Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Special Deal on three books from Dale Mayer!

In celebration of the release of Knock, Knock (book 5)... Dale Mayer put the first 3 books on sale for 99 cents - for the bundle! Yes that's 3 books for a dollar. The special is on for today through Friday so grab a copy while you can!

Purchase it here:

B&N    / Amazon  / itunes   /  Kobo

I haven't read this yet but I absolutely LOVE her vampire series. :-)

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  1. LOL I just got this deal in my email! I will more than likely get these. :)

  2. i don't know this author and it's ebook/kindle so i can pass without regret but i'm happy you can enjoy this deal ( not available for international by the way)

    now you have to tell me if this series was interesting or not when you will have read this ( in teh far future since others books are priority i know^^)

    1. Oooh Miki,

      You're missing out if you haven't read her vampire series. It's YA but really good.

    2. i will try to get more info on it then^^