Saturday, November 1, 2014

GGMMMU ~ Angels & Demons

First let me say Thank you to Authors A.S. Fenichel and Angelique Armae for sponsoring today's giveaway!

I often have trouble reading angel books. They are my least favorite of all the paranormal offerings. I believe in God and angels too. Because of the way that I see angels in my faith, I have trouble connecting to them when reading about them in paranormal romances.

Do you have any problems reading demon or angel books? Which do you prefer?
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  1. hum it really depends,i mean something the way i was told can come in the way but as long as in teh story it's explained why they are difdferent i usually don't mind. i mean for example in the guild hunter series it's told that yes they are winged being but it's us that gave them the name of angels ( and they play a little with that but they know they are not)'s more difficult i can read about them when we see they have a society of their own,, with rules and a sense of honor ( different from ours but still one)..; simple mindless one just to do horror story i can't connect with

  2. No I don't have a problem reading about them

  3. I prefer reading about demons. Those are easier for me to kind of disconnect in the religious way. Its hard to lust for angels because of being raised religious. Usually I can read them and not let it bother me but I can totally relate to where your coming from.

  4. Even though I don't have any problems reading demon or angel books, I prefer reading about demons. Demons make fascinating characters.

  5. I actually enjoy both but prefer fallen Angels over Demons.
    Carol L
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