Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Giveaway & Review ~ ACCIDENTAL COWGIRL by Maggie McGinnis


In her Loveswept debut, Maggie McGinnis tells the tale of a city girl who’s running on fumes—and the cowboy who shows her all the good things she’s been missing.

After being betrayed by her con man ex-fiancé, Kyla Bennett nurses a broken heart. But Kyla's friends have other ideas and when they whisk her off to Whisper Creek, a dude ranch staffed by cowboys so hot they dim the Montana sunset, all Kyla wants to do is hide under a quilt. Then in rides Decker Driscoll. He’s hauling about as much emotional baggage as Kyla, but when he stands close by, both of them want to stay close—and begin to succumb to an undeniable attraction.

After experiencing personal tragedy, Decker never thought he’d see Big Sky country again. But now that his family's Whisper Creek property is in deep with a Vegas gambler, Decker’s back for the summer—and spending all his time running from “cowgirls” who come to the dude ranch to score some dudes. Then he meets Kyla, a kindred spirit who brings on a stampede of protective feelings . . . and a powerful hankering to sear her with a new brand of love.


By Maggie McGinnis

On Sale October 8, 2013

ISBN: 978-0-345-54875-7

Published by Loveswept

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Author Info

Maggie McGinnis is the author of Driving Without a License, which was a finalist for Romance Writers of America’s Golden Heart award. A former high school English teacher, an accomplished musician, and a certified black belt, she lives in New England with her family.

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 My Thoughts:

I loved it! :-) There were some parts like the mud bath ;-) and when Roscoe pulled Kyla over, that had me crying because I was laughing so hard. There were also many bitter sweet and sad and reflective moments. I even had a few oh no they didn't episodes as well. lol! My emotions were truly all over the place.   

   I'd like to read more about these characters. They easily climbed under my skin. :D I especially liked Roscoe and Ma. I really, really didn't like Marcy. : (   
There were three bffs, cowboys, sleeplessness, a beautiful setting, some bad memories, a delusional barbie, horses, and a sweet romance.   

I whole heartedly recommend this to those of you who like well rounded romances. ;-)   
I received an ecopy from NetGalley so that I could give an honest review.      


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  1. Good morning! Thanks so much for hosting me today, and thank you for the really generous review!!! I'm so glad you loved the book! Ma and Roscoe are busy in Jess's book right now, so I'm glad you liked them! Marcy, on the other hand, might have to get shipped off to Siberia. :)

    I'll be popping in and out all day if anyone wants to say hi!

    1. I guess that means that I do have more to look forward too. :D Awesome!

      Do you have an expected release date or a title for me to look for? I try my best to keep track of authors and series that I really like but I read so much that unless I pre-order or at least write a date somewhere, I lose track of some. :-( I don't want to miss out on more of Roscoe and Ma's antics.

  2. Thanks for asking! I don't have an official title or release date at this point, but details will be posted on my website ( whenever I have news. I'll also be sure to contact all of you who've been so generous this time around!!

    1. I'd be happy to post release info or even a cover reveal when it comes time. :D

    2. Fabulous!! I'll definitely be in touch!! Thank you!

  3. How that sounds like a fantastic debut!. To make Brenda laughs is all the recommendation i could wish for

    Will it be the start of a series or is it a stand alone?
    Will it be available in print ( on the bookdepository) or only digital ( and if digital will a pdf exist too?)

    thank you so much for coming to answer us!

    1. Thank you! I'm so happy I made her laugh, as well! Those are fun scenes to write. :)

      This is the first book in the Whisper Creek series, but I'm not yet able to share more info, unfortunately. :) I'm working on Jess's book, and of course Hayley should get her turn. And then there's Cole ... yummy sigh. He DEFINITELY needs a book, right? :)

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. ^^ it would be interesting yes, i'm sure Brenda will keep us update if you remember to let her know when you have more news^^

  4. I requested this one from net galley too! :) I'm not sure if it was approved or not yet though? It sounds really good! Im glad you liked it so now I know that I will. :D Who doesnt love a cowboy!? ;)

    1. Yup. ;-) I'll take the cowboy over the horse any day. lol!

    2. Have I sighed about cowboys yet today? Oh, yes - above. Oops! :) Hope you get to read the book!!

    3. Thanks! I have my fingers crossed for it. :)

  5. I could say why I love cowboys and farm boys but I would like to keep it pg13 wink wink nudge nudge.

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