Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Release Day Blitz and Giveaway ~ Captivated by Ria Candro

Book Description:

Two years after her home planet was decimated by the evil Malucons, Cindra believes she’s finally found happiness again. A surrogate family has taken her in, and she’s now engaged to their son. Life is good…if a bit boring. But then four breathtaking Spygians appear in her new world. When they claim her as their mate, a lifetime with her staid fiancée—who seems so disinterested in sex with her—no longer seems quite so appealing.

Bannor, Devan, Stefon and Tempos are utterly shocked to learn their destined mate is already betrothed to someone else. They are determined to win her heart—by seducing her body in every way and position, individually and together. After all, she feels the lusty call of their bond as strongly as they do.

For Cindra, choosing the Spygians means a lifetime of danger and uncertainty, for they are practically at war with the Malucons. But the delicious temptation of four hot-blooded Spygians could prove too much to resist.

Title: Captivated

Series: Mating Ritual #3

Author: Ria Candro

Genre: Sci-Fi Erotic Romance

Publisher: Ellora's Cave

Format: Ebook

Length: 80 pages (approx)

Release Date: April 10th 2013

Purchase it from: Ellora's Cave

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I haven't read any of the books in this series but it sounds like I may have to check them out. 

How does this sound to you?

Do you read books with multiple love interests?

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  1. i'm curious i admit so i like the opportunity to win a pdf of book 1 ( thanks!) so far i haven't read a books with several partners... so i'm not sure what to expect but i could give it a try

    1. Some of the werewolf book that I read have multiple mates and I'm fine with that. ;-)

      I am selective in my multiple reading though. I can read multiple men with one woman as long as it is consenual and it means something to them.

      I can't read more than one woman being involved for some reason. I know that it is a double standard but I just can't read those!

    2. ^^ i'm a little like you i could understand several men with one woman ( and not between them) if they have reason which are more easy to come by with shifters that's for sure^^

      but when it's a whole mix... i'm not at ease with teh idea, more than one woman.... i don't think we could share without violence so not for me either... in a way it's strange but we are like we are and we can't explain why something catch our interest or repulse us, there aren't not always logical answers

    3. Can totally relate to what both of you are saying. Multiple partners is definitely not for me, but I don't mind reading them. Multi-female to one male is for some reason harder to believe. I think it's a gender thing, because from what I've seen guys tend to go the opposite way and prefer multi-female situations over multi-male.

  2. I have not read any of these but I would read ones with multiple partners.
    debby236 at gmail dot com

    1. I haven't read any of this series either Debby. But it sounds like we're missing out! ;)

  3. What a hot read! I have not read any books in this series. I have read a number of Laurell K. Hamilton books that have multiple love interests.

  4. It does sound really good! I'll have to try em. :)

  5. This series sounds great . Definitely adding it to my TBR list. Love the cover . Thanks for the chance.

  6. It seems common place in the more erotic alien books to have multiple partners. Usually due to there being more men than women on the home planet. In my reading, two men and one women is OK with me, I can go three men to one women, but I tend to have problems understanding the dynamics of more than that. LOL Lucky girl is all I'm going to say. The book description sounds intriguing though, so I'm willing to give the series a try.