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Review ~ Learning To Forgive (Forgive #3) By R.D. Cole with a giveaway


This isn't your Typical Everyday fairytale.
This story isn't sweet or sugary.
It's Raw and Dark
It's Rough and Dangerous
And It's Definitely not for kids under 17 years of age.

So turn back now if you're not ready for Lyric and Blaire's story. Because shit just got Real.

“I’ve learned a lot this past year, but there are two things I’ll never forget: one, People aren’t what they seem, and two, I fucking hate liars.” –Blaire

Blaire Morgan was a quiet, grief stricken girl when she left Mobile, Alabama, a year ago after her brother’s unexpected death. She returns a year later with fresh wounds from another betrayal, and she’s not the same person. A woman letting her tortured past rule her life, her “take no shit” attitude is catching the attention of everyone that crosses her path, including the bad boy front man of Lyrical Obsessions—the new band that plays at Jay Jay’s. When she learns he has something she wants, she plans on doing whatever it takes to get it.

What is a demon? An evil spirit possessing a person, acting as a tormentor in Hell?

Lyric “The Demon” Devereux is that tormentor and Hell is any place he sees fit, either in the fighting ring or on the streets. He killed his first person at seventeen years old, and that list has grown over the years—as well as his list of enemies—but his biggest enemy is himself and he doesn’t know how to win that battle.
When Blaire comes into town like wildfire and turns heads, Lyric’s temper emerges—uninvited and unexpected. His plan to stay at a distance for her safety, and his sanity, changes when she continuously shows up with her defiance and seductive pull. He now has no choice but to face his past that could possibly destroy the both of them.

Tempers will detonate. Lust will consume. Truth will destroy. But will love forgive?

Title: Learning To Forgive(Learning, #3)

Author: R.D. Cole

Genre: Contemporary Romance

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I walk in, but leave the door open. My eyes stay on her as I approach. I see fear at first, but she pushes it away and replaces it with that stubborn trait I’m learning she has. She crosses her arms and looks up when I’m close, refusing to move. “Last night, you asked me for something. Remember?”

“To go to hell?”

I smirk because this game we play is a fucking thrill for me. “Oh, honey. I’ve already been to hell.” I stand in front of her an inch away expecting her to cower, but she doesn’t. Should I make this soft and gentle like before or should I make it punishing for possibly being a part of Polesky’s team? I roll my neck and let it pop in several places before I swiftly grab her by the waist and pull her tight body to me. Her breath hitches and she freezes, but not in fear. In anticipation. It’s written all over her face.
My other hand grabs her by the nape of her neck, and I feel the softness of her bright, red hair between my fingers. “You asked for this.” Then I lower my lips to hers. I want it to be punishing, to show her how much of an asshole I am, but I can’t. I have a deep feeling she needs the exact opposite.

Nipping her bottom lip, I taste her cherry lip-gloss while I massage the tension in her neck. She exhales softly and tentatively opens her mouth. My tongue dives into the moist warmth between her lips, and I savor every fucking millisecond I’m there. I don’t know when or if I’ll be able to kiss her again. Timidly her tongue starts to move against mine before her hands reach up to grab my shoulders. I feel her nails bite into my skin through the fabric of my t-shirt, but it feels fucking amazing. After this, I stop moving and let her take control. Let her feel me like I said she would last night. Let her savor every touch, every feeling I arouse in her. But in all honesty, I’m feeling her. I know without a doubt that this kiss is one I’ll never forget.

The hand on her waist slowly traces up her ribs, over her exposed collarbone, and across her erratic pulse. When both hands are cupping her cheeks, I once again take over the kiss that is on its way to becoming feverish. She moans, and a growl forms in my chest. She swallows it just as her hands grab at the nape of my neck to hold me close.

Feeling my dick become stone hard against her stomach, I pull away. We stand there, breathing hard enough to fan one another’s face, while my hands remain cupping her flushed cheeks. Then I let go of her, turn around, and walk out the front door knowing, without a doubt, I’m in deep shit.

R.D. Cole is a lively person with a determination to make it in life. Once her mind gets set on an idea she pursues it with passion. As long as she has God and her family she feels she can conquer everyday. Besides reading and writing she loves to sing, dance, and go mudding on her Souped-up Can Am. Her hubby is 9 years younger but he seems more mature than her at times and they level one another out. She has a beautiful daughter named Bethani who is a miracle and a fighter. She's the only known living survivor of Matthew Woods Syndrome and when no one thought she'd live R.D. said "yes she will." R.D. takes nothing for granted when it comes to life. "Everything can be ripped from your fingers before they can grasp it. So if you want something in life, do it. Go for it."

That same mindset has helped R.D. write small pieces of her life mixed in to fictional settings and characters that will capture your heart.

"Read on. Dream on. Write on." -R.D. Cole

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Just in case you missed books one and two like I did, here are the purchase links and Goodreads button:

Learning To Live(Learning, #1)

Learning To Heal(Learning, #2)

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My Thoughts:
Learning To Forgive is the third book in the Learning series. It stands alone well. I can attest to that as I haven't read the previous books. I bought them after reading this one though! I just know that I don't want to miss out on the other characters stories.

Holy Cow!  Talk about an emotional read. I cried, laughed, cringed, pounded my pillow, sighed, you get the picture. It was a very well rounded emotionally charged book. I absolutely LOVED it!

The main characters were complex and riddled with demons from their past that they fight with daily. The secondary characters were quirky, sassy, and likable (for the most part).

I'm not going to lie. This book dealt with some deep topics such as rape, abuse, drug use, murder (lots of it!), and cancer. They were written in such a way that it wasn't alarming or overbearing. Okay some of the murders were kind of psychotic (Anya is plain nuts!) but the were overly detailed (thank goodness).

This book was very suspenseful with a kind of cops and robbers vibe to it. The good guy is a bad guy or maybe I have that mixed up?

Lyric is very talented and hard to get to know. He sang, controlled the drugs in his turf, had a hidden persona and mission. He thought he was satisfied with his life until Blair showed up.

Blair has been gone ever since her brother died. She left all of her things with Janet a mother-like figure that looked out for her and her brother. Janet has health issues that Blair knows nothing about due to her disappearing act.

Things have changed while Blair was gone and she is overcome with emotions upon returning.

Let me just say that the sparks fly when Blair's around. She used to be shy but has become more outspoken, brash, rude sometimes, and antagonistic.

There were quite a few twists thrown at me that I never seen coming. This was wonderful! Usually I can guess where things are headed.

If you like your books suspenseful, you should read this one. 

I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. It was wow! Words can not describe how fantastic it was. It was equal parts gritty and raw, suspenseful and dangerous, surprising and sad, loving and lustful, and of course action packed and gripping. Absolutely Awesome! :-)

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  1. i'm glad you have enjoyed it that much but right now i guess it would be better if i pas this one ( not that i don't trust your jugdement, i don't trust myself)

  2. Hm.. the blurb had me curious and now I have to read it! LOL I'll definitely add the series to my list. Thanks hun!