Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Review ~ Who We Were by Christy Sloat

 About Who We Were:

“Who we were had washed away with the summer. Who we are was yet to be seen.”

 Summer school at Alcott High was only supposed to gain Sadie Peters extra credit, nothing more. Her goal wasn't to make friends, or gain the attention of the most popular football player, yet she managed both. Her life was cruising along on course ... until that summer.

Could a simple stint in a different school change her identity completely and introduce her to love for the first time? How would that affect her relationship with Lily, her best friend?

Hopefully their friendship was strong enough to make it through the tumultuous summer. Sadie learns that great things come with change, but sometimes memories of the past are hardest to part with.


 Christy Sloat usually dives into the paranormal realm when it comes to her books. She gave us; The Past Lives Series and her bestselling trilogy, The Visitors Series.
 One night she was trying to sleep and ignore the idea of a book that was beginning to haunt her. She threw off the covers and decided to write the layout of Who We Were, a novel about a young girl who finds out how one simple alteration in her summer could change her life forever.
Sloat wrote the book in under three months and is very happy to be able to say she has added a contemporary romance to her line up of books.
Here is the long awaited cover for Who We Were. Get the standalone novel September 15th published by Anchor Group Publishing.

Find out more about Christy by clicking, Here
My Thoughts:
 This one was a teen love story with many of the typical trappings and troubles that goes along with young adulthood.
It was a mostly Sweet romance with trials of friendship, the testing of familial bonds, some drinking and abusive behavior, and more.
The abusive behavior is well written, not overly descriptive and easy to handle.

If you enjoy teen romances or like your story with some realistic issues,  you should grab this one.

There was drama, angst and romance (the sweet kind). 

I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. It was a somewhat inspiring and endearing read.

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  1. hum i'm still unsure for this one so i prefer to pass not completely since you liked it but at least for now ( i don't like changes after all^^)

  2. Maybe. If i'm in the mood for a teen read then I may grab this one.