Tuesday, February 4, 2014

My Time Out ~ Off of the Topic Rant

Okay so some of you International followers may not understand where this is coming from and some of you from the USA may completely disagree with me but I am going crazy with this!

On February 2nd an actor and director, Philip Seymour Hoffman, was found dead in his apartment we assume it was from an accidental overdose of heroin.

I feel bad for all of those people who loved him or knew him well. I am not completely heartless, BUT people die from overdoses or getting bad batches of drugs daily and it is not on every news station repeatedly for days in a row. Why should he be different? I understand he was famous, but say it and be done already! I don't need to hear it over and over and over. I don't think his family needs to hear it repeatedly either. I mean they have to deal with this with out having it brought up again and again.

Some people say that it is a tragic loss. What I find tragic is the fact that people continue to do drugs. DRUGS kill!!!! It is like Russian Roulette, it might be this time it might be the hundredth time you take something. Why would you take that risk? It doesn't matter who you are, who you know, or how much you pay for them, drugs do not discriminate ~ they kill. 

The fact is he chose to take drugs. He died. I just hope that others learn from his mistake.

As I said, I feel bad for his family but the fact is people die everyday from sickness, heart attack, stroke, etc. etc.. and it is not news worthy. My father died from cancer. CANCER! That was a sad tragic loss that neither he nor we asked for nor had a hand in. The fact that PSH died from giving himself a drug makes me angry that this is considered major news. In addition to being mad about it being on the news over and over, I am also upset that no one is saying what I'm thinking. Everyone is all like it is so sad and so tragic. While I agree that in a way it is, it was also stupid, careless, and selfish of him to think more about getting high than the possible consequences to his actions. I am a mother of three. There is no way that I would ever knowingly take anything that could kill or impair me. I care about my kids far too much to take chances with my life and possibly leave them without a parent. Granted, when it is my time, it is my time but I will not have a hand in it or tempt fate in any way. 

Grrrr. People aggravate me!

Thoughts or Feelings?


  1. I agree with you. I mean addiction is a disease but he could have gotten help. It's sad that he died but they sensationalize it in the media and it's not ok. It's horrible for anyone to die from it but people know drugs can kill and are bad but they still choose to do them. I've know a lot of people who have had/have addictions and its awful. Addiction is a disease but at the same time people have to choose to help themselves.

    1. I'm glad to know that I'm not the only one. :-) Normally I wouldn't have commented but they keep talking about it on station after station again and again and quite frankly I've had enough!

    2. that's perfectly nprmal dear, and of course you can comment on anything you want Brenda we are glad for sharing your thoughts even if it's on matter not funny like this

      believe it or not but perhaps your post will dissuade someone to start or make another understand he/she has to stop

      don't doubt yourself, it something that needed to be said

    3. Thank you. :-) I doubt it will effect anyone but it helped me too get it off my chest.

    4. Sometimes we just need to rant. He was a good actor so its sad that he's gone but they keep bringing it up and everything it's like saying it was ok that he was doing drugs. I'm really tired of it.

    5. My oldest son was just laughing at me. This is day 4 of PSH coverage on the news. I knew as soon as he started laughing what was on and I growled.

      Enough already!!!!!!

    6. It'll last for like another week then something else will get the medias attention.

  2. It could seem strange to you but i can impart the international way the news was brought to us...it was said on all channels ( France, belgium, Luxembourg)...i admit i thought it was a little too much (5/10min reportage), too often however what we saw was excerpt of his carrier, his roles, films it was never said what caused his death
    So the beginning of your post was a surprise for me.

    That part being said i do understand your feeling all too well....it's hard to see the light on someone who actually choose to die simply because of who he was when there are each day really good, generous but anonymous person who lost their life and more often than not aginst their will....we don't think about these anonymous, about their family and this huge and unfair loose

    When someone is famous he gets teh attention but also all kind of support... now they can choose to get help or not but i do think it would be more easy for them to get it than for others... Now i do feel bad for his family because i know how hard loosing a father is and i don't think it help them to see it again and again on tv or radio... they were responsible and that's them who have to pay...

    However, part of me also do wonder why he came to use drugs and it make me think that success and celebrity really don't make people happy... i hope he will find what he couldn't here where he is now. I hope his family will one day find peace.

    but even more i hope for a little more respect from the media...because each death is a tragedy for someone and they often forget it

    If this could help some addict to want to quit, to look for help something good could come of it but sadly for one taking drugs.... i don't think the death of another drug user, no matter how famous, would change anything

    1. Well said as usual Miki. Apparently he was addicted when he was younger, before he became an actor. It is said that he was clean for a good while. Too bad that he didn't stay clean!

  3. It has been on the news in Australia too, I don't watch any news and I'm sick of it. I agree with you 100% about the drugs, famous people etc and if enough people say things maybe the media will listen. There are so many people out there whose stories deserve to be told for what they are doing it is a pity that the news doesn't talk about them. But if one person can be saved from doing drugs and dying then I hope they are though the media spin doesn't make drug taking sound bad just normal and that is the sad part. Well I have ranted too. Sorry. But I don't like the media so I don't watch tv etc because what we hear is so skewed making bad look good etc. I hope this makes sense but at the moment I'm on pretty strong pain killers so it might not

    1. I hope you feel better!

      Your response made perfect sense to me. I don't watch much news or even read the paper for the same reason. I've been watching it recently for school delays in the morning because we've been having so much snow.

      It is sad that the media makes it seem that it is okay to be an addict. It is not okay. Drugs are illegal and they kill!