Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Review of the Play Me serials by Tracy Wolff

All FIVE novellas in PLAY ME by Tracy Wolff, a sizzling new serial from Random House Loveswept, releases TODAY!

Synopsis: In the seductive all new eBook original serial from the New York Times bestselling author of Ruined and Addicted, a woman running from her past has finally found a bit of control . . . until her powerful new boss makes her go wild.

My name is Aria Winston. I’ve fought desperately to make my own life, away from the seedy underbelly of Las Vegas. Now I’m on my own, in control of my own life and my own destiny . . . just the way I like it. Until Sebastian Caine changes everything.

Working as a cocktail waitress at one of Vegas’s hottest five-star casinos means putting up with a ton of bad behavior from the big spenders. But it pays the bills—and that’s all that matters to Aria as she needs every last dollar to escape from her father’s destructive grasp and the brutal man he expects her to marry. But when she lashes out against a billionaire who won’t take no for an answer, she nearly loses everything—until Sebastian, steps in.  The owner’s son and handpicked successor, Sebastian is dark, sexy and kinder than any rich, powerful man should be.  And when he apologizes and offers to keep her job safe, , Aria can’t help the way her body reacts to his. But if the way her body instantly responds to his touch is any indication, what Aria really wants is Sebastian.  Suddenly her job, and the security it brings her, isn’t all that Aria wants …

Play Me is an erotic serial intended for mature audiences. Aria and Sebastian’s story continues in Play Me: Hot.


You can find all of the important information such as the Goodreads and purchase links, as well as the author's links on my previous post about theses books, here.

My Thoughts:

Sebastian was called back to Vegas when his father became too ill to handle running the family business. It isn't easy to run a casino and hotel. He is up too his eyeballs in crap that his father has left for him to deal with such as mounting bills and a lapse in good judgement where the employees are concerned. One stunning beauty catches his eye even as he tells himself that he doesn't have the time for distractions.

Aria has seen many things, dealt with them the only way that she knew how and lives to see another day. She goes by a different last name not wanting her daddy or the man that he chose for her to marry to find her. She would have fled the city but she stays because her sister has a debilitating disease and her days are numbered. Aria would do almost anything for Lucy.

Aria is an awesome heroine. She is strong, compassionate, honorable, passionate, snarky, and has a backbone.

I liked our hero, Sebatian too. :-) He was super sexy, understanding, dominating, protective, and really confident. ;-)

This is what you need to know. There are five super short parts to this serial as of right now. They need to be read in order. You will want to read them back to back as each one only makes you crave more. Each one picks up with the story where the previous one left off (hence the need to read them in order).

They are very sexy and extremely hot. There is some mystery, humor, angst, drama, danger and action too. I want more! I hope that there are more to come because I have lots of questions about what will happen next! I'm not sure if the answer would be found in the Ethan Stone books or not.

I thought these were fantastically addictive, scorching hot, and I am now craving more of them! These were great! ;-)

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  1. ^^ you are the best advocat for books that i'm sure^^ oki on teh maybe list as i have to try
    i hope you do get next book soon^^

  2. I've been wanting to read these. She has some other books that I've been eyeing too.