Thursday, November 13, 2014

Review of Seductive Supernatural boxed set by multiple authors

Seductive Supernatural
Erin Quinn, Caridad Pineiro, Erin Kellison, Lisa Kessler, Chris Marie Green, Mary Leo, Maureen Child, Cassi Carver, Janet Wellington, Theresa Meyers, Sheri Whitefeather, Elisabeth Staab

12 Tales of Shapeshifters, Vampires & Sexy Spirits

Release Date: October 20, 2014

Category: Paranormal Romance

Sub Categories: Anthology, Romance, Boxed Set

$0.99  sale price

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Book Description: 

Bad boys, tortured alpha heroes, and kick-ass heroines all come together in 12 steamy full-length paranormal romance novels and novellas from NY Times, USA Today, and national bestselling authors! Whether you’re looking for tantalizing dark tales or the humorous side of the supernatural, you’ll get werewolves, vampires, fallen angels, monster hunters, and ghosts—every one of them a hot temptation you won’t be able to resist...

Check out all this talent!

Caridad Pineiro:

NY Times and USA Today Bestseller Caridad Pineiro is a Jersey Girl who just wants to write, and travel. Caridad is the author of over 40 novels/novellas and loves romance novels, super heroes, TV and cooking.

Chris Marie Green:

Chris Marie Green is the author of the urban fantasy Vampire Babylon series from

Ace Books and the Jensen Murphy, Ghost for Hire series from Roc, which features a fun-loving spirit from the 80s.

Mary Leo:

USA Today bestselling author Mary Leo writes romance, paranormal romance, romantic suspense, and mystery.

Elisabeth Stabb:

Elisabeth Staab loves happy endings, strong coffee, and “restore your faith in humanity” stories. She lives in Washington DC with her family.

Erin Quinn:

NYT bestselling author Erin Quinn writes dark paranormal romance. Her books have been called “riveting,” “brilliantly plotted” and “beautifully written.”

Janet Wellington:

Janet Wellington writes award-winning contemporary & paranormal romance.

Publishers Weekly: she creates “characters readers root for from page one.”

Sheri Whitefeather:

Sheri Whitefeather is an award-winning, bestselling romance author. Her books

are generously spiced with love, passion and sinfully hot heroes.

Theresa Meyers:

Award-winning author Theresa Meyers writes the Sons of Midnight, Shadow Sisters, Legend Chronicles, Vector Force and Enochian Brotherhoood series.

Lisa Kessler:

Lisa Kessler is an Amazon Best Selling author of dark, passionate, paranormal romance, including the Award-Winning Night Series and Moon Series.

Erin Kellison:

Erin Kellison is the New York Times bestselling and award-winning author of dark fantasy romance, including the Shadow series and the Reveler series.

Maureen Child:

USA Today bestselling author Maureen Child is the award winning author of more than 130 romance novels in several different genres.

Cassi Carver:

Cassi Carver is the author of sexy urban fantasy, contemporary romance, and paranormal romance.

My Thoughts:

This was a splendid mix of supes and the paranormal. You would be foolish to pass up this much talent for such a tiny price!

There were one or two that I didn't get to yet and there was one that I more or less leafed through. It just didn't keep my attention but I still wanted to know what happened.

Most of these books were engaging, exciting, thrilling, sexy, romantic, action filled, and mysterious. Some had lots of humor, some had a little, and some not so much but it made up for it by focusing on other elements.

One of my favorites was actually a book written by an author that I had never read before. Mary Leo's contribution was A Shadow at Twilight. It was actually not something that I would have usually picked out for myself because there were ghosts in it. These ghosts were not typical and I laughed and cried and rallied around the main characters and the more spirited ones as well! I will be looking for more of her books for certain.

Vampire Reborn had me hooked from start to finish and now I can't wait to read more about Ryder and Diana and the others. It was sexy, dangerous, dramatic, and vampiric! What more could you need?

Night Angel by Lisa Kessler was another one that I wouldn't have picked for myself normally. I had a hard time setting it down though. I'm sooo glad that It was in this boxed set. I've read some of her other books and she does a great job of not disappointing her readers.

Cassi Carver was another surprising new author for me to be impressed by. Immortal possession kept me on the edge of my seat wondering how everything would work out and what would happen. 

I never read Sheri Whitefeather's work before either. There is a lot of new found talent in this set! She actually contributed two books. They featured sexy genie and vampire hybrids that trade wishes for blood. ;-) Sexy! Sexy!

Elisabeth Staab had a wolfish contribution. Wild Nights With A Lone Wolf was one of my favorites as well. I mean hello? Werewolf! I really don't need to say more do I?

I received an ecopy of this set in exchange for my honest opinion. You are crazy if you let this set pass you without buying it for yourself! There is a whole load of talent and engaging and surprising stories in this set and for only 99 cents! What are you waiting for?
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  1. that's the advantge with boxed set and anthologies^^ we buy them for one or two author and discover other we wouldn't have thought or dared to try otherwise

    i'm really happy it was such awonderful surprise for you!

  2. This is a great paranormal boxed set. I especially enjoyed Vampire Reborn by Caridad Pineiro.

  3. I loved the one by Cassi Carver. I'm going to have to get the others by her.

    1. oh you have read teh set already too?

    2. Riiiiigggghhhhhhtt? She is some kind of talented!

    3. I was only able to read a couple of them so far. But I read hers first and it was awesome! Its supposed to be a series so I'm super excited!

    4. yay! I am too. :-) Thanks for letting me know.

  4. Thanks for reviewing the boxed set!

    I'm so glad you enjoyed Night Angel...

    Lisa :)