Tuesday, January 27, 2015

Review ~ Bound By Her Master by Abigail Lee Justice


Sophie Spencer is a happily married, twenty-nine year old cardiologist. Suddenly her world is shattered to pieces. The love of her life, her only love, is taken from her in a devastating car accident. Stricken with grief, depression, and loneliness for the past two years, Sophie takes the advice of a close friend to venture down a new path - exploring the inner sides of submission. Not knowing what it truly means to submit, Sophie indulges her desires by visiting a prominent BDSM club on her own. Could she fully submit to another man’s will, or was the bond that she shared with her husband unbreakable? That’s the question Sophie must come to terms with.

Kyle Zeller is one hundred percent Alpha male. He owns a high end BDSM club, but has not been in a serious relationship for over a year. Serious skeletons that are buried deep in the back of Kyle’s mind keeps holding him back from making a true commitment, which is until Sophie Spencer walks into the Cellar. Kyle see’s for the first time in his life the person he’s been looking for, she standing in front of him. He already knows everything about Sophie’s past, including her desires to submit. Will Kyle’s past resurface and shatter this potential relationship

Title: Bound By Her Master 

Author: Abigail Lee Justice 

Genre: Romance, Erotica, BDSM 

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About The Author

Abigail Lee Justice writes emotional, erotic, suspense romances which include a BDSM theme. She creates strong characters, who seem real, but are flawed in some ways, some couples Happily Ever After will be a work in progress. Some characters problems are just too steamy to fix in one book. Abigail was born and raised in Baltimore City by two wonderful, supportive, loving parents. As a child she made up vivid stories in her head then one day a friend told her instead of keeping her stories locked inside she needed to put them on paper; that’s exactly what she did. Abigail met her husband 29 years ago on a blind date (thanks Dan C.) while working a part time job to put herself through college, she fell madly in love with her Prince Charming and has been since the first day they met. By day, Abigail practices medicine in a busy Cardiologist practice, by evening she switches her white coat for more relaxed comfortable clothing. She has two wonderful adult sons and a very spoiled chocolate lab. In the wee hours of the night, she writes BDSM romances. In her spare time when not working or writing, Abigail enjoys, reading, concocting vegetarian dishes, exotic vacations, scuba diving, high adventure activities, living in the lifestyle she writes about, and doing lots and lots of research making sure her characters get it just right.  If you would like to become part of Abigail’s Street Team. or become a Beta Reader for future books, drop her a message on FB @ abigailleejustice or visit her website @ www.abigailleejustice.com

My Thoughts:

Sophie is a good character but I found myself beyond frustrated with her. I mean she lost her husband two years ago. She has been mourning since then to the point of cutting all of her friends and most of her family out of her life.

Then in the blink of an eye she decides that she is ready to face the world again. Okkkaaaaayy!

That frustrated me. Then when she did find someone else, she was sort of quick to go with the attraction. However, her husband kept being mentioned. Grrrrrrr! He's dead. Let it go!

She found out that said dead husband was keeping things from her. She never seemed to be upset by it though. Am I the strange one? I mean if you found out that your husband (dead or alive) had been visiting a sex club and never mentioned it to you, wouldn't you be pissed? I know that I would be even if it was after the fact! I might even be more mad if it was after the fact because she can't ask him why, how, etc... Anyway, this frustrated me too.

I really liked Kyle. ;-) He was sexy, dominant, protective, and family oriented.

Other than that this book had plenty of action, danger, threats, sexiness, some romance, secrets and a cliff hanger that had me screaming. I want more and I want it NOW!!!

I recommend this to those of you who like action, surprises, sexiness and danger in your books.

I received an ecopy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion. Other than being frustrated by the few things that I mentioned, I thought it was great. I was glued to my Kindle until I was done in the wee hours of the morning. I couldn't stop reading even though I was tired. I will definitely be reading the next book. Hopefully Carl will stay mostly dead in it. 

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  1. oki yes i find that strange... she make a complete change of attitude without really cutting teh ties..; and she is n,ot angry her husband kept such a secret from her?! i woyuld be angry as hell! it would shatter all i believed in him so i would not pin for him anymore.... arf if it was possible i would give him back life jsut so i could strangle hiom after ghe gives me answer...

  2. Her not getting angry is hard to understand, I know that I would be very angry.

  3. Um.. yea I would be extremely pissed and wondering what else he was hiding. This sounds interesting though so I'll add it to my list.