Tuesday, October 29, 2013

GGMMMU ~ Toother Tuesday ~ Feeling Fairy?

Today is day 11 of the GGMMMU challenge and giveaway. :-) This post is going to focus on Fairies.

Later today though, will be a second post for the day. Thus two-fer or toother! (lol!)

You can find the main GGMMMU giveaway including the questions for the day here.

fair·y [ fĂ©rree ]

1.small supernatural creature: an imaginary supernatural being, usually resembling a small person, with magic powers.

2.offensive term: an offensive term for a gay man

3.of fairies: relating to, belonging to, or characteristic of fairies




I found these books on Amazon. :-) They were free when I added them but double check before you buy them.

Five (Elemental Enmity Book I) by Christie Rich and Amber McNemar

Free Falling-Legend by Claudy Conn

Forever by Kamery Solomon

Forever Fae (Forever Fae Series) by L.P. Dover, Melissa Ringsted and Mae I Design

Grimm's Fairy Tales by Grimm, Jacob and Grimm, Wilhelm

Dark Promise (Between Worlds #1) by Julia Crane and Talia Jager

Cursed (Book 1) by Tara Brown

Wickedly Ever After by Anna J. Evans


Tanaquill by Akalle

Fearless by Christine Rains

and now a toothtastic surprise :D

What is your favorite fairy or fae book?

There is one that I read earlier this year that I really liked but I can't for the life of me remember which book it was. :-(  I'll remember when I quit trying.

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  1. I enjoyed Faerie Tale by Raymond E. Feist. Well, maybe enjoyed is the wrong word - I was terrified! It's a great read.

  2. oki Mercy thompson series is one of my favourite series all creatures confounded but if we are speaking strickly fae... October daye series by seanan mcguire!! i love it ^^ ( now there are also some in grave witch and i love whati'm reading but october is still top one for fae^^)

    ^^ not sure which book you really loved with fae^^ but it will come back to you i don't worry and if i haven't added it yet to my wishlist i will do then.

    the iron fey series isn't bad i only read book 1 so far but it's not my favourite

  3. The Mercy series (of course), and I liked The Iron King, but I haven't read any other books in that series.

    1. i have the first book in the fever series but i haven't started it ( thank you to remind me)

    2. I've only read the first but it was really good.

  4. I loved TIthe and Wicked Lovely! I've always really enjoyed anything with the Fae

  5. +JMJ+

    Karen Marie Moning's novels are also inspired by fae mythology. The Highlander books are light, but the Darkfever series is much darker.

    1. i love it's not too dark because ihaven't started it but i have a few books^^;;

    2. the first one ( in both serie i think)

  6. I love Wicked Lovely.
    Thanks for the chance to win!

  7. I honestly haven't had a chance to read many fairy books which is sad seeing as I have a couple sitting on my to-read shelf. But I have always been enchanted by the idea of fairies! Thanks for posting this giveaway!!

  8. Thanks for the giveaway! Wicked Lovely series is my absolute favorite. <3

  9. The Iron Fey series for sure!! I'm only missing Iron Knight and it's killing me!