Wednesday, February 25, 2015


Erin Fanning spends her summers on a remote Michigan lake, where her imagination explores the water and dense forest for undiscovered creatures. In the winter, she migrates to central Idaho, exchanging mountain bikes and kayaks for skis and snowshoes.

She’s the author of the “Curse of Blackhawk Bay” (Sam’s Dot Publishing, 2008), “Mountain Biking Michigan” (Globe Pequot Press, 2002), and numerous short stories, essays, and articles.

Blood Stitches

By Erin Fanning



It’s called El Toque de la Luna–The Touch of the Moon. At least that’s how nineteen-year-old Gabby’s older sister, Esperanza, refers to the magical powers she inherited from their Mayan ancestors. 

Esperanza says women with El Toque weave magic into their knitting, creating tapestries capable of saving–or devastating–the world. Gabby thinks Esperanza is more like touched in the head–until a man dressed like a candy corn arrives at their Seattle home on Halloween. But “Mr. C” is far from sweet…

Soon, Gabby and her almost-more-than-friend, Frank, find themselves spirited away to a demon ball, complete with shape shifters–and on a mission to destroy Esperanza’s tapestries before they cause an apocalyptic disaster… And before it’s too late to confess their true feelings for each other.

I like this cover and the blurb sounds good to me. 

What are your thoughts?

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  1. i like the legend behind the plot and there are not too many book with mayan legend, the cover is eye catching and teh bnlurb yes it something i would not mind to read^^
    thank you for teh discovery

  2. What an interesting blurb! This book sounds really different. The Mayan legend of women with El Toque weaving magic into their knitting and tapestries is fascinating. Lovely cover too.

  3. The Mayan thing caught my eye too. I haven't really read too many with that. The cover is great. This is a definite for my list. :)