Thursday, October 23, 2014

GGMMMU ~ Vampires

As with all of the other days, I have read some of these but many of them are on my TBR list. You can click on the cover to go to Goodreads.

Are any of them on yours? Are there any that you have read already?

My question for you today is: Which type of vampire do you prefer? Sparkly and young, old world charm and proper, viscious and cruel, crispy on a stake, or another type?

Just so you know, I am sorry for the late posts. I have had some people miss deadlines but that is not even the issue. My internet provider has been not working right and when it is working it is very slow for the last three or four days. In addition, my husband is having surgery tomorrow  today. I promise that every post will be shared, most every creature celebrated, and every giveaway given. I just may be a little slow in getting it all to you. Please grin and bear it. Or you can scream at the computer and punch a pillow like me! I just wanted to let you know why things have been a little slow to go.

At some point either tonight or tomorrow night, depending on the computer and the amount of cooperation I receive from it, I will share an interview for vampires. The giveaway too. I am waiting for the details from the author who is sponsoring it.

Tomorrow you will have two interviews. One is for a conjurer and the other is a super special character. I will probably be extra late with the main GGMMMU post for tomorrow  today as well. As you can tell, I am just getting yesterday's post to post and I will be at the hospital for who knows how long! Wish us luck!

Don't forget to enter the Comment Incentive Giveaway. It is a great chance to win a book you'd like to have! The link can be found at the top of the page.


  1. Really don't worry ^^ teh spirit in your computer is probably making havoc because he is feeling let down that's all^^ ,and creepy internet in october sound nearly conforting in a strange sense^^

    I will keep my fingers crossed for you and your husband but really don't add stress on it for us we can be good little readers waiting patiently for their bookish santa(s) so take the time you need we are here^^

    to answer you i prefer old world charm and proper vampires^^ honor loyalty and curtesies^^ they know how to make a woman feel loved as the center of the universe

    From your suggestion i only read the chicago vampires series but i'm behind, the first arial burnz. i'm tempted by teh caris roane one, of course teh kym grosso ones as you are such a adamant promoter of this series ;) and teh mimi jean pamfiloff series

    A good news: mimi Jean Pamfiloff first book in the king series is free at the moment on nearly each ebook retailers so grab it if haven't done it yet

    1. Yes! Amber told me about it and I did pick it up. I feel bad because I usually share a bunch of freebies too but I'm barely managing to post what I need to! :-(

      FYI, We are home the hubby is resting. thanks for all of the well wishes.

    2. I wanted to make sure you got it that day because I didn't know how long the freebie would last. :)
      I'm so glad that your husband is doing well! Now hopefully you can get some rest too!

    3. hey it's what friend are for and if we come accross some freebies you spoke about or could fit teh category it does not take long to share it ( and it could encourage some to participe more in teh discussion as well^^)

      Home already?! it's fast i hope he recovers fully and soon but take also care of you^^

  2. I own a lot from this list. But can't say that I've read any yet.( I know I know! hangs head)
    It all depends on my mood as to how I want my vampires. Sometimes I love the good old school bad guy vampires like from the movie Lost Boys or Stephens Kings book Salems Lot. But normally I'm for the broody but still good vamps.
    I will admit I did like the book Twilight but I did burst out laughing once I read that they sparkled. I was at the doctors office and the looks I got. :) It was a good YA book but I prefer the sexy normal vampires. :)

    1. i liked the first book after i found it did not make sense at all

  3. Sorry to hear about your husband. I hope he is doing well after surgery.
    Even though I enjoy reading about all types of vampires, the classic vampire is still my favorite. It is amazing how many different versions of the vampire myth are found in the paranormal romance and urban fantasy genres. Of the books you have highlighted I have only read the Chicagoland Vampire series by Chloe Neill. I will definitely have to check out the others.

    1. ^^ don't forget to grab the freeby when you can then it's will be one for your TBR already