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Review ~ Just a Little Flirt: Crush # 2 by Renita Pizzitola


Saying yes has always come easy for Fallon. Now, as Renita Pizzitola’s steamy, poignant Crush series continues, winning her dream job means saying no to the guy she wants the most.

Between all the parties and random hook-ups, Fallon Carr is this close to flunking out of college. But her internship working with pediatric patients means the world to her—especially since, at the end of the summer, one lucky intern will be offered a paid position. Determined to leave her bad reputation behind, Fallon even takes a bet that she won’t sleep with anyone from work. But there’s one little catch. . . .

Not only is Cade Ryan the hottest guy Fallon has ever laid eyes on, he’s a therapy dog handler who volunteers his time to visit kids at the hospital. So when he starts pursuing her, Fallon can’t believe her bad timing. The thing is, Cade is different. He’s not like the college guys who see her as a one-night stand, or the high-school boyfriend who took a part of her she can never get back. Cade genuinely wants to spend time with her—and not just between the sheets.

Fallon won’t let her growing feelings for Cade get in the way of her dreams. Besides, no guy can break down the walls she put up long ago. So what’s the harm in a little flirting? It’s not like she’s falling in love. But she may have seriously underestimated how complicated things can get when the perfect guy falls for her first.

Just a Little Flirt
Crush # 2

By: Renita Pizzitola

Releasing March 31, 2015


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Dammit. The button was gone. Probably lying on the ground near Sexy Arms, but I couldnt go back and look for it after making an ass out of myself. I shoved open the door and stepped onto the third floor. Gripping my shirt closed, I searched for a bathroom. Thankfully, one was nearby.

With my head tucked down, I slipped inside then stood in front of a mirror to survey the damage. The midsection of my shirt was completely splayed open.

This wasnt happening. Not today.

I dug through my purse as if a safety pin would magically appear. Considering my lack of preparation for basically everything, who knew why I thought Id find one?

Okay. Deep breath. I could figure this out.

Maybe I could button around the missing one. It would be lopsided, but itd be closed. Or I could just keep my hand there all day. Yeah, like that would work.

With no other option, I rebuttoned my shirt, leaving the collar askew and one side hanging longer than the other. The final result: I looked like I got dressed in the dark . . . while drunk.

Fuck!I shouted in all my unladylike glory.

There was a light tapping on the door.

Geez, someone probably thought I was having a medical emergency. This was a hospital after all. I rolled my shoulders, took a deep breath then opened the door.

Holy shit. It was Sexy Arms. Holding a shirt?

Um, I didnt know if, you know, it was fixable and you said you were going to be late, so I figured it was important. Here.He shoved a white T-shirt in my direction. It will be huge on you but its in one piece and its the least I can do after almost taking you out, and disrobing you.

Then he grinned and, holy fuck, it was hot.

When I didnt respond, his smile slowly faded. You dont have—”

Where did you get a T-shirt?I blurted.

His face reddened again. Its actually my undershirt. Which is why itll be huge, but I just couldnt not help since its my fau—”

I yanked the shirt from his hand. Thanks.I spun to change but paused, catching the door before it slipped shut. You know youll probably never see this shirt again.

He smiled. Its okay. Keep it.

I shrugged. Okay.I let the door close, pulled off my shirt and replaced it with his. And hed been right. It was huge.

I tucked as much as I could into my dress pants and rolled the sleeves. In the end, it still looked better than my cockeyed shirt had. But far from good. Whatever. I checked the time, shoved the button-down into my purse and rushed out of the bathroom, slightly disappointed to see Sexy Arms had vanished, then raced down the hall to Conference Room A.

A slender woman greeted me. You must be Fallon Carr.

Clearly shed figured out who I was by elimination. Everyone else had arrived, and was seated like good little interns. Shit.

With a smile, I nodded. Yes. Sorry Im late.

She glanced at a clock. Looks like youre on time to me.

And for the love of all things holy, the clock on the wall was a few minutes slow. It was the first thing to go right for me since stepping into the hospital today.

Take a seat. Well begin shortly.The lady gestured to a chair then leaned over a laptop. The screen behind her lit up with a graphic from her presentation.

I walked down the aisle and planted myself in the first open chair, embarrassed to stand too long while wearing my new shirt.

Okay then.The lady walked around to the front of a table and leaned against it, semi-sitting. First off, Id like to introduce myself. My name is Victoria Aguirre. This is my eighth year working as a Child Life specialist and my third year heading up the internship program.

Im pleased to announce that this year we have a Child Life aide position opening up in August. This internship is, foremost, a learning experience, but that being said, your desire to learn, your work ethic and the relationships you build will help determine if youd make a good member of our team.She smiled.Were big proponents of hiring from within. Which means wed love to place one of you into this position.

A paid position? That job would top waitressing or working at the campus bookstore any day.

Any questions so far?Her sleek black ponytail swished as her gaze panned the room. Okay then, lets begin. Please stop me if you have questions or need clarification.

As she spoke, I glanced around at the other people in the room. We totaled three girls and two guys. And something told me they wanted this as badly as I did. Gazes glued to Victoria, bodies leaned in, slight smiles creasing their mouths. Heck, we’d all probably salivated the second she said theyd hire an aide. Well, everyone except the guy slouching in the farthest corner, spinning his pen over his fingers like a drumstick. No competition there. Hed probably shoot himself in the foot before the end of this six-week internship.

The other male in the room looked a bit cutthroat, shoulders squared, I-got-this smile affixed to his lips. An overachiever. Someone who wanted to win just for the sake of winning. His female counterpart sat to my left. Id noticed her the moment I walked in. Her dark blond hair was pulled into a high ponytail. Her makeup perfect, outfit crisp, nails polished, everything in place as she diligently took notes. I hated girls like her.

Which only left one more competitor. I glanced over my shoulder and spotted her, head tucked down. Dark hair hanging over most of her face. Maybe after the presentation, Id get a better look.

I rotated my head forward and caught a whiff of an intoxicating smell.

Oh my God. Was it the shirt? How had I not noticed before? Id been in such a hurry, I must have turned off my senses but now that they were back on, holy hell, it smelled delicious.

Renita Pizzitola is the author of New Adult contemporary romance and Young Adult fantasy. When not writing, she can be found feeding her caramel macchiato addiction and reading just about anything she can get her hands on. She lives in Austin, Texas, with her husband and two children.

My Thoughts:

Just A Little Flirt was charming, funny in parts, sweet, interesting, had some steam and contained some scenes that had me being a little misty eyed too.

Fallon was our heroine. She had been "the" party girl in high school. She gave her womanhood to her then boyfriend and he turned into a major arse. She finally came to her senses and has decided to be dedicated to her career. I admired Fallon's resolve to be a better person and not be distracted.

She bumps into Cade and things go from there.

Cade was wonderful. He was understanding, patient, caring, compassionate, loyal, hard working, handsome..... I really could wax poetic about him. Yes, I liked him that much! ;-)

There was more going on than just raging hormones and jumping into bed like some books give us. There was her schooling and goings on at the hospital, her resolve and thoughts about Cade, his resolve and cuteness, and then what was going on in her family as well.

I really enjoyed this book. It was steadily paced, the writing kept me interested, the length was just right. At about 240 pages there were enough pages to give me a complete story but not so many that I was counting down to the ending.

This book could stand alone though it is the second book in the Crush series. Just A Little Crush was the first book.

I received an ecopy in exchange for my honest opinion. I really enjoyed the flirting and I think you would too.

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