Saturday, June 22, 2013

Bewitching Sizzling Summer Giveaway #2

Welcome back! Today I will show you the second giveaway that the fantastic Bewitching authors have put together.

I am excited about this one because it has paperbacks and more paperbacks. :-) Many of them are open to International shipping! :-)

1 set of Bleeding Hearts (Demimonde #1) and Blood Rush (Demimonde #2) by Ash Krafton- US Shipping

2 sets of Her Dear & Loving Husband and Her Loving Husband's Curse by Meredith Allard open to US Shipping

1 Kidnapped by Maria Hammarbald us shipping

1 ROGUE ORACLE and DARK ORACLE by Alayna Williams- us shipping

1 EMBERS and SPARKS by Laura Bickle- US shipping

1 Fall of Sky City by SM Blooding US Shipping only

1 signed set of DARK LIGHT OF DAY and FIERY EDGE OF STEEL by Jill Archer

1 Life After the Undead and Death to the Undead by Pembroke Sinclair- US shipping

1 DiSemblance by Shanae Branham

1 Shield: Allie's War, Book Two by JC Andrijeski (or Revik: Allie's War, Early Years) by JC Andrijeski

1 signed copy of VICIOUS CIRCLE by Linda Robertson (or any other title written by her if winner already has VC)

1 DiSemblance by Shanae Branham open to International Shipping

1 The Necromancer’s Seduction by Mimi Sebastian open to International Shipping

2 print copies of The Chosen by Annette Gisby, US/Canada and UK entrants

1 Print or ebook Copy of Night Hawk by JE Taylor to US residents or ebook (mobi or epub) for international folks. If US resident would prefer ebook - that can be done as well.

1 Print or ebook Copy of Hunting Season by JE Taylor to US residents or ebook (mobi or epub) for international folks. If US resident would prefer ebook - that can be done as well

1 Winner’s choice of print or digital (.mobi or .epub) of Royal Street or River Road by Suzanne Johnson, in either U.S. or U.K. editions; open to international.

1 Winner’s Choice of print, audio, or digital (.mobi only) of Redemption, Absolution, Omega, or Storm Force by Susannah Sandlin open to international.

1 All three books in the Phaeton Black, Paranormal Investigator series The Seduction of Phaeton Black, The Moonstone and Miss Jones, The Miss Education of Dr. Exeter by Jillian Stone. Print or eBook any format, reader's choice Ebook open international.

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What do you think? Is there something you'd like to have?

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  1. This is a crazy big giveaway!! *book overload* I'm in book heaven right now!! Speechless! Lol

    Dee @ Dee's Reads

  2. Big giveaway but lots of the paperback are still US only, i'm so glad suzanne johnson at least doesn't discriminate anyone.

    i would have loved if the book by jillian stone ( or at least the 3rd one) and those by Jill archer, laura bicle and linda robertson were for international too ( even if it was non signed copy) they are on my wishlist and i would have licked this opportunity to win them ( or one of them^^)

    Thank you a lot for sharing this with us Brenda! Is it one you want more than the others too?

    1. I've been able to review some of them. :-) There are also many that I haven't read yet. If I won, I'd hope to get one of those!

    2. ^^ won't you tell us which one you hope to win the most?

  3. books, books, books, and more books -- don't know how close I am to running out of space on my kindle, and I know I'm short of room on the book shelves - but who cares, bring it on!

    Some of these authors are new to me so I appreciate the opportunity to read their work. Thanks

    1. i'm sure we are nearly all in that case but the lack of space can't make us stop^^ they are always another excellent books we need to get^^

      good luck donna!

  4. Theres alot of good ones on the list! I have alot of these on my wishlist actually. :)

    1. me too but those are just the ones i can't win ^^;; so unfair^^

      which one is tempting you the most?

    2. Sorry Miki! That sucks. I dont see why they couldnt make it int. if the would just use the Book Dep. :( The Susannah Sandlin ones are on my wishlist.

  5. That is an awesome dream come true giveaway!!!
    Thank you for sharing it with us.even though most of them are US restricted,I am glad that Jillian Stone and Jill Archer books are international ( atleast the ebooks:)
    I would love to win Jillian Stone's books!
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W

  6. Whoaaaa *drools* . So. many. books. *error error- information overload* LOL. They all look great! I don't think I can concentrate long enough to say which one I'm looking forward to the most! Anyways, thanks for hosting the giveaway :)

  7. There's a bunch that look great, but I'd go with either Ash Krafton's books or SM Blooding's.

  8. So many wonderful books! Would love to win them all. I am especially interested in Bleeding Hearts and Blood Rush.

  9. wow, another giveaway..again thanks for hosting them...this summer's gonna rock :)

  10. Wow, lots of these sound interesting....Most interested in winning print copies, mainly because I have to share my kindle right now so I don't get much time to read on it.

  11. Awesome giveaway! So many great books!

    sassychassy333 at gmail dot com

  12. I am floored. This is simply an amazingly generous giveaway.

    koonie2888 at yahoo dot com

  13. Thanks for this fab giveaway! Lots of great authors and lots of great books :)

    Crystal Guidroz