Monday, November 3, 2014

GGMMMU ~ Representing elves with an interview is Daniel Grimm, character of author Echo Ishii

Hi, all you lovely readers out there. I'm Daniel Grimm, half-Elf. Echo Ishii was going to do this blog post, but she gets too intellectual in her approach and I though I should step in. After all, I am an Elf and far more qualified.

Can you tell us what the difference between elves and dwarves is? Height? Seriously, generally Elves are associated with high culture, art, language and that kind of thing. Personally, I don't do much in the way of reading, but scholars, like my dear companion Claude Rumpel, seem to be rather impressed with Elven dedication to craftsmanship.
Dwarves are great drinking buddies, though. Their axes can do some damage; as deadly as an Elven sword. I'm not too keen on axe –wielding or sword fighting. I see myself as more of the type who likes to compromise-with a drink or some fun between the sheets.

For you, are elves sexy and kind (like Legolas) or devious like the fae, or jolly like Saint Nick?
You think Legolas is kind? I suppose in his later years…We are all so very sexy. Even the smaller, jollier cousins who work for Saint Nick.  Don't let those horrid little green outfits fool you…seducers the lot of them. Devious? Well, if I need to be. Wink, wink.

What do you envision their greatest characteristic, ability or power to be? For most of my life, it's been my good looks and glamour. I don't believe in modesty. I know I'm good looking. Everyone is good-looking-it's all a matter of attitude. Lately, though, I have been considering my other qualities. My Elven mother gave me my grandfather's sword and lately circumstances have forced me to learn some of the warrior skill that my heritage carries. Their worst? Elves are arrogant. They tend to underestimate the contributions of others and are not always tolerant of 'imperfection'. My mother told me this, she never told me why, but I think something  happened in her past.

What scares you? Looking at myself in a mirror and realizing that I look a complete mess.

What are you most afraid of? Well, since we're taking things so seriously…I worry that people think I'm really not much more than my looks.

What type of candy would you be apt to grab? Pixie sticks! Have you every had a real pixie stick made by pixies? They cost a fortune but the taste…heavenly.

What is your favorite meal? Don't tell her, but my cousin Mary makes the most wonderful soups in the world. Or maybe it just tastes that way because she makes it.

What do you think is the most mis-construed idea about elves? That elves are always good. My mother wasn’t a terribly nice person-in all honesty. My father was a complete bastard-and he was only human. Elves, humans, goblins- we all have to choose to be good.

Name any two creatures that you would love to see go toe to toe in a battle? Well, I am soon to be the owner of a very fine dragon. Perhaps, a entire herd. My dragons are more than capable of taking on anything. My hope is to finally do something about the Kraken.  Now, I know, the Kraken is a sea creature, but dragons are surprisingly adept at underwater fighting- with a few magical modifications.

Just wait until my dragons are fully grown.

Daniel Grimm was polite enough to stand in for his friend, Echo Ishii. Echo Ishii ( writes paranormal and fantasy romance. Her first novella, MR RUMPEL AND MR GRIMM is a fairly accurate account of Daniel Grimm's adventures, both magical and amorous, and is available for preorder from Less Than Three Press.( Her alter-ego RK also blogs at SMART GIRLS LOVE SCI FI. (

Thank you Daniel for talking with me and Echo for arranging it! :-)

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  1. ^^;; oki for for me elves and Saint Nicolas that's impossible! In Belgium and Neederlands we have Saint Nicolas ( 6 december) then Père Noel on Christmas and Père Noel has elves assistants^^
    The assitant of Saint Nicolas is totally something else in my culture, he is in charge of the children that behaved badly and give them charcoal instead of candy and toys:
    ( see not a elf^^)

    Oh Daniel you will get dragons? which kind? after all if you have some aquatic dragon the fight with ethe krakken would need no modification? any preference?

    Elves are often associated with art yes but dwarves buildings are piece of art as well^^

    thank you a lot for particiopating in this event!

  2. I love the "differences" between elves and dwarfes. And Kraken vs. Dragon would be pretty cool.

  3. Thanks so I much for hosting us! And thanks so much for all of your kind replies.