself — the secrets of his kind — he keeps hidden, forcing Lauren to search for answers, to question and ultimately put her life, and his own existence, in danger.

In love though, there is always a way.

Can Will get around the rules? Or will Lauren give up her life simply to have one last touch from Will Frost?

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Wednesday's Wonderings

When I was a little girl, my mommy told me, if you can't say something nice, don't say anything at all.

I'm just wondering why more mommies didn't share that little gem.

I find, that if you treat someone negatively, they tend to treat you the same way.

Therefore, isn't it better to ignore rude people rather than encourage bad behavior?

I'm just wondering why we can't all get along.

My mommy told me to treat others as I wanted to be treated, not how they treated me.

When did we stop caring about other people's feelings?

When did it become okay to verbally wound others?

My mommy always said that it's all in how you say it. If you are tactful, you can tell anyone anything.

I'm just wondering what happened to respecting others?

Everyone is entitled to have their own opinions, but they do not have to be voiced in a vicious manner.

Freedom of speech is a gift. That does not mean that we should use our gift to hurt others.

I'm just wondering why do people have to be so mean? 

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Tempting Tuesday!

What books are Tempting you?

I am tempted by Eternal by J.A. Belfield

Eternal : A Holloway Pack Story

by J.A. Belfield

Book Release Date: July 2, 2012

Target Reader: Adult

Keywords: Historical, Paranormal Romance, Werewolf


An unmarried woman living in a house of men breeds heresay and lore. If only the villagers knew the truth.

It’s not Jem Stonehouse’s marital status that brings unwanted strangers to town. Rather, it’s that she is the only female werewolf in existence — a prize to any pack.
Sean Holloway, the love of Jem’s life, has gone to great lengths to protect her. As a new attack becomes imminent, Sean realizes he must take greater measures with Jem’s safety or risk losing her forever.

His first task must be to marry her, but a force greater than the largest werewolf stands in his way.

Her mother.

URL: http://www.jtaylorpublishing.com/books/14

Monday, January 16, 2012

What are you reading?

I am reading Loramendi's Story By Angela Carlie

Cover for 'Loramendi's Story'

Lora wants nothing more than to be the wind behind sexy windsurfer Chance's sails. But fulfilling that wish just became...complicated. After seventeen years of normal life, someone wants Lora and her family dead. And the attempted massacre isn't nearly as strange as the reason behind it. A Lords of Shifters Novel -- YA Paranormal with Romance

I won this from the author. Please visit her Blog and show her some luv.

A review will be coming soon.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Will You Help Me, Please?

My blog is having an identity crisis! You see, I love, love, love to read. I love to read so much, that I can't decide what type of books my blog should focus on. Does it really matter? I follow many blogs that focus on Paranormal. There are many that cover Contemporary Romance. Many others focus on Young Adult books. Is it okay to cover a variety? I'd love to hear your thoughts.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

I'm reading: Unclean Spirits- Book one of The Black Sun's Daughter by M.L.N. Hanover

Unclean Spirits (The Black Sun's Daughter, #1)

Synopsis from Goodreads

Unclean Spirits (The Black Sun's Daughter #1) by M.L.N. Hanover

In a world where magic walks and demons ride, you can't always play by the rules.

Jayné Heller thinks of herself as a realist, until she discovers reality isn't quite what she thought it was. When her uncle Eric is murdered, Jayné travels to Denver to settle his estate, only to learn that it's all hers -- and vaster than she ever imagined. And along with properties across the world and an inexhaustible fortune, Eric left her a legacy of a different kind: his unfinished business with a cabal of wizards known as the Invisible College.

Led by the ruthless Randolph Coin, the Invisible College harnesses demon spirits for their own ends of power and domination. Jayné finds it difficult to believe magic and demons can even exist, let alone be responsible for the death of her uncle. But Coin sees Eric's heir as a threat to be eliminated by any means -- magical or mundane -- so Jayné had better start believing in something to save her own life.

Aided in her mission by a group of unlikely companions -- Aubrey, Eric's devastatingly attractive assistant; Ex, a former Jesuit with a lethal agenda; Midian, a two-hundred-year-old man who claims to be under a curse from Randolph Coin himself; and Chogyi Jake, a self-styled Buddhist with mystical abilities -- Jayné finds that her new reality is not only unexpected, but often unexplainable. And if she hopes to survive, she'll have to learn the new rules fast -- or break them completely....

Paperback, 357 pages

Published December 2nd 2008 by Pocket  .

Wednesday, January 11, 2012

Review: A Ring, A Dance, A Second Chance by Jonell Kirby Cash

A Ring, a Dance, a Second Chance

rating : didn't like it it was ok (my current rating) liked it really liked it it was amazing

format : Paperback

This is my first official review!

A second chance at love? How sweet, or at least it should be. I really wanted to like this book. Judging the synopsis, I thought it sounded like a nice romance story. I didn't really find much romance in the book . They talked about how they had been in love, but I didn't see it. I didn't even like the ending. I don't like lose ends, and I felt like A Ring, a Dance, a Second Chance was a bunch of them put together in one book.

The main character was Katie a spunky senior citizen who has been a widower for two years. I had a hard time connecting with her, not because of her age, but her ideals. She was a very selfish charactor, who was always second guessing everything.

Taylor Floyd was her leading man. It is said that he was Katie's first love. He is also a widower.

Taylor calls Katie one day and their story goes forward from there. As the story goes on, it jumps around a lot. She talks to her granddaughter, she talks to her friend, she talks to her son, she talks to her daughter. Taylor talks to his son, then has dinner with his whole family, he is approached about being mayor, and he gets involved with helping a friend get out of trouble. It seems like they speak to everyone except each other. It's hard to believe it's a romance when they don't see or speak to each other very much. They have five phone conversations (including the initial one), one date, Katie goes on a slow boat to China (it's a tour) by herself, and they visit with each other two times. While I found the facts about China interesting, I don't know what that had to do with the suppossed romance between Katie and Taylor. He's elected mayor and she meets his family during the festivities. He asks her to marry him and she says yes.

The whole marriage thing was really weird for me. When he first called, it had been forty years since they had last spoken. Katie had thought they were too different back then, and she wonders if they still are. We never see the answer. For a romance, the two main characters don't spend that much time interacting. They have nothing to do with each other for forty years and then, after a little bit of interaction, they're getting married? Huh? But the worst part about it, is Katie's indecision. She is irritated that he doesn't speak his mind. It bothers her that he concedes instead of speaking with her about things, she even wants counseling before they get married. The counseler says they need to learn to talk to each other. Katie feels that Taylor is either insensitive or unaware of his personal feelings. She feels that he wants to move on to something important. How could you marry someone whom you've always felt was too different, when you have issues like that? Anyway, it ends on that note and they are getting married the next day.

The premise for the story was good. The story itself though, fell flat on it's face so to speak. I didn't see or feel any romance. As a story it is okay, as long as you're not expecting romance.

I received a copy of this book from the author in exchange for an honest review.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

A Ring, a Dance, a Second Chance by Jonell Kirby Cash

                            A Ring, a Dance, a Second Chance
                                          Synopsis from Goodreads

Jonell Kirby Cash's love story picks up Katie and Taylor's romance right where it left off, their senior year of high school. However, Katie isn't the same girl Taylor remembers. As a widow, she values her independence, living alone, and making new friends, and when Taylor calls Katie she is on the threshold of exploring herself in the larger world. Taylor, ever the old-fa...moreJonell Kirby Cash's love story picks up Katie and Taylor's romance right where it left off, their senior year of high school. However, Katie isn't the same girl Taylor remembers. As a widow, she values her independence, living alone, and making new friends, and when Taylor calls Katie she is on the threshold of exploring herself in the larger world. Taylor, ever the old-fashioned man, is surprised by the new, vibrant Katie. The two must learn how to rid themselves of their old memories and expectations and learn to accept the fifty years of change that has taken place.

Monday, January 9, 2012

I'm looking forward to reading No Remorse by MaryLynn Bast!



Amber knows she is a werewolf, but that is all she knows. She has been on the run since childhood, never staying in one place so as to avoid contact with other werewolves, who seem intent on capturing her (or worse). By accident, she is reunited with the only other man/wolf she felt close to. Blake becomes her world and helps her lose her fearful solitary life and find a pack of werewolves she can live with. She is more powerful than any other werewolf—ever. Is she something besides just a werewolf? Amber is mated to Blake and, during the official ceremony, comes face-to-face with her long lost family, old friends, new friends, and the Council that has chased Amber her whole life.
           What books are you looking forward to?

Rafflecopter Ipad & Kindle Fire Giveaway!

Rafflecopter iPad & Kindle Fire Giveaway!
Rafflecopter is running an exciting giveaway to celebrate the official launch of their site. You could win an iPad or a Kindle Fire! And if you're entering through my site and kindly enter "Book Crazy" as your referrer, I could win a Kindle Fire too if you win! How cool is that? Good luck to us all!

Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Review Of Trance by Kelly Meding

After reading the synopsis, I thought Trance would be right up my alley. I really wanted to like this book. However, I did not. Maybe I am not being fair because I didn't actually finish reading it. In my opinion, if you've struggled to read a book and barely make it half way, it is doubtful that the second part will be so wonderful that it will make up for the first half. I have attempted to read Trance so many times, that I have lost count. I don't like to leave books unfinished. This time, I am making an exception. I officially give up!! I am not spending any more time on this book. I felt that Trance, (the parts that I managed to read) was confusing and boring especially for a book with such a cool synopsis. I just couldn't adapt to Miss Meding's writing style. That being said, I am in the minority. Don't be afraid to try it for yourself. I'd advise borrowing it from the library or a friend before deciding to purchase it

Synopsis of Trance by Kelly Meding from Goodreads

Trance (MetaWars, #1)

Kelly Meding’s war-ravaged Los Angeles is ground zero for the ultimate Meta human showdown in this sexy, action-packed new series. Fifteen years ago, Teresa “Trance” West was a skilled telepath and a proud member of the Ranger Corps. But ever since the Rangers were inexplicably rendered powerless at the climax of the devastating Meta War, she’s bounced from one dead-end job to another. Now her powers have reappeared just as mysteriously as they vanished— only they’re completely transformed and more potent than ever. And they’re threatening to destroy her.
Trance heads to Los Angeles to track down the surviving Rangers and discover who restored her powers—and why—but a phantom enemy is determined to kill them before they can reassemble. As they dodge his deadly attacks and come to terms with their new role as heroes, Trance and the rest of the team set out to annihilate the sinister madman . . . only to discover their own powers are his greatest weapons.
Mass Market Paperback, 384 pages
Published October 25th 2011 by Pocket Books