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VBT: Review and Giveaway ~ Short Order Daddy, Surprise Billionaire by Tabitha Foster

Short Order Daddy, Surprise Billionaire

Author: Tabitha Foster

 Genre: Contemporary Multicultural Romance

Published by
Chances Press, LLC

Released on
September 19, 2011

Heat Level: Steamy

Length: 162 pages

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Stranded on a sweltering Arizona roadside, billionaire CEO, Max Van Buren, is rescued by the gorgeous, independent, and sometime tow-truck driver, Allie. For several years her life has been devoted to raising her young son and running a very successful restaurant. When she offers the seemingly down-on-his-luck traveler a temporary job, she may not want to resist opening her heart for much longer.

Here's an excerpt:

Maxwell Van Buren had never been this hot in his entire life. Sweat poured from his body and highlighted his defined biceps and pecs while also soaking his old Guns N’ Roses t-shirt. His muscles tensed. It felt like he was on fire. In some scenes, his appearance might even be sexy at that moment. Wet. Hot. Breathing heavy. Unfortunately, there wasn't a damn thing erotic about his current situation.

“Piece of junk!” he exclaimed kicking the tire of his steaming rental car in frustration. This is what he got for renting a car from some place called Rent-A-Deal. The luxury convertible he had ordered for this trip had been mistakenly given to another customer, and all rental car places in Phoenix were booked due to ten simultaneous conventions except guessed it...Rent-A-Deal which specialized in rental cars that had passed their prime many years earlier at other companies. If Max was going to continue with his trip, he had to have a car...any car. So, the 2001 Corolla seemed reliable enough at the time.

Now, he stood along a deserted highway in northern Arizona right smack in the height of summer. Max couldn't even begin to guess the temperature out here. He took off his sweaty t-shirt, wiped his brow with it, and tied it around his waist. He looked at his watch. When he called them, his auto club had said a tow truck should have been there ten minutes ago.

“Stupid idiot,” Max muttered under his breath. This whole plan had been his own cockamamie idea to get back in touch with “the people,” to find out where his company went wrong, and to see where they could inject new energy into their restaurants. But it looked as if things would be a bust from the word “go.”

His family, the Van Burens, owned a chain of Mexican restaurants called Tio Jose's, or TJ's for short. The initial business had been started by his Mexican great-grandfather, Jose Hernandez Gonzalez, who sold fresh tacos from a cart in Los Angeles before upgrading to a small stand. His daughter was Max's grandmother, Carmen Santana, a woman said to be so beautiful and voluptuous men would skip a breath at the sight of her. She married Carlson Van Buren, much to the moneyed Van Buren family's shock and dismay. When great-grandfather Jose died, Carl Van Buren suddenly noticed how successful the little taco stand had become and additional dollar signs flashed before his eyes. Carl, with Carmen's blessing, took the initial restaurant idea and turned it into what would become a 200 location national restaurant chain specializing in mid-priced Mexican food, using Jose's old recipes of course.

Years later, Max had inherited the CEO position, but under his watch and with the downsizing economy, TJ's had begun to lose ground and fast. At the last board meeting, Max had been told to turn things around quickly or expect to be replaced.

Maxwell Van Buren, thirty-two years old, six foot two, dazzling smile, well-defined body and charm that could talk a Catholic nun into giving up her habit had never grown accustomed to failures of any kind. Failure had simply not been a word in his vocabulary. He sure as hell would not start now. After studying piles of customer survey data with his younger brother, Stuart, Max noticed a trend. Customers felt that TJ's offered nothing special that could not be found anywhere else and for a cheaper price. The customer service rating also left a lot to be desired.

That's when Max had what he hoped would be the saving idea to turn things around. He gathered a team of assistants to research small-town Mexican restaurants that were thriving, even in this economy. He wanted to see firsthand what these establishments were doing that his big chain company didn't do. No contracted out research company for him. Max wanted to get into the nitty-gritty himself.

A one-week trip with ten stops through Arizona, Nevada, and California was planned. Max instructed his staff to only contact him in an emergency and left everything else in Stuart's hands. He wanted to have a clear head during his expedition. He wanted to see what was needed to bring the heart back to TJ's and its customers back to the dining room.

“So much for careful planning. And I wanted to get into the nitty-gritty…,” Max said to himself, glancing down at his watch, feeling hot and tired.

He hadn't even made it to his first stop in Primrose, Arizona.

Finally, in the distance, he saw a tow truck approaching.

“About damn time,” he growled, his mouth feeling as dry and rough as the surrounding landscape.

The tow truck skidded to a stop behind his Corolla and to his utter surprise, a tall, alluring Latina, with long curly dark hair hopped down from the bed of the truck. She wore a green t-shirt which read “Find THE Flan at Tia Maria's” and a pair of worn jeans. She sauntered up towards him and called out, “Having some problems?”

About the Author:

Tabitha Foster grew up in the Santa Barbara wine country and not far from the beautiful Pacific Ocean coastline. She currently lives in the Los Angeles area and is hard at work on the next installment in the Van Buren Brothers series.

Connect with Tabatha Foster on her Website.

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My Thoughts:

Allie, the leading lady, was strong, willful, caring and had way too many responsibilities for one woman. Max, the leading man, was arrogant, handsome, wealthy and was leading a life that was lacking the meaningful things. He goes to this no-where town trying to scope out the competition. You see, he is the CEO of Tio Jose's a restaurant chain that is starting a downhill slide. His rent-a car dies and when a tow truck comes it is being driven by this gorgeous woman. The sparks fly right away. At first it's the angry kind. lol!

Both of these people had issues to get past and secrets they were hiding which made the story more compelling.

This book was relatively quick. It had a steamy scene toward the end of the book but enough of a story line and romance to make up for the lack of spice.

I liked this story quite a bit. I recommend it to those looking for a fairly quick romance.

I will be looking for book two in this series to see what happens with Max's brothers Bruce and Jack. I hope to see more of Allie, C.J., and Max as well! :-)

I received a copy of this book from CBLS in exchange for my honest opinion. 

In this story, Max and Allie both work for Mexican restaurants. My question for you is: Do you like Mexican food?

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  1. +JMJ+

    I love Mexican food!

    I don't know if this book is for me, though. =/ The premise is fun, but the excerpt didn't grab me and make me want to read more.

  2. I love when you expect a man and woman comes to for the job. Great!!

    debby236 at gmail dot com

    1. His reaction was quite commical in a way. No worries though, she put him in his place pdq!

  3. i don't think i ever tried mexican food^^;; perhaps there is one restaurant in my country that serve it but not near my home

    ^^ this seem to be also a funny story^^ and at least he tried to find solution even if he is arrogant he did stay sitting on his chair waiting ^^ so it's a good point for him


    1. My hubby and kids love Mexican food, but me not so much.

      The story did have funny moments. It also had some sad too. It was well rounded!

  4. This totally sounds like a book I would love!

  5. Mexican food is ok. Its not my fave food :) My hubby loves it though. I'm kind of picky about foods I eat. I do however think this sounds like an interesting read.
    lorih824 at yahoo dot com

    1. Hey Lori,

      I'm a picky eater too.

      As far as the book goes, it was good. :)

  6. I love most mexican food, we have serveral mexican resturants in our town and they are very good
    vera28546 at yahoo (dot) com

  7. My whole family loves Mexican food. We have a couple of great authentic places nearby. So good.

    Book sounds interesting.

    evanlea at gmail dot com

  8. I love Mexican food. My favorite is enchiladas, they are simply amazing!