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Aimee Roseland's BENEATH THE VEIL ANTHOLOGY ~ review and giveaway

Author Bio

I was born and raised near Las Vegas, NV and grew up dreaming of rain. I also dreamt of heroes and villains and the women that inspired the best and worst in them.

It seemed like every book I read as a teen was a classic bodice-ripper. Wimpy-virgin-heroine always making bad choices and getting herself in trouble, cue the macho hero, yadda yadda yadda. Those books are what inspired me to write my own stories, not because I loved those retro-romances, but because I constantly found myself tossing them aside and fuming. I would think of all the ways the story would have been better: if she had just picked up the sword and stabbed the bad guy when she had the chance...

I LOVE writing and I love the new direction that fiction has taken over the last decade. So many amazing, strong female leads now! And so many new writers that finally have a voice in the indie publishing community.

I was blessed with a wonderful husband who supports my passion for writing and reading and who really helped me focus my desire to publish my work. When I'm not busy enjoying my daughter and husband I'm usually developing a new story idea or sneaking in a bit of free time with my favorite authors.

I'm a bit of a hermit, they called it being "shy" when I was a kid, but I love hearing from fans. I also love ferrets, hiking, chili dark chocolate, strong coffee, nursing mamas, and rain.

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Beneath the Veil Anthology

Books One through Five

Available on October 1st.

Purchase Links:

A Kiss Beneath the Veil

Daphne became a ghost whisperer when the Veil was lifted and the others came out of hiding. Now she’s intent on using her new ability to track down a serial killer who’s been terrorizing children in her small town. Isaac is an ancient vampire pursuing Daphne as she runs from his love and the promise of his immortal kiss. He will do anything to prove that they belong together, forever, including slaying a real monster for her.

A Taste for Moonlight

Anne gave up on finding her Prince Charming exactly one divorce, two kids, and (ahem) several pounds ago. Besides, she’s too busy building her business and being a good mom to even miss love anymore...usually...sometimes. But all that changes when she finds herself tricked into going to a werewolf strip club on her birthday. That’s when Thomas sees her for the first time and realizes that she is the mate he’s searched centuries for.

A Darker Shade of Dawn

Roschana doesn’t have many friends. Maybe it’s that whole I-eat-sex-for-breakfast thing? Too sexy? Too creepy? Whatever. She can’t help that she’s a succubus or that when most people find out about her eating habits they usually get the wrong impression and bolt, or drop trou on the spot. Eeww. But Thomas isn’t like most people. He’s a nerd who understands the stars better than he understands people. Who knew that the fastest way to a succubus’s heart was through a telescope?

A Heart of Stone and Fire

Athena is dying. There, she admitted it. So now what? In a world made topsy turvy by the lifting of the Veil, a girl ought to be able to find a cure for something as banal as cancer. And if she can’t? Well, then there’s always shopping. Gestein has guarded Athena since their paths first crossed when she was just a child. He would do anything to save her from the fate she has in store, but he’s bound to honor the vow he made not to interfere in her life. And a gargoyle always keeps his word.

A Constant Rapture

Constance is searching for a miracle; because that’s the only way she’ll be able to save her little sister and herself from the Ochi’s grasp. Xavier is working as a stage magician on the Vegas strip when Constance barges in and disrupts his carefully ordered plans: work, drink, rinse, repeat. He doesn’t see how his one shite talent could possibly help in her search until he’s already neck deep in Ochi mercenaries. By then there’s the complication of him starting to fall for his dream girl...

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My Thoughts:

There were five, yes five stories in this book! Each one had a different supe as the main character!

The first story was A Kiss Beneath the Veil. This story was a little creepier than the others. Scratch that was a lot creepier than the others, The villain was uber creepy.

The leading man was a very loving and understanding vampire. 

The leading man in the second story, A Taste for Moonlight, is (you guessed it) a werewolf; This was my favorite one in this anthology.

The wolf in question was a loner who hadn't found anyone who rang his bells yet. LOL! He finds her in the most unlikely of places she'd usually go. I especially loved the characters in this one.

The third story, A Darker Shade of Dawn, has a succubus in it. Roxy is lonely but never alone. She wishes she could find her heart but thinks that is only a myth. After all who would willingly mate with a succubus?

There is a creepy bad guy in this one too and it may be a little more gory than the first.

A Heart of Stone and Fire is the fourth book. Want to guess what the character is in this one? A gargoyle!

Circumstances made Gestein decide to be Athena's guardian. She is no longer easy to watch and he has to reveal himself to her. 

Last but not least is A Constant Rapture. This book fits in with today's GGMMMU topic! The main character, Xavier practices magic. :-) 

I don't want to give any of the surprises away so I'm only going to tell you the minimum. Each story leads into the next one with a character from the previous story. :-)  

Each story has some hot and heavy steam, ;-) romance, mystery, action, some suspense and just enough spookiness to make it a great Halloween read! Don't get me wrong, you could read this anytime, but I for one think it is a perfectly awesome addition to my Halloween Hoopla. 

I would recommend this to those of you who like paranormal anthologies. They are not usually my thing because I prefer longer stories. That is the only thing I would change about these five stories. I would have been perfectly happy if they had been just a tad longer. That being said, they were a decent length and each had a good ending. There were no cliffies! 

I received an ecopy of this anthology in exchange for my honest opinion. I thought it was spooktacular! I really enjoyed it.  


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  1. Whoah for sure it fit your event with all the different supe^^ i was caught by the summary for the one with the werewolf and the one with the gargoyle... the first one is perhaps too creepy for me but yes this time of teh year give them a special little thing that make all teh differences

    1. The first one wasn't too bad. It's just that the villian was really creepy. The story was pretty good though! If I managed to read it, you could too. lol!

  2. I definitely want to read this one! The werewolf ones description made me laugh, I like creepy to so it all works for me! LOL