Wednesday, October 30, 2013

GGMMMU ~ Quit Dragon Your Feet ~ Take the challenge!

Today is day 12 of the GGMMMU challenge. We will focus on our fierce and fiery friend the dragon.

If you are just beginning the challenge that's okay. :-) You can find all of the instructions, and the main Rafflecopter giveaway with all of the challenge questions here. If you have been here every day, you are doing great. It is almost over!

drag·on [ drággən ]

1.scaly green monster: a mythical creature that has green scaly skin, wings, and a long tail, and breathes fire

2.large lizard: a large lizard, e.g. the Komodo dragon

3.offensive term: an offensive term for a woman regarded as fierce and formidable


The following are books that I found at Amazon. They were free when I found them but prices change without notice so double check before purchsing!

Safe Heart (Blood Dragon) by Kenra Daniels

Bonds of Fire by Sophie Duncan

Alyxa (Dragon Charmers) by Linda McNabb

The Dragon Maker by Elizabeth Baxter

New Breed (#1) (Dragon's Fire) by Danielle Kazemi 

Demons, Dragons, Monsters and Mayhem by Lari Don

Blood of Requiem (Song of Dragons, Book 1) by Daniel Arenson

The Book of Deacon by Joseph Lallo

Dragon Wars: A Dragon Wars Novella I by Rich Scribes

Draykon: Book 1 (The Draykon Series) by Charlotte E. English

If you had a dragon, what would you name it?

Have you read any of these?

Are there any Dragon books that you'd recommend instead?

Here's a dragon scene from Harry Potter. Enjoy!

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  1. I have read Deborah Cooke's Dragon series and Coreene Callahan's , they are favourites of mine. Thea Harrison's Elder Races series starting with Dragon Bound is also good.
    I really don't know what I would call my own dragon , perhaps names have got a bit too exotic in books I have read lately and I'll choose something like Arthur to buck the trend lol.

  2. Oki i have several of those books ( 4 i think) but i only read kiss of fire by deborah cooke ( better to precise since 2 have the same title^^)so far... usually i love dragon book just i didn't feel like reading those a lot recently

    in the Incryptid serie by seanan mcguire there are dragon and it's a really fun book/series so i would recommend this series.

    now as for my dragon name... i can't tell because it will depend of his looks (colors) and/or personnality something unique just for him/her not something i stick on him^^

    1. oh and i would love to discover how to date a dragon ^^ ( fury of fire isn't bad and that's tempting but i have the feeling it's a darker story and... it's an ebook so the choice is easy this time^^ and then ^^ i could need soem advice on dating^^)

    2. :D Dating advice ~ Be yourself and give as much as you hope to recieve or more be it attention, affection etc.... Oh and don't ever settle on less than you deserve!

      I really need to read the Incryptid series.

  3. I do love dragons and lived How to Date A Dragon

  4. +JMJ+

    When I was a teenager, I read about an old scientific theory that combustible objects contained a substance called "phlogiston." And I thought, "Wouldn't that be a great name for a dragon?!" =D I'd call him "Phlog" for short. LOL!

    I'm afraid that I haven't read many books with dragons. The Hobbit, The Voyage of the Dawn Treader and Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire are still pretty much the only ones on my list.

  5. I love Dragon Bound and the first Eragon book.

    1. The Aisling Grey series by Katie MacAlister is another cute series. Although the last 2 books were not that great for me.

  6. The Aisling grey series is really good. Also Angela Knight wrote this series that had a dragon in it that was really good.
    As for the name how bout old school Puff? ;) but I don't know it would depend on my dragon.

  7. Oh dear lots of questions. Nope haven't read any of those sadly. Only ever read the Harry Potter books (which have cool dragons in it) although I must say that my fave dragon so far has got to be Toothless from Pixar's How To Tame Your Dragon. TOO CUTE!

    Anyway, I don't know what I'd name my dragon. Like miki said, it would depend on so many aspects. And personality and all.

    A dragon book I'd recommend. I can't say I have one yet. But I am REALLY looking forward to Julie Kagawa's new series about what else, DRAGONS!! I know I'm buying them for sure!!

    1. i completely missed she was going to have one, will need to be added on our list yes

      thank you for telling us