Wednesday, October 22, 2014

GGMMMU ~ Hard things, beings with wings and wish granters too!

Djinn, Gargoyles, and Dragons, wow!

Okay, so you may wonder how I came to the decision to combine gargoyles, dragons, and djinn or genies to be spotlighted on the same day.

Gargoyles are hard and so is the inside of a cave. Caves are where you would probably find a dragon. Dragons like treasure. Djinn like treasure and sometimes grant wishes for treasure. Therefore all of these things go together. Right? That's my story and I'm going with it! :D

Below are some great books that fit with today's beings. Some I've read and some are on the wishlist. Click on the covers to go to their Goodreads page and get more details.
I Love this cover!


As for Gargoyles, don't forget about Mina Carter's collection that I spotlighted earlier.

There are two, yes two GGMMMU interviews today! Please be sure to show support to the authors that said yes and came to take part. Spread the word!

Our giveaway today is being sponsored by Author Shannon Donnelly. Thank you Shannon for being so giving!

Of these three beings, which would you prefer? To be, to date, to read about?


  1. ^^ That's the question... i would probably prefer to be a dragon ( can take human shape, i have some saving and i'm not too vulnerable)... to date that i don't know probably dragon even if i do love gargoyle too... gargoyle would mean less time together but either drago n or gargoyle i woudl at least feel protected

    Djinns seems to be more popular at the moment in the books and i enjoyed the little bits i saw about them so read about them i like ( thought i love to read about the two others as well of course) date one djinn... if i take shannon idea of a djinn no thanks but in general i'm not too tempted either if i have to be careful of my words all the times^^

  2. Hm... I'd prefer to be a Dragon, date a Gargoyle and read about the Djinn. But I do like that in mythology Gargoyles actually protect against demons so I could so be one of those too.
    The Djinn kind of freak me out. Getting into all that magic and consequences would be hard to control. Like I may wish for a million dollars but then you don't think about where it came from?

    1. exactly!!!! that's part of why i don't want to be or date a djinn^^
      dragon also are protector in most mythology^^

    2. very true they are. :) Probably why I love them both. ;)

  3. My answer to all three questions would be dragon. Dragons are such beautiful and fascinating creatures. I especially like their ability to fly and breathe fire.

  4. I have to go with Dragon. I love dragons!

  5. I've read A LOT about DRAGONS but that's it, the others I've not read much of but now I need to! I've read a few Dragon shifter stories but not many. I've wanted to read about Gargoyles for the longest but not really set my mind to it and Djinn... does Aladdin count? I want to read more about them all!!