Sunday, February 9, 2014

Hearts on Fire Giveaway x Two

This hop was organized by CEOTNK & Read Between the Lines and sponsored by authors Eve Langlais, Kym Grosso & Victoria Danann

They are offering an awesome Grand Prize: a gorgeous heart pendant with a 20 carat lab ruby and 14k gold chain PLUS signed paperbacks from each author - entire series by Victoria and Kym. :D

1.) Kym, Eve, and Victoria have supplied the first nine items on the list of Top Ten Favorite Valentines/Romantic movies and Top Ten Favorite “pick up lines”. #10 is for you to decide. :-)


1. The Princess Bride – Eve (because I love a giggle with my romantic fairy tales)

2. Pretty Woman – Eve (gotta love a poor girl/rich guy flick)

3. Warm Bodies – Eve (Zombies can be sexy, lol)

4. Sabrina - Kym

5. The Proposal – Kym

6. Forgetting Sarah Marshall – Kym

7. A Walk in the Clouds – Victoria

8. The Notebook – Victoria

9. Made in Heaven – Victoria

10. _______________________ What’s yours?


1. Eve’s Corny p/u lines: Did you sit in a puddle of maple syrup? Because you have a swe-e-e-t ass.

2. Eve: Do you live in a corn field? Because I’m stalking you.

3. Eve: Your lips look so lonely. Would they like to meet mine?

Note from Eve: Funny how most pickup lines are from guys to girls, and have to do with sex. lol. Then again, can you imagine a woman going up to a guy and saying “Hey gorgeous, I brought along my ten inch ruler because I’ve got a feeling you’ll measure up.” Hehehe.

4. Kym’s Corny p/u lines from movies: “Do you wash your pants in Windex? Because I can see myself in them.” ~Austin Powers: International Man of Mystery,

5. Kym: “You know, it’s dangerous for you to be here in the frozen food section… Because you could melt all this stuff.” ~My Blue Heaven

6. Kym: “I couldn’t help but notice that you look a lot like my next girlfriend.” ~Hitch

7. Victoria’s fav lines that actually worked on me: (The lifeguard.) “You all might as well go home because this storm isn’t going away. (looks at me) Except you. You stay and we’ll go swimming.”

8. Victoria: “Have you seen Jeff?” “Who’s Jeff?” “Who cares? What’s your name?”

9. Victoria: “You’re my pick for student body president. Run and I’ll make sure you get elected.”

10. ___________________ What’s yours?

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Here is the question for the Comment Incentive Giveaway:

Speaking of Hearts On Fire, what song, movie, meal, or book is so romantically over done that just thinking about it gives you heartburn?


If you are one of those too nice people and can't think of one you dislike, what would you choose to be the Valentine's Day theme song, movie, meal, or book? 

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  1. Hm.. that's a good question.. maybe Pride and Prejudice. They keep making that movie over and over. I can't say that I've ever read it or watched any of the movies all the way through but there are so many versions of it out there.

    1. Oh and to answer the other question.. I never really celebrated Valentines but I'm more for a stay at home with a home cooked meal and cuddle and watch a movie. And no clue on book yet, too many good choices!!! :)

    2. That's a good question? As opposed to my usual questions? :P

      Usually I get the boys (hubby included) a small box of chocolates and some small gift like comfy jammie pants etc... We order out sometimes though this year I'm making one of hubby's faves. Then maybe we'll watch a movie together. It isn't a big holiday for us.

      I'm glad you like the choices!

    3. :p Well it took me a minute to think of something that I hated or whatnot LOL
      I've bought my niece and nephews choc. the past few years for it but that's about it. I've never had a serious boyfriend to celebrate it with so maybe someday but for now its just another day for me. Though this year a couple of my friends are going to some haunted house that's open? Don't ask me why theres one open on Valentines but apparently its candle lit. I think its hysterical but with my luck I would totally knock a candle over or something so I'm probably going to pass on going.

    4. haunted house at St Valentine.... what the bride was killed at her wedding day or something like that? ( i guess some hope their love interest will be frightened enough to jump in their arms^^) definitively not for me but even if it's for knocking a candle down since you enjoy this activity you could go you could have a good laugh

    5. No worries! I was only joking about the question. Calm yourselves!

      I will never understand some people's (not mentioning anyone in particular!) desire to go see spooky places. However, I hope you enjoy it if you go. :-)

    6. LOL :P I don't know how they have it set up so I don't know the story on it. I may be stuck watching my nephew that night so its no big. And those places just don't scare me. Ever since I helped set some up when I was little they scares all gone for me. Plus you know my love for horror stuff and these are just silly.

  2. I don't have a favorite pick up line, the one's I've heard are all cheesy/corny. LOL!

    As for activity, I'd rather stay at home, with a box of Hawaiian pizza & watch my favorite movie Pretty Woman.

    If I win, I'd like Fifty Shades of Grey. Thanks :)

  3. My favorite pick-up line is "If I could re-arrange the alphabet, I'd put U and I together" (my best friend always says that to his girl).. Valentine's Day activity(since I am single) is to watch chic flicks with my (single) friends..

    If possible I would like to win all of those beautiful books but I have to choose only one and that would be In Flight by R.K Lilley. Thank you for the giveaway! =)

  4. 1)what would you choose to be the Valentine's Day theme song, movie, meal, or book?
    This year's Valentine's day I'm going to the movies with my sister to watch the Vampire Academy <3

  5. ^^ All your questions are well thought and interesting, some harder to answer than other but always interesting ^^ i guess amber never thought about answering this kind and was just as surprised as i was.

    now let's see how to answer and not in order^^;;
    first i don't know which book i would pick, i need to check some summary before but as general rules i trust your picks so i know i would be happy.

    For st valentine i usualy try to make a special meal for the family and ioffer my mother one ( or more) books for her to enjoy. On my side i usually spend it reading from one of my gfavourite author

    if i had to choose a song i think i would pick the the one from "Robin hoods, prince of thefs" the one when they are under the waterfall ( " everything i do i do it for you" ( not sure that's teh title) that song always has me crying^^;;

    i guess what i dislike it's that here all focus on the couple for St Valentine and we often forget teh other kind of love the tenderness and the result is that for people who haven't found ( or lost) their significant other part it's really an hard day... i would love it there were some other activities if you get my idea

  6. I'd say my favorite pick up line is:
    Is your name Google? Because you have everything I'm searching for.

    1. I'm also hoping to win Pushing the Limits. It's been out for a while, but I've never had a chance to read it!

  7. My fav romantic movies are never Been Kissed, Love Actually, PS I Love You, The Princess Bride,& Pride and Prejudice. I like the pick-up lines "Are you tired because you have been running through my mind all night" haha

    1. My book choices are: Entwined In You by Sylvia Day or Knight and Stay by Kitty French. Thanks!

  8. I like staying at home, having a yummy meal cuddled up on the couch watching a movie.
    I'd pick Rush, love Maya Banks.

  9. My favorite Valentine's Day activity is sharing a romantic candlelight dinner with my husband. Favorite movie - The Princess Bride.
    If I won, I would select Bared to You by Sylvia Day.

  10. I don't really think of Valentines day but my favourite romantic movie is Everafter, the cheesiest pick up line was is that a ladder in your stocking, I'm a fireman can I climb it. I think I would like 50 shades I've heard so much about it

  11. Movie, You've Got Mail! If I win I'd pick a Crossfire book! Never had a pick up line used on me sadly. Thanks for the great giveaway though

  12. I just love these hops; meet so many new blogs cx
    to answer the second question i woul;d have to say Rules of Attraction. i havent seen the movies to the series though x:

  13. I would love to read On Dublin Street. Valetine's Day is kind crazy, so I just like staying in. Thanks for the giveaway!

  14. sweet home Alabama

    Are your legs tired because you've been running through my dreams all night?

    bn100candg at hotmail dot com

  15. I would love to read Love Unscripted.
    Say Anything is my favorite movie for Valentine's Day.

  16. I'd choose Dare You To.
    My favorite movie for valentine's day is Pride and Prejudice, thank you for the giveaway :)

  17. I do not like going out on Valentine's Day because all the cool places are crowded. I would much rather prefer to have a beautiful candelit dinner at home :)

  18. Gone with the wind is my favorite romantic movie, and I would probably choose Sylvia day.

    dreammie_angel at yahoo dot com

  19. I'd love to win Pushing the Limits. Don't like V-day because I'm usually single. I DO love romantic movies. Hope Floats is my FAVE!!!

  20. Favorite movie: How to Lose a Guy in 10 Days
    Favorite line:
    Him: Did it hurt?
    Her: Did what hurt?
    Him: When you fell from Heaven.

    manning_J2004 at yahoo dot com

    Book I would probably choose: BARED TO YOU
    Song I am sick of: anything by Taylor Swift!

  21. Song I hate- I'd Die for You