Monday, October 27, 2014

GGMMMU ~ Elementals

Earth, Wind, Fire, Water, and according to some people Spirit are the elements. For all intents and purposes, an elemental is a person who wields one or more of the elements. :-)

Today, we have an interview from author Hanna Martine who is representing elementals. Please be sure to check it out.

She is sponsoring the giveaway today with a copy of the first book in her elemental series, Liquid Lies. Thank you Hanna!

My question for you is which is your favorite element or which do you think is the most important or if you could wield an element, which would you prefer to have and why? Answer one or all of them.

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  1. My favourite and one i would prefer to wield is water. Because water is nearly everywhere in differend form so quite accessible and from the elements it's often the one can it's linked to healing and healing properties so i think it's the most important ( iof we can really say one is more important than other)
    another advantage it has in my opinion the same level in defense tactics than in offensive one

  2. Hm.. I think earth. I would love to be able to make things grow and we need plant life to survive.

    1. nothing grow without water so we will have to work together^^

  3. First choice is to have all the elements. If I can't have all then I would be happy with fire.

  4. I would love to wield earth. I could make things grow or if I'm mad I could create an earthquake lol

  5. I think the most important element is water, because it is a necessity for life.