Sunday, October 27, 2013

GGMMMU ~ Aquatic beings ~ challenge and giveaway

Day 9 of the GGMMMU challenge has us visiting with aquatic creatures such as mermaids, sirens, and selkies.

You can find the main raflecopter here to answer today's questions. :-)

mer·maid[ múr màyd ]

1.mythical sea creature: a mythical sea creature with the head and upper body of a woman and the tail of a fish instead of legs

.si·ren[ sirən ]

1.stationary warning device: a warning device that produces a loud wailing sound when a current of compressed air or steam is forced through a rotating perforated disk

2.portable warning device: an electronic warning device, often mounted or placed on a moving vehicle, that produces a loud wailing sound

3.sea nymph luring sailors onto rocks: in Greek mythology, a sea nymph, half-woman and half-bird, who was believed to sing beguilingly to passing sailors in order to lure them to their doom on the rocks she sat on

sel·kie  [ sélkee ]

1.mythical creature: a mythical creature which assumes human form on land and that of a seal in water



I found these on Amazon US. If you prefer Smashwords or B&N, you can check there as well. Sometimes the price is universal. Regardless, double check to make sure the books are still free before you purchase them!

Drowning Mermaids (Sacred Breath Series, Book 1) by Nadia Scriev

Smitten: Part I-The Zerrin Series by Patria L. Dunn (Patria Dunn-Rowe) and Christine M. Butler

Sea Siren by Consuelo Vazquez

Between The Land And The Sea (Marina's Tales) by Derrolyn Anderson

Everblue: Mer Tales #1 by Pandos, Brenda 

Madly (Book 1) (Madly Series) by M. Leighton

Just Breathe (Just Breathe #1) by Heather Allen

Bluehour (Watermagic Series, #1) by Brighton Hill

 Real Lies by Liana Brooks

 The Siren Series 1 by Marata Eros

The Accidental Siren by Jake Vander Ark

Avow (A Last Selkie Short Story Prequel) by Elizabeth A Reeves

Do you like to swim?

What would you do if you met a one of these creatures?

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I love this movie so I thought I'd share this too!

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  1. I LOVE swimming! i always felt at ease in water, protected and with my health it's become the only spot i can do safely I miss swimming in fact but since they built a new swimming pool in my city instead of teh old one the price have become exhorbitant so only in holidays ( and since i got no holidays for 4 years at least....)

    Now if i met one of those creature,siren or selkie or mermen.... that's a good question^^ i guess i would be more suspicious of siren ( little siren by disney helped me love them again because when i've read the real story of little mermaid i just coyuldn't stop crying) , selkie sound fun and at teh same time more fragile since they have a weaknesses so less dangerous ( not fighter after all).... but i would love to meet mermen like those in the sentinels of new orleans series^^ those are fun, sexy, dangerous and protective of their mate^^

    now i think i would mostly tell them how sorry i am for all the destruction we are responsible for... waters and oceans are pure treasure and we shouldn't hunt there without reason ( killing shark ..thousand of them just for one piece? and worse cutting it alive and throwing teh rest)...we pollute it because we don't think it could get back to us......
    i would understand if they teamed together to fight us

  2. +JMJ+

    I love swimming, too! =D I like to joke that my mother kidnapped me from my real selkie family when I was a baby. ;-)

    Having said that, I'll admit that if I ran into an aquatic creature, I'd actually be scared! Creatures who are in their element underwater are the scariest for me--from the Loch Ness monster, to monster sharks to these mythical beings. I guess it's because I know that I could easily drown. It doesn't help that mermaids are malignant creatures in my country's folktales, stealing children who are playing alone by the seashore, in order to cannibalise them! =( Anyway, if I ran into a supernatural sea creature, my first instinct would be to whimper, "Please don't hurt me." =P

  3. I like swimming, but since my vision is horrible without my glasses, I don't do swim very often.

  4. I love to swim too. I havent really had much of a chance to do it the past few years though. We used to be at my aunts every weekend over the summer when she had a pool. It was very relaxing. And I'm not sure I'd probably be very wary of them.
    Did you see that documentary on animal planet, the Mermaids the body found? It was quite fascinating but theres a lot of talk of it being a hoax. But it would be really neat if its true. Though I would also feel bad since it would turn them into a whole spectacle.

  5. I don't know how to swim.
    Thanks for the chance to win!