Thursday, February 20, 2014

Giveaway & Spotlight on The Crescent Series by Jordan Deen

About the Author

Jordan Deen is an Award-Winning Young Adult and New Adult Author from East St. Louis, Illinois. Her debut novel, THE CRESCENT was a 2010 Reader's Favorite Award Winner. Her second novel, HALF MOON is now available. The first installment in her second series, BREAKING LAUREN is her third novel and was a finalist in the Texas Literary Awards.

She can usually be found curled up in her favorite chair with a book or her laptop. She is the proud mother of one crazy little boy and an even crazier teacup Yorkie.


A Young Adult Urban Fantasy Romance

By Jordan Deen

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Becoming a werewolf is not an option for seventeen-year-old Lacey Quinn, but death can be a strong motivator.

Lacey is so focused on her future that everyday life has past her by. Counting down the days to her eighteenth birthday, Lacey is almost home free. But when she falls for the mysterious Alex Morris, she lands in the middle of an ancient war between two enemy wolf packs. Tempting dreams, tantalizing lies and a dangerous love triangle ensues leaving Lacey heartbroken and confused.

Lacey’s fate rests in the hands of Alex and Brandon, but both are pulling her strings for their own agendas. Even as she slips further into the dark world of werewolves, Lacey struggles to find the truth and save the only family she’s ever known.

HALF MOON (Book #2)

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I'd been a fool for coming here with them, and now... no one would come to save me. The world that hid in the shadows of humanity was full of enemies.

Faced with death, Lacey Quinn ran away from the only family she'd ever known. That... was just the beginning. As the decision she's made sinks in, Lacey struggles to fit in with the pack and find the key to bonding with her werewolf soul mate, Brandon. But, lies can only be concealed for so long. Adjusting to a powerful new best friend, a twelve-year-old roommate with a nauseating Barbie fetish, and a lost love that won't stop haunting her dreams, she knows she has no hope of having a normal future-ever again. After a long talk with the dead mother she never knew, and an almost deal-breaking night out with Brandon, Lacey starts spiraling into the underworld-a place where all things are possible and everyone is out to kill her. With mysterious legends of witches and sorcery marring her past and clouding her future, she quickly learns-werewolves aren't the only ones lurking in the woods...waiting to claim her powers for their own. The Mares? Well, they are the least of her worries.

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I took advantage and got the first book. :D It has werewolves!

I haven't had a chance to read it yet though. :-(

Do you want to read these?

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  1. i did took book 1 since it's free and has werewolves in it, i couldn't miss this opportunity. this series sound tempting thought i wonder at the love triangle and that the "lies" are keeping me from kumping to start reading it. i hope it will have an happy end at the end the series though but i guess we have time for that

    the coveres aren't bad

  2. I also have the first one but haven't had the chance to read it yet.

    1. ^^ we will see which one of us read it first then she can share her thoughts with the others ;)

  3. I enjoy werewolves and this one seems heart breaking and would be an enjoyable read.

  4. Sounds like an intriguing series. Look forward to reading The Crescent. Thanks for the tip on the free copy.

  5. I also have the first one and haven't read it yet, hope it good