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Review ~ After Party Affair by Isabel Raven


Nineteen-year-old Becky Smithton never imagined she’d be invited to her friend, Lorna’s, birthday bash only to be humiliated. The party is over and Becky’s seething with fury, wandering outside and itching for revenge. But what can she do to get back at Lorna and her snobbish mother? A walk through the woods and a chance encounter with Lorna’s bodilicous father, Grant, presents the perfect opportunity. Seducing the dark, handsome—and forbidden—thirty-eight year old should be easy, right? But Grant is made of stronger stuff than other men and soon it’s Becky who’s struggling with frustrated desire. What’s more, her heart is doing funny things and so is her mind, filling her with sudden what-the-hell? pregnancy fantasies involving Grant. As for her body, well, it’s naked and wet, and all she wants is for Grant to dive into the swimming pool and give her what she craves—shallow and deep. After all, if her seduction succeeds then their tryst would only be a meaningless, after party affair… Right?

After Party Affair 

by Isabel Raven

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I smoothed my hand up Grant’s six pack and down his iron hard biceps. “Nice,” I murmured.

His lips curled into a smile and then he caught himself and erased it. “I’m sure there are plenty of men who’d love to hear you say that,” he said gruffly. “You need to find another boyfriend.”

“Romance is overrated, but never mind, I won’t have a chance for any of that this summer, not with working two jobs.”

“Are you okay for money?” he asked seriously. “No, please don’t look at me like that or get offended. I’m not offering you charity. If you need a loan you can count on me to help you.”

I was touched, but was his offer made out of polite, disinterested concern or was he truly worried about me running out of funds? “Your necklace would probably fetch a lot of money,” I said, feigning indifference. “The pendant is encrusted with real diamonds, right?”

Grant frowned. “You would sell my gift?”

My chest did a happy little flip. ‘My’ gift, he’d said tellingly, and not ‘our.’ Despite his previous words, Kate had had nothing to do with my necklace; he’d bought it for me himself. “I would never sell anything you gave me, Grant.” I pressed a soft kiss on his rigid lips, gradually coaxing him into responding to my touch, and then we were back to exchanging longer, slower kisses, sweeter than any ‘thank you’ and ‘you’re welcome’ could ever be.

“I shouldn’t be kissing you,” he said.

I rolled my eyes. “Jesus, Grant, lighten up. What’s a few small kisses? No tongue, no foul. I like you, sure, but you’re my best friend’s father.”
For Isabel there’s nothing better than writing about men and women who break boundaries to explore their desires. Sweet romance with chaste kisses and closed-door sex? You’re not going to find it in her books! She writes what she likes to read, graphic intimacy between protagonists with plenty of character. Her heroines and heroes are ordinary people with secret cravings. People who will disregard taboos and traditions to follow their hearts—with plenty of hot and sweaty sex along the way.

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My Thoughts:

This is NOT a book to be read by people with strong morals that can not set them aside while reading.

I give the leading man Grant, some credit. He did try very hard to resist. He became a jerk though and though I understand why to an extent, he shouldn't have been that harsh.

I am surprised at myself for actually rooting for Becky. I have to wonder if she hadn't been pushed and treated so deplorably by her supposed best friend and said friend's mother, would she have done it? I felt for her and I understood her urge for revenge.

That being said, cheating is cheating and they both knew where they were headed.

I am intrigued by the characters though. I am anxious to see what happens next between these people and how it will all play out. I have a suspicion as to part of what will come to pass. I will be reading the rest of the books to find out if I am right!

The following is what you need to know. It is only for mature adults. This is a really quick read as it is part of a serial. It is the first book in the serial. There is naughty, erotic, and sexy behavior in this book. There is raunchy talk, lines crossed that shouldn't be, prissy mean girls, a hot older man and an explosion of sexual tension.

I received an ecopy in exchange for my honest opinion. This book was an erotic explosion!

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  1. Normally I completely abhor cheating but I have read some stuff with it and have been ok with it. I can put my own feelings aside. Plus knowing it going in makes it only my fault if I cant read it because of that. Anyways since u liked it I will add this to my list. :)
    Thanks hun!

  2. i can put my feeling aside but i will still pass this for now ( perhaps later if you keep loving the series i will giove it a try but for now i prefer to stay on safe ground)

    thank you for teh discovery