Friday, August 1, 2014

Toasted, Roasted, Melty and Sweet, I hope your August is really Neat!

Summer is almost over but we still have a little time left to enjoy! What have you done with your summer? Do you have any plans for the time that is left?

I'll be camping again and then I'll have to hustle to get the kids ready for school. I'll try to respond to your comments as often as I can. Next month, things should get back to normal. :-) Thank you for understanding!

I am excited for my children to go back to school but I will miss not having them home.

I reviewed so many great books lately and there are a bunch more this month that you are sure to love as well!

If you are new to the Comment Incentive Giveaway (CIG) here are the details:

 I love to talk about books. The best way for me to do that is to have someone to talk with. This is were you come in. The Rafflecopter below will be updated frequently with new posts. For every post you leave a comment on and enter into the Rafflecopter, you get three points. For every post that you are asked to share, you receive one point. When I say share, I mean on social media, like or share on Facebook, +1 on Google+, Tweet, pinterest, etc... you get the idea. ;-)
You can enter once a month or every day, as often as you like.

The prize is a book of your choice from those mentioned, featured, pictured, or posted about by me in some way during the month. The prize will be awarded from TBD. Unless the winner prefers ebook format, then they may choose to receive it from Amazon or B&N.

The contest is open to all followers age thirteen and older provided The Book Depository ships to you.

I think that should cover everything but if you have any other questions, feel free to ask them. :-)


How do you like your marshmallows, toasted, roasted, charcoaled, or raw?


  1. I don't think i have ever eaten marshmallows... ( we have something that seems similar but i'm not sure since it's can't be heated in any form) so i can't answer that question.
    However i can say that i spend my summer taking care of my dog ( he is better YES!!!!), reading a little and...melting under the heat so i didn't managed to put the room in order like i hoped to get my shelves ( but i'm not giving up!)

    i hope August will give you many reasons to be happy ( and healthy)

  2. I haven't done anything exciting this summer unfortunately. Too busy with the remodeling. :( Though if my mom can get off work we may drive up and see my cousin. She lives about 6 hours away.
    I've never been really big on marshmallows but I love them on smores! or like rice krispie treats! :)

    1. any plan with your cousin or simply a visit? ( 6h we made that to go on our vacation place when i was little^^ it's a long adventure in my opinion^^)

    2. Mostly just a visit. Her mom was the aunt that just passed last year. Her daughter also just had a baby so we were going up to see her too.

    3. i can imagine but with such a long travel i hope you will stay there a few days to enjoy your family

  3. It is amazing how quickly the summer flies by. Enjoy your end-of-summer camping trip!
    Thanks, Brenda! I started getting your emails again today.

    1. i'm glad you started receiving the email again and i hope there won't be any more interruption in those delivery^^

      good luck

      ( yes time is flying it can be frightening at time^^;;)

  4. Thank you for making it possible to win more books! I do appreciate your book choices.

    1. Hi! Good luck with the giveaway! and yes Brenda always gives us a lot of books to add to our wishlists! :)