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Cover Reveal: Broken Until You By J.R. Grant

JR Grant is an avid reader, fictional writer and bestselling author of Shattered Promises and Lost Until You. When she's not tending to one of her kids sporting events, or plotting her next story, you can catch her on the beach with her kindle in hand, soaking up the sun. For more information or to contact the author, visit one of her social media sites below.

Lost Until You 

Until You book 1

J.R. Grant

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Title: Broken Until You 

Until You book 2

Author: J.R. Grant

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Release Date: March 19. 2015


You can't shatter a heart if it's already broken.

She's beautiful and smart, but behind every forced smile,
Blue Hamilton died a little more inside.
After suffering years of abuse by the one she loved,
Blue packed her bags and left town, vowing to never return.

Three years later, everything started falling into place when
Blue's world is suddenly flipped upside down,
leaving her one of two options- either she sells her soul to the devil,
or runs into the arms of the forbidden,
praying to make it out alive.

His striking personality and toned, muscular body
may have gotten him anything he wanted, but Stone Walker
has never been able to let his walls down and live,
until Blue walks through the door.

Promising to keep her safe from the destruction of her past,
Stone does everything in his power to live up to his word,
no matter the cost.

Lies are exposed,
secrets are revealed,
and when the truth finally comes to surface,
two innocent lives are forced through a whirlwind of suffering and pain.

What happens when Blue finds out the truth behind Stone's corrupted past?
Can she forgive him and move on once the damage is done?
Or will she walk away for good, refusing to look back?

Follow this compelling journey of love, loss and survival.
If everyone makes it out alive, it will be a miracle.


The picture of life is black and white, plain and simple. People were either happy or sad, angry or laughing, loved or hated. There wasn’t an in-between.

Some might have thought I lived a decent life. I put on a pleasurable front; laughing a lot, smiling often. Trying my damnedest to make everyone happy. I forced myself into the world, yearning for companionship, seeking immeasurable love.

I’d fix myself up, striving for acceptance, determined to have a good time. However life behind the tainted walls of my destructive shadow was a complete different story.

No one knew the real me. 

The true Blue Hamilton.

I was a broken shell in the big blue sea just floating by.




My heart had been shattered into a million pieces. Untraceable. My soul was damaged beyond repair. Undefinable. And the very thing others called life had been utterly wrecked.

Fear ate at me like a starved monster, pulling me apart piece by piece. It sucked the life out of me, draining every ounce of hope imaginable. There was nowhere to run, nowhere to turn. No one understood my sufferings and pain. Had someone stood by my side through all the turmoil and destruction, things might have turned out differently. I highly doubted it, though. Because if I knew anything about myself; I was destined to suffer. It was inevitable.

I just wanted be loved, to feel loved, but I guess that was too much to ask for.

I didn’t seek a distasteful pity party, or want others feel sorry for me. That’s why I kept my past to myself. The last thing I needed was to be judged off things I’d been through, things that wrecked me completely.

Only God knew the ways I’d suffered, the ways I’d lost, and even He became questionable at times. Did I believe there was an eternity? A Heaven and hell? Of course. I knew there had to be something more than what I had been living, something worth fighting for. I just couldn’t figure out exactly what. Faithfully I prayed my steps would be ordered by the Lord. I asked God to direct me, to guide me and help me, but something always got in the way every time I saw a little ounce of light.

I gave everything I had, everything in me to show those close to me that I cared. But just like everyone else in this crooked world, I had to learn the hard way; you can’t make someone love you, no matter what you do.

After reflecting on all I had been forced through, and how the situations dragged me down, somewhere along the line I gave up. I wasn’t sure if it really mattered, anyway. People like me didn’t deserve happiness. If anything, we woke every morning and walked the thin, dotted line, praying to make it through the day. 

That was all I strived for….


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I like the covers and have added both books to my TBR.

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