Tuesday, October 28, 2014

GGMMMU ~ Representing Muses is Author Red. L. Jameson

As a military historian by day, sometimes Red does feel a bit clandestine when she writes romance at night. No one knows that while she researches heroes of the past and present, she uses everything for her characters in her books. Her secret's been safe . . . until now.
She lives in Montana with her family and far too many animals but never enough books.
She loves her readers, so please feel free to contact her:
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I owe her a HUGE thank you for pulling double duty! She guest posted for me yesterday and today she is representing the muses in an interview. :-) You are doubly fantastic Red. Thank you, Thank you!

What do you envision their greatest characteristic, ability or power to be? Their worst?
Oh, thank you for having me! Thrilled to be here!
Ah, hello!?! I’m Clio, and this is my sister, Erato. We’re the muses Red writes about, and we decided to take over this interview.
Clio: So, what was the question again?
Erato: What are our characteristics, abilities, or powers?
Clio: I should think our characteristics are rather obvious.
Erato: They just met us. They don’t know what we’re like.
Clio: We’re very, very nice muses.
Clio: We are! We’re very nice. I suppose I should tell you a bit about myself and my sisters, of which I have eight. Big family. Very Greek. Very loud.
Erato: Don’t forget that we’re nice.
Clio: Shut up, sissy. They’ll think I’m crazy if I say it again.
Erato: Tell them about our abilities.
Clio: Right. Right. Okay. See, my sisters and I were born goddesses, but after growing up and watching humans be . . . well, human, we fell in love. Humanity is so brilliant, but we noticed a dearth in creativity. So we transformed ourselves into nine muses. I am the muse of history. My lovely sister with me is the muse of romantic writing—
Erato: Aw, thanks, sis. You look pretty today too.
Clio: Thank you. Where was I? Oh, yes, so all of my sisters are the muses to help humanity with their creativity. From math to how to grow wheat, we are there helping you every step of the way.
Erato: Don’t forget that we play matchmakers for you humans!
Clio: Ah, yes. We can travel through time, and whenever we see a loss of love we try to help you mortals to fill it. In fact, we might be watching you right now to see if you’re worthy of being in another time.
Erato: And that didn’t sound creepy at all. Next question!

Would you consider your “monster” to be good or bad?
Clio: Monster? Should I be offended?
Erato: I know. I’m a bit offended too. But try to look at it from the humans’ point of view. We kidnap them and fling them through time. Of course, because we are goddesses we know best, but they don’t know that. Further, we are governed by our laws. So sometimes we can’t exactly tell the mortals what we’re up to. And we probably sound a bit enigmatic, you know?
Red: They’re tricksters and terrible! You little monsters! I’ll shave your heads in the next scene I write if you don’t stop this!
Clio: I’ll do it this time. I might have hit her kind of hard.
Clio: Next question!

Name any two creatures that you would love to see go toe to toe in a battle? You will be judged for creativity. ;-) Feel free to describe the battle.
Clio: Judged? You dare judge me?
Erato: Maybe Red should answer this. It seems you’re getting a little . . . grandiose.
Clio: Moi? Grandiose?
Erato: Right. We’re both such humble folk. Next question, mortal!

Which type of monster do you think would make the best love interest for your monster and why? The worst?
Clio: Love interest? Oh, honey, we don’t talk about our private matters.
Erato: Right. We don’t. I mean, what would humans think if they knew Clio had the hots for the god, Coyote?
Clio: Shut up!
Erato: The humans would freak out, right? I mean, could you image if they found out that you wrote his name over and over again in the clouds? Clio + Coyote = Forever.
Clio: Shut up! I do not write that in the clouds.
Erato: Well, it would be rather juvenile if you did. I mean you are a few thousand years old.
Clio: Can we move on to the next question, please?

What scares you?
Erato: Right now, my sister.
Clio: You should be!

What is your monster most afraid of? What makes it happy?
Clio: Oh, I think that scared question was intended for Red.
Erato: Should we wake her and ask her what she’s scared of?
Clio: Gods, no.
Erato: So, then, seriously. What are you scared of?
Clio: I suppose we are not that different from our humans. We crave love, are fearful of not receiving it. But the kind of love we crave is on a slightly grander scale. Not only do we desire love for ourselves, but also the humans who have made an impact on our lives.
Erato: We sound like saints.
Clio: Darling, you know we could be. We’re really, really close.

What type of candy would you be apt to grab? Give out for Halloween?
Erato: I think this question is for Red too.
Clio: Well, luckily for the interviewer I’ve been watching Red for a long time. She was an historian before she started trying to make money off us by telling our stories.
Anyway, so Red buys a variety confections, especially Kit Kats and all the Reece’s candies. But she lives in the boondocks and usually doesn’t have trick-or-treaters, save for one year. She keeps hoping they’ll come back, even though she and her family get a bit carried away for Halloween and have zombie jack o’ lanterns haunting her yard.

What is your monster’s favorite meal?
Erato: So now the interviewer is calling us monsters. She just called us monsters!
Clio: I think she has been for a while now. Still, should we stomp out of this interview? We could act like drama queens.
Erato: No, I think I should ask the interviewer if she’d like to pack her bags. After all I’ve heard England in, say, 1349 is ideal for medieval architecture, fashion, oh, and the black plague!
Clio: Naughty.
Erato: Well, I’m getting a little sensitive about being called a monster.
Clio: Understood. But what about our favorite meal?
Erato: Oh gods, everything. I love it all!
Clio: Me too.

What do you think is the most misconstrued idea about muses?
Clio: I’m so glad you asked that, interviewer!
Erato: Yes, it almost makes up for calling us monsters.
Clio: Agreed. You see, we muses aren’t misconstrued. We aren’t even talked about anymore. Many of you humans have forgotten us, although we haven’t forgotten about you.
Erato: That’s right. We’re with you every step of the way. We’re watching you when you talk, when you kiss, when you make love—
Clio: Okay, they get the point. Remember: we don’t want to sound creepy.
Erato: —We’re watching you when you sleep. We’re there—
Clio: They get it, sissy. I think they’re properly disturbed.
Erato: What? Oh. Oh dear.

What is a least known trait about them?
Clio: My dear, we’ve already said hardly anyone knows us.
Erato: I have a problem saying too much, don’t I?
Clio: Yes. You’ve made this interview into a legendary Barbara Walters event where you’ve said too much, gotten a bit weird—
Erato: You did too! You started it.
Clio: —gotten a bit psychotic, really. Luckily, you haven’t cried yet.
Erato: I just . . . I really like humans. I want them to like us too.
Clio: Oh, good grief. Okay, I think this interview is over. Wake Red up.
Erato: Oh gods, I’m not sure if she’s breathing.
Clio: Stop the interview! Stop right now! Thank gods Red lives in the country. There’s so many places to hide the body.

Please feel free to find out if Red lives or not and more about the muses and their books at . . .

First I need to apologize. I did not mean to offend anyone! Think of it as a term of endearment. I often call my children monsters!

Second, and more importantly, you can find Red on her social media sites listed above. You can find out more about her book from yesterday's post here as well as on her sites.

Red is co- sponsoring today's giveaway in addition to hosting one yesterday. Isn't she spectacular?


  1. Clio: Well, now that I've listened to more Lady GaGa, I really like the term monster. So, Brenda, I'm happily your monster!
    Erato: Thank you for having us! (She whispers an aside to her sister.) Do you think we should tell them if Red is dead or alive?
    Clio: Nah, they'll like the mystery.

  2. ^^;; Oh Clio and Erato sound like the pair but then history and romantic writing often are ^^;;
    i would not want to be on their bad side though^^;; ( becaus eno offense but yes it's creepy to be watched non stop^^)

    Are they the only muses kidnapping human or are we going to see more of the others sisters in your book/series?

    thank you Red for coming back to see us today and lending us Clio and Erato^^ and of course thanks for the giveaway as well

    1. Oh, Clio and Erato are the pair! Almost as good as history and romantic writing! Hee-hee!

      Well, in the soon to be released, Highlander of Mine, Clio and Erato work with a god, Coyote, who wreaks all kinds of havoc for their humans. Oh, and their sister's help out all the time! Well, help might mean different things depending on the point of view, like particularly the human's point of view.

      So happy to be here! My pleasure!

    2. Coyote would be perfect for them as he is the Trickster or they can always ask Loki for a date that would make something fun to watch ( from a safe distance^^)

  3. Too cute :-) Enjoyed this immensely!

    1. Oh, thank you, Alanna! The muses do like to have attention!

  4. Are all the sister like these two (smile)?

    1. Oh gosh, the sisters are so different from each other. Thalia is the life of the party as the muse of comedy. But if the cops come a-knocking, she blames humans for her mischief. And Melpomene is a bit of a Debby Downer, since she's the muse of tragedy. And . . . well, I could go on and on. :)

  5. Ah, sisters :) And when their goddesses, well, there must be no stopping them. Very entertaining!1

    1. Oh goodness, Barb! Yes, there is no stopping them!

  6. Ha that was great! They sound like a riot!

    1. They are, VampedChik! They keep me on my toes too.

  7. Oh, and, Brenda, no apologies needed. The muses are terrible. Just horrible little monsters! ;)

    1. Ha! I just bet. They may be horrible but they are hilarious as well. :-) Thank you so much for providing such wonderful entertainment!