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Interview with Nina Croft, Author of Daughter Of The Dragon Princess, Giveaway too

About the Author:

Nina Croft grew up in the north of England. After training as an accountant, she spent four years working as a volunteer in Zambia which left her with a love of the sun and a dislike of 9-5 work. She then spent a number of years mixing travel (whenever possible) with work (whenever necessary) but has now settled down to a life of writing and picking almonds on a remote farm in the mountains of southern Spain.

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I was able to interview Nina and this is what she shared with me:

Out of all the books you've written, if you could live in one of them which would it be and why?

I’d like to live in my Blood Hunter series. The series takes place in the future, the year 3048, and follows the adventures, romantic and otherwise, of the crew of the space cruiser, El Cazador de la Sangre. They’re a total bunch of misfits (I’d fit right in), vampires, werewolves, immortals, telepaths…

Ever since I first saw Star Wars as a teenager (actually probably before that when I read my first science fiction books—Robert Heinlein, I think) I’ve yearned to travel into space, to boldly go…

In what scenario do you do your best work?

I have an office and I love it. I’m surrounded by books for inspiration (and distraction) and I have a great view of the mountains from my window.

What are you working on and when can we expect it to be out?

Right now, I’m writing a contemporary romance, Taking Control, the third installment of my Entangled Brazen series, Babysitting a Billionaire. It’s about a tough female bodyguard and the man she has to protect (whether he likes it or not.) And it’s due out early next year.

I’m also editing book 5 in my Blood Hunter series, which releases next March.

Which books have been on your tbr shelf the longest?

I’ve had A Clash of Kings, book 2 in George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Fire and Ice series on my kindle for ages. I absolutely loved the first book, but I want time to sit down and read the whole series straight through before I start on the next. And right now, I just don’t have it.

Paper or plastic? Plastic

What food can't you live without? Cheese

Inside or outside? Outside

Ice cream in a cone or dish? Dish

What is your favorite sport? Horse riding

What is your favorite or least favorite fruit?

Favorite – raspberries, least favorite – figs.

What is your favorite animal?

Pigs (but don’t let my dogs see this) – I have a pet three-legged Vietnamese pot-bellied pig and she’s adorable.

What is your biggest pet peeve?


Thank you for taking the time to answer my questions. :-)

Book Description:

Found abandoned as a baby and brought up in a children’s home, Lily Palmer has no clue that she is the last of the Dragon Princesses and destined to be mated to a king. But when she wakes up one night to find her apartment invaded by a stunningly gorgeous, but totally deluded madman, she can no longer ignore the dreams which have haunted her life.

Exiled on Earth, and trapped in human form, the dragons have waited two thousand years for the only person who can open the portal between their world and this one. Now they have found her and Malachite Smith has one job—to deliver Lily to his King. According to dragon law, only the King and the Dragon Princess together can open the portal and take them home.

But neither Mal nor Lily are prepared for the overwhelming attraction which flares between them. Or for his reluctance to hand her over to a king he despises. Can they stand as one and challenge the old ways, even if it means destroying his people forever?

Daughter of the Dragon Princess

Nina Croft

Genre: Paranormal romance

Date of Publication: 
7th October 2013

Number of pages: approx.. 240

Word Count: 60k

Cover Artist: Keith Draws

Purchase Links:

Amazon / Kobo


The hallway was dark, and she reached out her cuffed hands for guidance and encountered his hard body, her palms resting against him.

“Shit,” he muttered, then turned and backed her against the wall. She could just make out his form towering over her, as his head lowered and his lips slanted across hers. Her mind went numb, her body took over, and she didn’t resist as he plunged his tongue into her mouth. The kiss was hard and held an edge of anger barely contained. It didn’t matter. He tasted like her dreams, of heat and spice. Her tongue thrust back against his as a pulse started its incessant throb between her thighs. She stood unmoving as he deepened the kiss, pressing his long, hard body into hers so she was plastered against the length of him. Hunger ignited low in her belly, and she groaned against his lips while her hips shifted restlessly against him trying to get some relief from the craving building inside her.

One hand slid beneath her top to cup her breast, his palm rubbing over the peak, and pleasure shot from her nipple to her groin. Her head fell back, and she raised one leg, wrapping it around his hip so she could press her core against the hard length of his erection. Desire was building like a heaviness inside her, swelling…

A bolt of lightning lit up the room, briefly illuminating the savage intensity of his expression. His mouth stilled, his fingers tightened on her breast, then the light flashed again and he jerked free of her and swore viciously.

A second later, his fist slammed into the wall at her side.

Her hands came up to drag him back to her. She was clumsy in the cuffs and her senses returned—what sort of woman kissed a man who’d cuffed her? A crazy one, that’s what sort.

She pressed her wrists against him, so the metal dug into her skin and the fog of desire cleared enough for her brain to function. She shoved him hard. He didn’t budge.

“Get off me, pervert!”

His brows drew together. “Pervert?”

“You know, the sort of man who likes to tie women up?”

He didn’t answer, just took a step back, and shoved his hands in his pockets. He breathed out deeply and the tension drained from his body.

“Why?” she asked.

He didn’t pretend not to understand. “It occurred to me that we may not get another chance. And I was…curious.”

She gritted her teeth. “Curious?” Her tone was filled with outrage.

“Just leave it.” Lightning flashed again and he frowned, then took her arm. “Come on, I don’t like this.”

“Like what?”

He didn’t answer, just led her along the hallway and through a door. In the dim light, she could make out a comfortable sitting room. Everything appeared so normal and she blinked in confusion.

Mal pushed her toward an armchair. “Sit.”

“Yes, sir,” she muttered and sat. She didn’t understand him. Why would he kiss her like that, as though he cared?

He seemed about to say something but instead moved away to peer out of the window. She followed him with her eyes as he came back and stood over her again, rubbing a hand across his face.

“Lily…” he said.

She searched his expression, and he shifted under her gaze, not meeting her eyes. “What?”

“This man you are to meet tonight...”

“The one you’re handing me over to like an unwanted parcel?”

“Jesus,” he almost snarled the word. “Just don’t get him angry. Do as you’re told, and you’ll be all right.”

Was he actually afraid for her? “You’re frightening me,” she said slowly. “Mal”—for the first time she used his name—“am I going to die tonight?”

She held her breath waiting for the answer.

“No, he won’t kill you.” He paused. “But there are worse things than death.”

Icy cold washed through her. “Now, you’re really scaring me.”

My Thoughts:

Lily has spent her whole life aspiring to be normal. She thought it was going well until strange dreams start to plague her. She decides to take a trip back to where she was found as a baby. It is after this trip that things get totally out of hand.

Apparently she is a Dragon princess. She is needed to return a bunch of people to another world via a portal that only she can open. That doesn't sound too crazy does it? She thinks it does.

I loved Lily. She was very feisty and wasn't afraid to take on the men. :-) I especially liked that she kept surprising the males. ;-)

There was lots of action, fire, steam, creepy men, and some romance in Daughter of the Dragon Princess.

It was fast paced and kept my interest. I liked it a lot.

I received an ecopy of the book in exchange for my honest opinion.

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  1. ^^ feisty heroine i like that and i'm curious about why Mal despite his king ^^, in general i love book with dragon so here they come from another world? it's tempting!

  2. Thanks for hosting me today, Brenda, and for the lovely review!

  3. I always love strong female characters. Plus dragons.. very cool! :)