Sunday, April 14, 2013

Please don't get squirrely!

I've been so busy lately and today is no exception. I won't even be home most of the day again. :(

So, I've decided that because I have nothing scheduled for today's post, (believe me, I have plenty to post but nothing has to be posted), today will more or less be a free day for you too. :D

Just tell me, are you having a lazy day or a hectic day like me? Or tell me what you are reading.

No need to share this post but you'll get three points just for your comment.

I promise to respond either later today or tomorrow.

I hope you have a wonderful day, whatever you're doing. :D

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  1. normally it was scheduled that we clean our court ( open a dor that hasn't been open for more than 5 year ( oki make it near 10) to see what it in it ( it was a dor that lead to the garden when the house had one so a wall was build and it's like a little closet) i had to build a wooden box to put the bigger plant in it and if i had time to read a little.... but with teh shop and the busy life we got, we don't have what we need to do this planning so perhaps we will manage to get it but only now so i will have less than half a day to do everything...

    or i will have to help putting some order in teh shop instead so it will be all except a relaxing day but the planning is still unknow ( i will tell you what i ended doing ^^) but i would like to read because everything came up to take my time far from me so i'm once again behind my schedule

    1. oki i did manage more that what i expected ^^ and it's sure the good weather helped ( though i will pay teh price tomorrow since i'm already hurting everywhere)

      i did construct the box for the plant, i cleaned 3/4 of the court to be able to place it, i did plant the one i wanted in it ( with an addition of a few one)

      and i did check the "closet".... screamed like a banshee in front of spiders enormous, my mother cleaned it a little ( i couldn't stand the spiders... too numerous and SO BIG)
      i finish at 9pm and i received an excellent news before going to eat a welml derseved meal.... now in bed sleeping soundly i'm sure .
      i've done no reading but i'm in paradise even if i'm hurting and i'm so happy really ( and passion work is more eas than imposed one, and it's teh first day i spent outside too so far this year so happy)

      i do hope you day gave you as much pleasure as mine

  2. Having a wonderful lazy Sunday afternoon! Beautiful weather to enjoy the outside. I hope you get some free time from your hectic schedule to enjoy yourself.

  3. I guess your allowed a day off too... :) Today was kind of both for me. My mom n me decided to go to the bookstore and to check out Gordmans- there like a kohls. And then my friend dropped off a new bed for me so had to clean and move the old one out so kind of productive. Hope you had a great day! It was beautiful here.

  4. Between a bad sinus cold that just won't let go and the kids activities, etc. My whole month has been pretty squirrelly! I'm currently about 6 books behind on reviews, a month behind on working on my book, and I have to have my daughter's dance costume made soon so she can share it with her dance teacher before the performance. Not to mention trying to start up a freelance editing business and a book related crafts page ( The crafts help relax me. I started out an art major, so the arts and crafts really help to center me ;)