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Review ~ Him, Her, Them Series boxed set by Elizabeth Lynx

Grading Him: Book 1
Josephine Powell is an intelligent assistant professor of Psychology. She is a woman who knows what she wants, a man she would be happy giving a grade A to in the bedroom. Unfortunately, she has yet to meet a man that even comes close. She’s tired of dealing with men who just don’t try; she needs a man who can handle her and her needs.
Pierce Carver is a smart man. So, smart he got out of the slums of Baltimore to go to MIT and make a lot of money so he never has to visit his old neighborhood ever again. He’s not interested in making money anymore; he’s interested in only two things, his charity to help inner city youth and woman. The later he prefers variety, as in one good lay and then out the door you go. Women are for sex and nothing more.
Josephine, meet Pierce.
Pierce, meet Josephine.
Can they handle what each wants and needs?
Reaching Her: Book 2
Josephine Powell is an intelligent assistant professor of Psychology. She is a woman who knows what she wants: a man who can earn a grade "A" in the bedroom, but is smart enough to earn an "A" in romance as well. After last night with Pierce Carver she thinks she found her first-ever A-man, but will he be able to capture her heart in the daytime?
Pierce Carver has, between hard work and brains, achieved everything he's set his eye on. A serial entrepreneur, now independently wealthy, his sexual prowess has always kept women from leaving after the deed was done, much to his chagrin. Until the night Josephine comes into his life, that is: the one woman he wanted to stay through the next morning! It’s the morning after the best sex of his life, when he wakes to find neither her nor her number, only an enigmatic note. Will he even be able to find her? If he does, will she even want a man who has no idea how to woo a woman?
Becoming Them: Book 3
Josephine Powell has a Grade A man in Pierce. She has a great career as Assistant Professor of Psychology with a chance for a full professorship. Even her friend Luna has found love in Pierce’s friend Corbin. So why is her world starting to turn upside down. Her co-worker treats her as if there is a serious joke she isn’t getting and Pierce keeps pulling away. Is everything good in her straight A life or is something very dark lurking in the shadows waiting to destroy everything?
Pierce Carver has the most beautiful girlfriend in the world. He would do anything for her, except tell her the truth. He knows that will destroy them and possibly her too. Can he hang on to Josephine or will his past be the cancer that kills all that he loves?
Surprise Extra!!!
Luna & Corbin
Luna Baxter had the dream life: a great job, amazing friends and a gorgeous boyfriend, until it all came crashing down when her father got sick. She had to say goodbye to her friends, her job and the love of her life to move half way across the country and be with her family.
It’s a year and a half later, her father has passed and she just wants to return to her old life in Baltimore. But when she comes home, nothing is the same. Her best friend is pregnant and very, very hormonal. Her new job is not at all what she experienced before, and her old flame has a new girlfriend.
Corbin Medina is “Just okay.” He started his own successful app business. His girlfriend is beautiful and caring. Despite his best friend whining about the fear of fatherhood, he couldn’t be happier for him. So, why is he just okay? Because his one true love isn’t there to share it all with him – until she walks through the door on Thanksgiving.

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From Reaching Her:
She emerges from the kitchen with a tray of three very different drinks atop. She hands the bottle of beer to Pierce as he breaks our gaze to smile up at his mom. I really think my heart sped up a bit just the way he looked at her.
“Here you are hon, nice cool iced tea.”
I take the glass, which is already sweating from the ice and nod a thank you to her. She walks over to the chair right next to Pierce, puts the tray on the coffee table, and then relaxes back bringing the glass of orange liquid to her mouth.
“Well I am glad you were fine when I knocked on your car window. You looked a little unwell, flushed while holding that card in your hand, so I naturally became concerned.”
I realize this conversation is not going the way I would wish, so I try to steer it in a different direction. But before I have a chance to open my mouth, she starts up again.
“That was an interesting card. I didn’t get a close look at it, but it reminded me of the posters you have hanging in your apartment Pierce.”
My gaze volleys back and forth between the two. She is looking at him as he smiles and then turns to look at me.
“Well, that does sounds like a very interesting card mom. You must share it with us Josephine. Was it from a friend or secret admirer?”
He leans over, resting his forearms on his knees watching me with a wicked grin on his face. He’s enjoying this, but I don’t embarrass easily. I would have thought he would figure that out by now.
“Well, if you must know it is from an admirer. A man I met last week. He’s sweet, but you know how men are these days Mrs. Carver. They expect you to fall at their feet if they so much as look in your direction. But, I’m old fashioned; I think a man should work for my attention, hence the card.”
Pierce is tapping his foot on the ground and I can tell he’s anxious as his hands cup his mouth.
“Oh, hon, tell me about it. No offence Pierce, but men should always work for the attention of a lady, especially a woman as beautiful as you. Isn’t that right Pierce?”
His head drops into his hands and I can tell how uncomfortable he is. But then he looks up at me and his smile softens.
“Yes, mother you are right. She is quite breathtaking. Any man would be a fool not to jump through hoops to be with her.”

About this Author:

Elizabeth Lynx grew up in Maryland and lived an average life. In college she was a theater major, but she didn't think she was that good so she left the acting world behind once she graduated. She did keep up writing comedy sketches and eventually pursued Improv. That took her to Chicago where she was in the Second City Conservatory Program. But, to her husband’s chagrin, she gave up Improv. Now she is a writer, no longer the performer. She makes characters perform for her on the page. She and her husband and two little boys have moved back to the Washington DC area to be closer to family. Every day while her boys eat, sleep or play she writes.

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My Thoughts:

There were four books in this boxed set. I got to read them all!

First let me say that they were all very quick and each picked up from the previous with the exception being the last book. It did pick up from the third book but it focused on Corbin and Luna instead of Jos and Pierce.

In Grading Him we meet Jos and Luna. These two ladies are sexy, confident and a real hoot. They have a grading system for men. Both women have been seriously disappointed with the men they have experienced so far. They are at the bar when the unexpected happens. Jos meets someone that really appeals to her.

Pierce is a total player and has never struck out. He is very confident, sexy, and somewhat full of himself but she knocks him off his game.

They are magical together. ;-) In the end she leaves him with a mystery.

In Reaching Her, Jos really makes Pierce work for her affections. Does he ever! I absolutely adore him! ;-)

This second book picks up where the first one left off. He figures the mystery out with a little help from his friend Corbin and his mother.

These two are so freaking hot together! Whew!

In the third book, Becoming Them, We have many new and not so nice characters enter the arena. A horrible thing happens and Jos and Pierce's relationship is splintered because of it. This book has a lot more drama and emotion other than euphoria and lust.

In Corbin and Luna, these two characters are the focus but we see more of Jos and Pierce as well. :-)

I really liked each of these books alone but together they were tremendously awesome! I received an ecopy in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. it's great when a series wrap so well together so this bundle see to be a must

  2. Thank you for your amazing words! The post looks awesome!

  3. I will have to grab them now. :) and its nice when there all in a boxed set so it makes it easier to read them together.