Monday, April 22, 2013

Review ~ Owlet by Emma Michaels

Somewhere between falling and flying… there is a girl.

Iris has a secret. She lost her memory eight years ago and never told a living soul. After an asthma attack one night she finds out that her dreams of a strange house on a snowy island may be a memory resurfacing but the more she learns about the past the more she realizes the life she has been living is a lie. As the façade her father has built starts to crumble around her she will have to decide which means more to her; the truth or her life.

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Here's Emma's bio: 

Emma Michaels is a multi-talented bookish girl. Not only is she the designer of beautiful covers, but she has many other accomplishments under her belt. She started book blogging in 2009 and was first published in 2010. She started The Writer's Voice blog in 2011 as a way to help readers get to know authors on another level.

She moved to Washington at seventeen to be with the man that she loves, who asked her what she secretly wanted to be when she grew up. Naturally, she told him that she wanted to be an author, but at the time she thought "it was a pipe dream." He encouraged her to pursue her dreams and taught her that "sometimes reaching for the impossible can make a world of difference in your life." Now she is published and reaching well beyond what most people can imagine.

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My Thoughts:

First of all, I really like the cover! I found Owlet to be suspenseful and intriguing. Right from the start it captured my attention and with each twist and turn I was drawn deeper into the story.

This was a quick read that packed a deep and complex storyline into 138 pages. This story is appropriate for young adults. There was no foul language used. There were no steamy scenes either.

Iris has asthma and a severe memory loss. She also has dreams of an island that she doesn't think is real. She finds out that the place is very real. Little by little she remembers things and her Father and other family members finally decide to fill her in.

So many things are brought to light but as each hurdle is jumped, more obstacles seem to get in the way. I had a few angry moments while reading this. Mostly just angry with the situations that Iris finds herself in. Ever heard the term "life is unfair"? I believe they were speaking of her. I also had a few moments were I cried. That is not to say that this book is nothing more than angst and sadness! It is as I've already said, a complex story that was obviously well thought out..

For those of you who dislike cliff hangers, you'll want to wait for the next book in this series Eyrie Society of Feathers #2 It is expected to be released in October. :-)

I received a copy of this book from CBB in exchange for my honest opinion. I liked it a great deal.

What is your favorite type of bird?

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  1. i do love rapaces like owls...i rescued one and i had such a link with this little bundle... it's illegal here to keep them so i had to take it to a specialist and he was surprised to see how i managed to calm her and to communicate.... he even propose to give me a temporary brevet so i could care for her at home....i declined because as much as i loved her i wouldn't been able to kill a one day old chick each day for her , she was released in a protected envcrirrment later but i do miss her

    1. I ddon't think I could stomach that either Miki. It is one thing to know what they eat and quite another to supply it to them.

  2. My favorite type of bird is the peacock. The bright jewel-colored feathers are so beautiful.

  3. I've been wanting to read this one for awhile. Im glad that it was good. Owls are my fav too! I've loved them since I was little. There finally "in" so stores are carrying stuff with them. But when I was younger forget it. I also really love falcons and hawks. We have these 2 hawks that come every year and live in the tree by our house. They had babies a few years back so it was really cool to see them flying around.

    1. to have hawks so near must have been fabulous yes. i understand what you mean but not "in" but you know in a way i prefererd that to the fashion it was after harry potter and teh traffic that resulted from it so many owls killed in transport because of teh traficant and such...

      ( little i had a candle, the mother of a teacher in my school had a fascination for owl and she did have a max of little things ( traditional handmade by artisan i guess) when i saved that one she offered me a candles in an owl forme... i can't light it because i want to cherish it^^

    2. I completely agree with you. I loved them before Harry Potter and hearing about so many getting killed made me really upset. I love seeing them from afar in their natural habitat. I dont like making them a circus show. I have a candle like that too. I couldnt bare to light mine either. There so detailed, I wouldnt want to ruin that.

    3. i loved the series the owls of ga hoole ( teh books).... for children perhaps but so well written and in my edition... teh thing that made me buy it before knowing teh series is that inside the cover they are really gorgeous drawing/painting of different kind of owls to illustrate the heros really fabulous( and way better than teh film)

      have you read it?

  4. I'm so glad you enjoyed this one! It really does have a beautiful cover, doesn't it? Thanks so much for giving this one a shot and sharing your thoughts!

  5. Thanks so much for all the reviews.
    I have used your site frequently as a source for books to read.
    Best wishes in all you do.

  6. I'm currently working on a story involving birds, so this is definitely something that I've thought a lot about recently. I just love hawks and falcons. There is just something majestic about them. They are quick and agile, and even though they are typically smaller than many other hunting type birds, they just seem strong to me.

  7. You can't help but feel for Iris. Thanks for the review of Emma's book, Brenda :)

  8. Thank you so much Brenda for the amazing review! I am absolutely thrilled that you enjoyed Owlet! My favorite birds change fairly often though I have always loved owls (I know, obvious but hey :D). I also absolutely adore Hummingbirds, wrens, goshawks, falcons and peacocks. *hint* *hint*

    Emma <3