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VBT: Review and Giveaway ~ Culture Shock by Jeanette Pekala

Book Description:

CULTURE SHOCK is a witty tale of mystery and romance with a large helping of southern hospitality.

Macy Holmes is a seventeen-year-old socially-isolated introvert since her best friend's death a year ago. When her family decides to move from Manhattan to the quaint country town of Bougainvillea, Florida, Macy finds she's in a completely different world. Macy is no longer the outsider hiding behind designer clothes when she is sought out by three strange students, one of whom she is particularly interested in. The more time she spends with Chad the more things don't add up. When his true identity is finally revealed, Macy is pulled into a supernatural society with its saturation of inhabitants residing in Bougainvillea.

You would think she has enough on her plate, but no, then her dreams become infiltrated by an external magical force, Macy and her band of supernatural misfits must find the culprit behind the magic-induced nightmares. They must dodge zombie assassins, shifty shape-shifters and high school bullies in order to stop this perpetrator before Macy, her friends or her parents pay the ultimate price.

Especially when Macy has the sneaking suspicion that these dreams are reality...

Culture Shock

Culture Shock Series Book One

Jeanette Pekala

Genre: YA Paranormal

ebook: 978-0-9891584-0-4

paperback: 978-0-9891584-1-1


Number of pages: 676

Word Count: 135,000

Cover Artist: Bonnie Alford


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There were two guys and one girl. The girl had severely long red wavy hair and flawless fair skin. She was supermodel skinny. Heroin-addict supermodel skinny. Her back was to me so I couldn’t get a good look at her face.

The first boy was sitting next to her. His back also to me, but when I first caught them spying, I noticed something peculiar about this boy. He was wearing a black hoodie, with the drawstrings tied so tight, the hood was covering nearly his whole face. He had dark aviator glasses on and gloves. Seriously, it’s like ninety-something degrees outside. Why on earth would you wear gloves? His skin, what was showing of it anyways, was even paler than the girl’s.

About the Author:

After finishing her degree in Sociology from the University of Florida, Jeanette Pekala had no idea what she wanted to do with her life.

While her husband was deployed overseas, she focused on what she loved to do, write, where she has finally found an outlet for her overactive imagination.

She lives a not so normal life just a wee bit north of Bougainvillea where she resides with her husband and two children working on Shock Wave, book 2 in the Culture Shock Series.


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My Thoughts:

Move over Twilight there are some new supernatural hotties for us to swoon! I was not sure what to make of this book at first. It definitely surpassed my expectations. :D

This book had some swear words in it but they were mild. There is nothing outrageous that would prevent a reader of any age from enjoying it. :-)

Culture Shock has a great plot which really starts with a move to a new town. After that you'll find supernatural creatures, a naive human heroine, a bunch of hot boys interested in our beloved heroine, a vindictive female set out to exact a vicious revenge, magic, danger, bad dreams, action, mystery, some sweet romance and of course jealousy too.

The very beginning confused me at first because it talks about one character and then when the real story begins it is with a different set of characters. The beginning character isn't mentioned again or revealed until near the end.

The main character, Macy, seems a little self absorbed at times. I got a little frusterated off and on throughout the book. I felt it was very obvious who the culprit was and I couldn't believe that the characters couldn't figure it out.

Speaking of characters, they are very charasmatic and they will grow on you (except for the mean ones). I'm not revealing what they are but Chad, Emma and Max are my favorites. :D

I was hooked pretty easily once the book got in to Macy's part. I read it in one sitting mostly. I only stopped to sleep and then I finished the rest of the book when I woke up. :-)

I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. 

This was truly a spellbinding, mesmerizing, splendid beginning to an awesome new series that is sure to please those readers who like the supernatural. I suggest putting this one near the top of your TBR list.

Macy moved from the city to a small town.

Which do you prefer city or country?

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  1. i think i will be confused too but at least now i know i must be expecting that ^^ thank you
    we will see if rafflecopter is kind with me. i must said that yes teh beginning made think of twilight.

    city, smal one, can be convenient but i do prefer nature so village /country ( though my health made it a little complicate to want hat)

  2. I totally made that parallel too about Twilight! I will have to get this one. :) I go back and forth. I like the quietness of the country but I love how alive cities feel.

  3. +JMJ+

    I'm currently feeling burned out by the city. A small town would be nice. =)

    Whenever a character begins a book by moving someplace new, I get really interested. Even if it's a move from the country to the city!

    1. both have their advantages and inconvenients and i guess it also depend where you live ( in a small country like mine you can live in a small town and have a city in a few minutes by car i find this idea really convenient^^)

      i did read some book with that element in the plot buit not as many a sthat ^^ i guess i could add some so if you have some suggestion don't hesitate^^

      thank you for commenting

  4. I prefer the country. Having lived in both, I know each has its benefits but the country calls to me.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

    1. nature^^, i guess i'm feeling the same call ( i've studied and thus lived in the country too... i'm missing that)

  5. I prefer country to city. I have lived in both but enjoy the room and land in the country.
    New author and book for me.
    Thanks :)

  6. Even though I enjoy the beauty of the country, I prefer living in a city or its suburbs because of the variety of cultural activities available.

    1. that's one of the advantage of the city for sure but here some smaller town in the country have festivals and others event that you would like i think^^

  7. Thanks for all the comments. :-) I prefer the country to the city. But visiting the city is a nice change of pace.

  8. I prefer a small city that still has a town feel to it. I lived on the outskirts of a medium city, then a small town, and now I live in the middle of a medium city. I like living in the city with access to my small hometown.

  9. wow, if you could push away Twilight for this then this one is definitely worth a try :D