Sunday, September 21, 2014

Is it asking too much to expect cooperation and human decency?

Hi guys!

I'm sorry that there was no new and exciting post today. :-(

I have been feeling a tad overwhelmed, mostly due to my own obsession with reading and my greed to read every potentially good book that I can find.

Anyway, I try very hard to post on time and it irritates me that I signed up for a post for today and the promotional group that I signed up with did not send the information, did not respond when I inquired about it numerous times and thinking back never sent me a confirmation or denial of my being involved.Grrr!

I think it is only fair that people promoting authors and signing people up for tours and such should be respectful of the time that we bloggers spend to get the post set up, scheduled and promoted on social media.

I understand that there are gremlins that eat emails but multiple emails? That is obviously rudeness or laziness. If the tour was canceled an email should have been sent out. If my chosen date was not needed, an email should have been sent out. When someone repeatedly tries to contact you even if I had sent it to the wrong group (which I did not!) the right thing to do would be to email them back and clear up the confusion.

Am I wrong? Is it suddenly okay to just blow off the people that help you promote?

I'm sorry but they expect me to have my post up on time is it not fair of me to expect them to let me know the details one way or the other?

Any thoughts? Have you had any problems with this kind of thing?

I work with many different promoters to offer a wide variety of genres, giveaways, and authors. I do everything in my power to keep them straight including marking the possible dates off on my calender and labeling which group the post is for. I don't think that I am asking to much to expect a confirmation about said possible scheduled dates or a response when I have questions. I know that they are busy too and I try not to bother them unless it pertains to them but I just can't find any justification for them to ignore multiple emails from me.

Sorry for the rant but I am overly frustrated and  felt the need to share.

I'm just wondering why asking for human decency is apparently expecting too much.

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  1. i'm so sorry dear. let clear things first: no it's not too much of you to ask for cooperation and decency. or even simple respect
    you did nothing wrong and i'm sure the authors ( at least the worth our attention ones) recognize your efforts and are glad for your help.

    Really don't stress i mean you can take a day off from time to time and it was sunday even so really yes i checked in case i did not receive teh notification but i wasn't angry or worried or anything . i know you put a lot of pressure on you and the biggest part is on our behalf so please take it easy.

    you love to read GREAT, you love to share THANKS but it must stay a PLEASURE so do your best but if sometjhing happen and you need to have a day without a post or two it's nothing, if a group actin such a ungrateful, irrespectful way just cross it off of your list ( you can send a message to the author if it make you feel better) you are not in fault and it's tyheir lost because you are one of teh best book advocat in the blogosphere

    really Brenda thank you for everything you do but you are more important to us than one day post so don't make yourself sick, they are not worth it


  2. You know me too well. I was or am sick over it. If I'm scheduled (even just on my end) for something it bothers me to not post it.

    Yes, I can't do anymore than email and ask for the materials which I did many times, but it still frustrates me and I feel like I am letting people down.

    I'm letting it go though because it is unhealthy to hold on to it.

    Thank you for your kind words. :D

    1. it was friend are for. give you time dear^^ yes it hurts and that don't dissipate that quickly so i can imagien the pressure is only lowering by now.
      i just wanted you to remember that we were behind you and Amber would have said the same if she wasn't busy taking care of herself for once so rest assured that you did good and authors saw it day after day

      * big big HUGS*

  3. Eek!! Sorry to hear it went that way for you! I can only imagine how that made you feel =(
    If it makes you feel any better, you are doing a great job with the blog and we don't need people like that so cheer up and keep up the awesome job!!