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VBT: Text me, Tweet me, Need me by Susie Medwell ~ review and giveaway


Texting and tweeting can lead to trouble when the truth gets out…

Dating your boss is bad. Finding out he’s married with a baby on the way is a whole lot worse, but losing your job when you show him the door really sucks. And when he knows all your family secrets, there’s bound to be trouble. But the job Samantha’s got lined up can put her life back on track. One last date for research purposes before she can finish her article on online dating–then she’s a man-free zone, and it’s serious journalism all the way.

Ben has only one thing on his mind: to keep the promise he made to look after Sam. All he has to do is work out how he can support a girl who distrusts men, hates charity, and definitely doesn’t want rescuing. He thinks he’s come up with the perfect solution, until he realizes it’s his heart, not his money he needs to invest.

But can Sam see past the lies and learn to trust a man again? And more importantly…will Ben still want her when he learns about her past?

Text me, Tweet me, Need me

by Susie Medwell

Contemporary Romance

Publisher: Lyrical Press, Inc.

Release Date: May 6, 2013

Heat Level: Sensual

Word Count/Length: 24,000 words/274 pages

Available at:

Amazon * B&N


Sam gasped as the warmth spread through her body. She wanted so much more than she should have. God, her lips felt dry and she was just longing to dampen them, but that could be one sign too many. It could be a point of no turning back. She swallowed.

“Well erm, you don’t look much like a builder, even with all those muscles.”

He leaned forward then, one hand on each side of her thighs, and a shiver ran through her when the warmth of his body met her skin. Subtle aftershave kick-started her senses, he might as well have put his hands on her waist…her breasts. His smile was dangerously wicked as he pulled her stool closer, until her legs nestled further in between his two muscular thighs. A jolt of awareness shot straight between her legs.

“I’m in construction. Posh builder, I push a pen more than I shift bricks these days. So if you plant roses by day, what do you do by night? Meet strange men in bars?”

“Oh knit, read romances, cuddle the cat. You know. The things good girls do.” She
grinned, the alcohol and his closeness competing to fire her up inside.

“Good girls don’t just do those things you know.” His thumb was tracing circles on her thigh. Circles that were twisting her stomach with need. “Good girls do things like this as well.”

Then his hand was entangled in her hair, his gaze fixed on her lips. The warmth of his thighs encased her as she drifted toward him, her lips parting in anticipation. She ran her hands up the iron muscles as he pulled her closer. Stopped short, not daring to move any higher as his sharp intake of breath echoed between them. There was a brief second of hesitation, time for her to make the decision, to close the small gap between them. Then his mouth met hers. Firm, sensual lips. His tongue probed her mouth, skating over her teeth, playing with her, teasing her, drawing her tongue into his own mouth. She gripped her thighs together, shocked at the rush of pleasure, shocked at the craving deep inside her. It didn’t matter that all men were bastards, it didn’t matter that she had an article to write. All she wanted was him, teasing her senses, fulfilling the fantasies he’d created online.


“After reading the blurb I wanted to read this book. And I’m so glad I have. It’s funny and sexy…”--You Gotta Read Reviews

About the Author:

Susie has been writing stories for as long as she’s been reading them. She submitted her first novel, a thriller, when she was twelve years old but as she hit her mid teens her tastes shifted from action to romance. She was soon addicted to alpha heroes, and what could be better than writing about them?

Her days are now spent daydreaming, and writing, about good looking, well built men who know what they want and know how to get it, men who know the meaning of sensual and put a girl's needs before their own... men who have a sensitive side (for your eyes only) as well as a rough edge...men who love women for what they are... men who aren't afraid to take on an intelligent, sassy woman....

She’s had an exciting and varied life, which feeds into her stories... she’s got an Honours degree in Computer Science ...a teenage son... a cat...a cottage in the English countryside...and her own sexy alpha hero! She loves sexy high heels...good food....good wine....music...coffee (lots and lots of coffee)... and sunshine, so whenever she can, heads off in search of the sun and inspiration for her stories. Susie also writes erotic romance as Zara Stoneley.

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My Thoughts:

This book has some sizzle so I'd say adults only! This was a fairly fast read but it was pretty good.

Poor Sam has lost a good friend who died and she has been being used by a married man unbeknownst to her. When she finds out he makes her out to be some cheap whore. Needless to say it leaves her with a distrust for men.

Enter Ben. He knows who she is because he has promised a dear friend that he'd look out for her. The two of them communicate back and forth before meeting. When she finds out that he is her new boss, she puts up a wall and quits being so open and fun. When she finds out that he has kept a secret from her? She doesn't know if she can trust him anymore.

This book was a fun look at how much we use texting, etc.... I enjoyed the back and forth between Sam and Ben. It also was about trust, misplaced trust or a lack of trust and their effect on relationships. 

I received an ecopy of this book from CBLS in exchange for my opinion.

How do you feel about texting and tweeting?

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  1. +JMJ+

    I like texting and tweeting when I have a really short message that doesn't seem to merit a phone call or a long e-mail. But I don't know if people can really build something serious on these platforms. The best form of communication is still face-to-face! =)

    This book sounds intriguing because both Sam and Ben have secrets they are worried will kill attraction in the other. It's usually just one party that drowns in anxiety over a secret, so it's nice to have more balance in this new story.

    1. Thanks for stopping by. I agree with you about the 'face to face', which is what made me wonder what would happen if someone actually met another person online and still fancied them face to face! The whole idea of online romance intrigues me :-)

    2. +JMJ+

      Hi, Susie! =D

      I've been blogging for years and have made many good friends. =) But while I've been able to talk to some of them over the phone, a face-to-face meeting seems impossible. (You could say I live far out of everyone else's way!) During the early years, one of my neurotic worries was that if my online friends ever met me, they would decide they didn't like me after all. =( Since then, however, we have shared so much with each other that I think any unpleasant surprises from an "offline" meeting would be outweighed by the bonds we already have.

  2. i prefer real contact now i do use email with some bloggers i've learned to know but at least there will be one real letter too ( general i try more) because for me it's more profound, real than all digital .. i don't have twitter and i'm not planning to get it i do send some sms with teh phone but only shortone i prefer to call if it's important it's more personnal too

    i'm curious about the friend identity ^^ and i can understand sam(' reluctance to trust again) definitively a book i'm curious about

    1. Thanks for for taking the time to stop by and leave a comment. It's hard to know how much of the 'real' person is revealed online, do we hide behind it, or reveal more of ourselves?

  3. Thanks for having me here today, and for reviewing my book :-) I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    1. thank you a lot for coming interact with us!

    2. Susie,

      Thank you so much for taking the time to talk with us. You are welcome to stop back any time. :-)

    3. This comment has been removed by the author.

  4. I am not a big fan of texting and tweeting,24/7.
    Its just a tool to make life more convenient.
    I feel it cannot replace real warmth,face to face contact which is what keeps one sane and grounded :)
    Thank you for the giveaway and the chance to win!!!
    Best Wishes,
    Sydney W

    1. I agree completely. :-) I do tweet occasionally but I very rarely text. If i'm going to text you, I'd rather just talk to you on the phone.

    2. I know what you mean Sydney, sometimes it can be just too convenient and we can miss out on so much that real human interaction brings.

  5. This sounds interesting. I'll try it. I text ALOT! LOL Tweeting only with contests. I mostly use texts to communicate. I'm not big on talking on the phone for some reason, I'd much rather be in person.

    1. LOL thanks for stopping by Amber! I used to hate picking up a telephone - but I'm much better now (and can talk for hours to the right person!).

  6. I don't text or tweet. People send out hundreds of these messages - it seems so egotistical!
    The book sounds interesting. Thanks for sharing the excerpt and review.

    1. Thanks for stopping by, I hope you enjoyed the excerpt :-)

  7. I started my twitter to follow Wil Wheaton and Anne Wheaton who are witty and hilarious. Then I started my book blog and tweet about my blog posts, giveaways to enter, and sometimes a line or two of complete complaining. LOL I keep it separate from my personal facebook, but not my blog's FB page.

    As for texting...GOD I LOVE IT. I do not do text speak, but I'm not really a phone person so a text is so much better than a voicemail for me. I do like long phone convos to catch up with all friends, but not a daily basis thing.

    Thank you for the review and excerpt. This sounds like a fun novel!

    1. lol! You seem to be super excited about it. :-)

      I can't say that I understand because I don't like to text but I know lots of people who do.

    2. I probably text too much - but mainly to keep in touch with my OH who works away in the week (and I much prefer a chat), and to keep track of my DS! Tweeting and texting are a great way to update people about what I'm up to writing wise though :-)

  8. Texting and tweeting makes things easier..Texting allows me to save my time on hearing unnecessary scoldings from my mom and tweeting lets me connect with the world, real fast :D

  9. I text all the time (when my phone's working). It's easier sometimes than making a phone call. You can ignore texts, it's a bit harder to ignore calls or to just hang up partway through a conversation. Plus, phone calls tend to last longer. As for tweeting, I usually just tweet links from giveaways, I don't write them myself too often.