Thursday, July 4, 2013

Have you entered the Bewitching Sizzling Summer Giveaways?

If you haven't already entered now is a reminder to do so if you have Awesome!

Here is what you can win:

Giveaway #1

Giveaway #2

Giveaway #3

Giveaway #4

If you see something you like, I suggest that you enter the giveaways. :-)

The links for all four giveaways can be found at the top of the page.

Thank you for commenting! Don't forget to enter the Comment Incentive Giveaway. The link can be found at the top of the page!


  1. i entered those i could and now we will see ^^ i do hope if someone from here win that they will tell you so we know but anyway good luck to all of us

  2. I entered too. Would love to win a Kindle!

  3. Entered them all. :) Thanks for the reminder though!

    1. For you and BRenda you could also enter these one if you are interested by something ( i'st US only but i thought i could share it^^)

    2. a pleasure some of the titles are really interesting^^ and i didn't know if you followed those blog and knew about those giveaway or not so i decided to share since both are really good ( but i frequent yours more^^)

    3. one more but i dopn't know the titles cjosen as prize:

    4. There are some great choices on these! :D Thanks so much for sharing.

    5. a pleasure i will cross my fingers for you and brenda and if i do see some others i will give you the links

    6. a lot of people want to make place on their shelves at this time of the year it seems anyway it's just more opportunity for you and brenda^^

      enjoy! and good luck!

    7. Im glad im not the only one who frequents paranormal haven. LOL Thanks for the link though. I didnt see that one.

    8. ^^ that can happen ^^ i'm sure i miss post sometimes but just to be sure i prefered to share and i glad it helped you then^^ good luck

    9. Thanks hun! :D Have you ever check out this blog - she does alot of giveaways with authors for Amazon GC's let me see if I can find some and I'll post the links. I know that there were some for kindles too that were international.

    10. I think the kindle one is over. I'll double check for it later and if I find it post the link.

    11. i will go check the website, thank you a lot for letting me know

    12. I know she has some GC ones going but im not 100% sure that there international. I'll look around and see what inter. ones that i can find for you. :)

    13. Heres one for a GC for inter. theres alot of entries but entering it never hurts!

    14. This ones 50 books to 2 people-

    15. for live to read i'm entering but not all daily gioveaway are international ( and i admit i'm skipping those hooror appocalyptic one, but i will check teh one just before, thank you a lot for telling me about it

    16. only two entries for me but yes we can always hope^^

    17. Thanks for all of the links. You two are giving me another idea. We could have a post once a week where we leave links to great giveaways that we find. I've seen something like it on other blogs. What do you think?

    18. hum not bad but then we will need to add those that come alive after the post and find a way to delete those finished because some last more than a week. i wouldn't mind if that help you

      we need to find the way to add the link ( a linky thing?) so that you don't have to check each time ( in case you are on holidays or something) and perhaps explain the giveaway in teh comment so the link could be regrouped. or that's something for you to do but it would mean more work

      really it's up to you^^ i don't mind to keep sharing what i can with you and it's true that if we regroup them perhaps more people will see them

    19. Sure I'd totally love to help. With my mom still off Im not on as much searching around but I can totally try. :)

    20. and sorry Miki! I wasnt sure if they were international or not. :( i know that the one for sure is doing a gc for inter. if they win.

    21. Don't worry Amber really, i can always go to see but if we do this, and don't worry if you are busy we are not asking you to search for them but if you see one on a blog you follow to share it^^;, then it would be best to precise if they are int or not
      Also we could decide not to put those for which twitter or facebook are the mandatory entry since we had several commenters despisting that ( which i understand too well!!)

      So you see brenda you can count on us for that, just decide what kind of giveaway you want, the rule to share them and then how ( post, linky etc and you can count on us)

    22. oki already 2 new for you that i found during my morning tour of blog i follow
      USand CAN for the first one: 1 box of books

      then a second i suppose US only
      several ARCs

      that's all for today but if we do the meme/post i already have several i could add^^

    23. oups one even better if you want a paranormal books here: Immortal yours 50 copy offer
      if you are one of the 25 first commenter you win directly if not you enter for a draw so hurry

    24. I will def. be more specific next time. I usually just have a few minutes here and there to look.

    25. Oh and thanks for the email about that last one! :) I really like her books.

    26. it's nothing ^^ since there was time limit i though you woyuld perhaps see the email first before coming here if you didn't had a lot of time so i tried^^ i wish you goodd luck for that one then^^ i've read the firsin her accidental demon slayer series and it was funny

    27. oki now the addition of the day: both are US only

      a box of YA contemporary( only a few hours left to enter) good luck!

      if you prefer adult romance another box of books should make you happy, less books but so many great one ( i wanted the one by Lori Foster ç_ç!)

      you still have time for entering the second one

      good luck to those participating ^^

    28. Entered! Thanks again! :D and I love Lori Fosters books! Sorry that they aren't int. :(

    29. not your fault dear and it's nothing i mean entering for a box of books when you want only one of them it's a little unfair to those who want all ( the opposite when there is only one you already have because then you can pass it along and keep the one you don't have) i willhave opportunity to discover Lori Foster later^^

    30. I really enjoy reading her. So if you get the chance def. check out her books. :)

    31. if i'm right i do have the first book of one of her series but the books that was in the giveaway is in another ( two books actually) and i don't know i feel really attracted to them so they are on my wishlist for a long time already

    32. hi!

      i've foiund something else for you!!
      US only: some arc or new release from the convention in chicago

      then: one US & CAN if you want an arc of frigid by jennifer l armentrout ( i do want this book)
      but also a 200dollars gift to bookstore of choice ( TBD too so international!!! yipee)

      good luck to all

    33. Awesome! :) Thanks again Miki! I really wanted to go to that convention. Im like an hour outside Chicago.

    34. really? if i was so near i would have done everything to attend such a conventions*_* but perhaps that way you will still have something from it^^

    35. Mostly I dont have the money and Im not a huge fan of crowds. Im gearing up for RT and hopefully I can power through it(also afford it!)

    36. i'm not fan of crowds either so i guess i would have soem panic attack but at the same time it's such an opportunity but i would recommend RT yes, it's in New orleans next year, no? you could meet suzanne johnson!!

      Also you could perhaps find a friend to attend with you ( a co blogger or simply a friend) i've saw that some take this opportunity to meet in real those they were friends with on their blog

    37. Oh a question: do you also want link to contest for swag ( bag, bookmarks etc) or only for books? ( that salso a question for what we will put in the meme: print book, ebook, gift card, ereader, swag or only part of those)

    38. oups i was going to forget the link for books.... and what books!!! Signed books for US or complete series for US also one giveaway only for international ( but pale in comparaison still i'm happy for the opportunity)

      and US only if you love charlaine harris and one a signed book

      that all for the moment^^, good luck to you

    39. evening for me but also a contest for a signed book if you are interrestyed and it's international!

    40. Oh how you spoil me Miki! LOL and I enter for anything. Swag, giftcards, or books. Im happy to win anything. :) and I do plan on going with a friend to RT. I've gotten better over the years at dealing with crowds and RT is all about books and authors so Im sure I'll be fine. :) I'm trying to save what I can so I can go.

    41. Oh and a question for you! :) I know you dont have a Facebook or twitter right? Do you have a goodreads account? I was just wondering so I know what kinds of contests you can enter. I know some only have like FB or where you can tweet but alot of others have goodreads entries. I was just curious so I know what you would be able to enter.

    42. i have goodread yes ( and yes i don't have facebook or twitter) i admit i never saw a giveaway with goodreads as mandatory entry^^ Thank you for asking

      You will have a blast i'm sure i will keep my fingers crossed so you can go and have a fantastic experience

      i will check the giveaway later but already one ( which is part of a blog hop so that way you get all the ink at teh same time US only ( some other stop are INT)

      later the rest^^

    43. oki this morning ( for me, night for you) i have two giveaway US only:

      first for a kindle ( sure you will be happy to have a second even if you have one already^^)and in fact there are 2 to win filled with books

      then a giveaway for a serie brenda higly recommende to us with shifters of course so if you haven't gotten your hands on it it's the opportunity to do so without spending a cent

      later for the afternoon giveaway perhaps ( or tomorrow^^)

    44. midday afternoon... those were too go to risk forgetting to give you the link:

      first an INT one with so many books from my wishlist that i can't choose which one i want the most

      then a US one but it will make you more than interested i think^^

      good luck!

    45. oki evening bunch ( nearly midnight here so i should go to bed but before)

      For vampire lovers, i think brenda did try or spoke about this series in anycase i had my eyes on them^^

      ( us or int i don't know)

      Us/ CA only:

      US only: 1 signed book

      from the prize i think it's US only but it's not specified

      that's all for today^^

      enjoy and good luck ( and if you do win one i gave you the link to please keep me updated i would love to know^^)

    46. Ok Miki seriously! LOL I know I've told you this befor but you are AMAZING!!! :D Im sending you a big internet hug!

    47. And alot of the contests I enter have entries for goodreads. Most of them dont have mandatory ones just do whichever you like. I'll have to go grab some of them for you. I just have to look that they are int.

    48. A few of them I had already entered LOL a couple of them I was going to send to you! I just had to look and see if they were int. or not. :)

    49. These said int. there for a Kelley Armstrong book and Gena Showalter. It has multi ways to enter on them.

    50. This one has GC's and ebooks for int. I dont think that there were any mandatory entries. I already entered it so Im not sure. Some of the entries are for goodreads or joining her newsletter.

      Im friends with this blogger and shes offering a GC for int.

      There are 2 contests on this one. 1 for some books and swag and then she has another for a GC if you can guess what book and author this quote is from. Im still trying to figure out what that is. I know I've read it but I cant place it.

    51. thank you a lot, i have already entered those on I live to read but i didn't know the others so i will check them and if i do find teh answer i will tell you^^

    52. oh now the morning giveaway:

      Int and US and can only for signed book

      US and Canada only for a fabulous prize ( to make up if you haven't attended that convention^^)

      and one US only if you are lucky you will get the complete series

    53. Thanks sweetie! I'll do the same for you if I can figure it out. I know I've heard that quote before I just cant place it. :( I may post some contests tonite depending on when I get home.

    54. Heres one for a GC or ebook-

    55. This is the author JC Reeds blog, she generally runs contests almost daily. Most of her entries are for fb and twitter but there is one to follow her blog and if you've read either of her books and reviewed theres spots for that. Most of them are usually for int too

    56. This site is int. so almost all of their giveaways are. This ones for a books from TBD.

    57. Sorry to post giveaway so late ( normally i do it in morning so you have more time if some are only open a few hours ) but life got in the way and i'm trying to finish all i need to

      but i do have some for you
      you could win teh complete serie s( a tempting one really)

      Contest int but if you are US you get more things ( the author has one nearly each week and she is kind!!)

      and now not a contest but a sale in case you really want one of those the price are interesting ( i mean the beatutiful creature hardback*_* new for 15dollars ( shipping included) i think that's really more than a bargain so since i didn't know if one interested you i'm still giving you the link.

      see you later if i found more when i finally do my tour of blog i follow ;)

      good luck

    58. hi again
      so let start with some great Swag for US only

      then we have
      signed books and swag ( several winners)

      then book from a selection, INT

      Print book for US only:

      that's not all:

      ebook and if you buy an ebook an opportunity to participate to win a kindle paperwhite ( oki not a kindle fire like you told me you wanted but it's a recent one too i think)

      oknow that finished for today and i will soon go to bed but i do hope you will get lucky in one of those
      until tomorrow for the next bunch^^

    59. I follow Caris Roane too! :) and thanks for more goodies. I havent looked today for any new ones. I've been cleaning like crazy and then my mom decided to wanted to go check out some thrift stores so I havent been on the computer but for like 20 minutes earlier today. As always I will post some for you if I find any of interest. :)

    60. This site does a book a day giveaway. I enter it almost daily. They generally give out just PDF format of whatever book thats on the giveaway. All you need to enter is to give them your name and email in the form. I've won numerous times through them.

    61. This ones for a $100 Amazon e-giftcard so Im pretty sure int. can enter.

    62. Don't worry you don't have to search them for me really, i just keep an eyes open when i do my internet tour and i keep the link to give them to you in as little comment as possible,
      i'm really happy you went with your mother ( i so want to sopend soe time with her doing shopping or wandering but with the shop it's rare)

      one that will catch your interest :

      sepcial giveaway for the release of FIRE ^^ ( now if it was available in print on TBD i would be happy)

    63. oki morning bash for you:

      first print book Us only:

      Us only for book, small gift card INT

      This is for a print book but they are lot and lot of giveaways here so i though better to give you link to one and then let you see what interest you . US only

      Int giveaway, print book ( one i do want)

      now not sure you want a ipad but if you do:µ

      last: i already gave you another stop for this giveaway fut since it's for kindle i though i could give it back just to be sure

      that all for now, good luck

    64. easy evening but with what i gave you this morning you must be already busy still a few addition:

      because i know you want a new kindle^^ ( finish soon)

      then swag one you can have directly, the other is a contest ( i would like to discover the book^^)

    65. Thank you! I have my fingers crossed for the kindle! Well for all of them and for you to win too!

    66. ^^as you can see the majority i gave you are US or US and CAn only so i can't win those but yes for the other i'm interested and i will cross my fingers for you and the kindle ( as priority)
      now to start with vampire books free ( sorry don't know if they are good or not but i was told to see them) until today only ( so hurry)
      Casa dracula series is free ( perhaps not book one but then takes those that are free and wait until those that aren't become free^^)

      if you prefer a free erotic romance ( by moira rogers under a pseudonym)
      use the coupon BN76X on smashwords when the check out to get beyond shame for free
      ( valid until end of july only)

      now giveaway and contest:

      so first one is a mystery box so i don't think it's related to book but if it make you happy; US only

      now a series that brenda recommended to us and that she will post about next month it sems

      another one that i think i gave you a link to another post but in case i didn('t :

      now you need twitter or facebook for this one:

      if you want to discover audiobook. open to US and CAN

      last another book sales just in case there was one you really couldn't find somewhere else ( i prefer the last one i gave you the link to)

      that's all for this morning

      good luck

    67. mid afternoon contest:
      to get one of the sentinels of new orleans series books you could have missing:

      here is one that i love, but now INt are less lucky than before, you have a list of titles, each friday if ask one if you ask 4times in a row and nobody else ask for it you win it directly, or you can bne drawn and have your choice

      new opportunity to win a print book of teh outcast prince for US and CAn

    68. i will check again later but still

      Print books
      Us only ( if you don't have this series yet it's a must)

      us and INt

      perhaps more later

    69. You've been busy today! LOL :) I follow a few of these but thanks for the reminders. :) I have one of the Kit Rocha books but I cant remember which one it was. So thank you im going to grab it just in case. I've had a migrane all day today so I havent really looked through my blogs to see what contests are going on. I'll see tomorrow and share if I find any goodies. Thanks again! :D

    70. don't worry and yes you probably follow some but so far i only know a few you do follow i will learn about teh author progressively. i wasn't well yesterday either ( thought i'm worse today) but i put that as a priority ( in case some were really limited)

      so for now:

      print book
      Us only

      another ( i'm curious about those so perhaps you will be lucky)

      lot of gioveaways here:



      gift card:

      one that could interest you:

    71. oups i forgot one for print book INt but facebook is needed

    72. sorry for not having put everything in one message but this one arrived when i was closing off teh computer

      arc of the first book and second book in a seriesw ( 2 series-1 winner per series) US only

    73. I dont mind. :) I hope that you are feeling somewhat better? I havent gotten any new ones to enter as of yet today but I'll post if I find some. Im trying to clean out some stuff today so I'm back and forth being on the computer.

    74. it's the heat... and i'm most that probably sick ( thus why i'm reading less...) but the fever with the weather it's more difficult to tell..we had a big storm this morning so i stayed in bed longer ( no need to get up if i can't turn the computer on or make some hot water for my tea) but even after that the weather was still arourn 28° and heavy...i'm a melting zomby... so many thing to do ( some cleaning to but i just drop asleep when i stop for a few minute)

      but i did find some for you

      one i tried to win several time because there is seanan mc guire in it and other author i love:
      Us and can only

      signed book if you have facebook to enter:

      gift card or print book ( INT):

      not my style but fort those who love zombies and horror some ebook:

      now from a series i ADORe and one i really want to try^^ not a contest but if you want signed book you can order them ( guess it's better than ordering a simple copy if you havne't the book yet)

      oki i think that's all for today... now i will try to see if i can do something from my list when it's a little colder ( a little)

    75. Trust me I get not wanting to do anything when its that hot out! I hope that your day gets better. Im going through books in my room so its hot but I have my air conditioner on which is helping. My dogs decided that they have to sleep in here since its cooler, which makes it challenging when Im trying to move stuff around. :) I'll have to try the last series you gave me. I havent heard of it but it looks really good.

      Heres one for a Amazon GC its Int. -

    76. This one sounds like it could be interesting. It has 1 US winner and 1 Int. so maybe both of us? :)

    77. ^^ The book by philippa ballentine are steampunk but you can see teh review on my blog if you want to be sure^^ i was really surprised it's fun and a bit of romance ( growing) just thinking about it make me smile

      my room is an ovenbut i manage i think^^;;

      so first ones this morning:

      int: print book from a list

      then, only Us for the rest

      book and swag:

      and then a box of books

      good luck!

      ( back to cool down and rest becaus ei have a massive headache)

    78. I hope you feel better! :( Usually my rooms ok but since we got a new puppy her crate is in my room. Shes only in it at night but its a pain to collapse and put it back up so it takes up alot of space. That and I just have soo many books everywhere.

  4. arf i did put several link in my message but my computer blocked before sending so all is lost, now i will try find them again but perhaps i will miss one sorry.
    First i've started to take some medecine so i'm better thank you and i decided not to continue to postpone my medical exams so it should be fine

    now the contest:

    Swag for int but facebook is mandatory

    Now the main giveaway for you to win a trip to hollywood or great swag US only

    now i had more but i can't find them now... sorry ç_ç

    1. and one that you probably know but need to remember to enter each month

    2. oki one for print book ( you nearly have one giveaway for print or ebook each day)

    3. I do always forget to enter at writerspace! LOL I LOVE Under the Covers blog! Thanks for that one I didnt check today so I didnt see it. Im glad that your feeling better. and no its never good to post pone stuff about your health. (though im kinda doing the same thing)

    4. oki first a free reads and a wonderful giveaway ( you can comment on past post to win even more) but today you can win 20dollarrs on amazon

      and the free reads is Mrley in chains ( info in the post)

      Us/canada only:win 13 by kelley armstrong

      or pack 3 books:

      oki that's all for now


    5. oki add an ipad

      box of used books ( !! i would have wanted the last 2) Us only

      print copy hot blooded

      several giveaway US/can only for print book:

      oki perhaps more in teh evening

    6. LOL I actually saw and entered the one for the Kelley Armstrong last night. I was bummed that it wasnt for int. cause I was going to send it to you. So far today I havent found any int. ones. I will send them if I find them. :)

    7. don't worry, i do manage to come across some ( sometimes^^)

      int i lost count how many time i tried her giveaways because it's so wonderful each time ( never won so far)

      one additional but us only

      one for reviewer only ( which you can do^^):


      a sport romance i'm trying to get for months:

      Hurry for this one only a few hours left but perhaps kindle for you;

      us only:

      that's good luck for them ( especially the kindle ;) )

    8. oups i got too quickly:
      signed books here:
      (even more urgent^^)

      gift card

    9. Have I told you today how much I adore you? :) Youve been busy! I had my nephew for most of today so I havent really been on much. Just on and off. my email keeps freezing and its ticking me off so Im trying to fix that. I owe you contests later! :)

    10. I honestly cant remember if I gave you this one or not. It doesnt say if its int or not but its for a GC to Amazon or so i dont see why it wouldnt be?

  5. ^^ you owe me nothing and i don't mind sending email when a contest has only a few hours left it's more easy than just putting it here since i'm not sure when you will have time to see it ( and i put it here so brenda and other can stilll see it^^)

    i will try the giveawqy but believe it or not gift card doesn't mean int... i lost count of how many where US only ( for example in blog hop) it's not logic but perhaps some are simply against international followers/readers

    so for this morning:
    print book US only:

    for this one we will be in competition since we have the same taste but perhaps you will be interested by more than i'm

    perhaps 100dollars for your next RWa^^

    oki that's it for now^^

    1. That just sucks. To me if there going to send the GC by email then why cant it be int. I can see if their mailing it to you but 99% of the time its e-gift cards. Ok this one is for all but int. if wins will get $300 in books from the TBD.

    2. i have entered that one but thanks for the reminder ( we do have daily entry)

      i just came back from the shopping session ( without shopping for me) and i've more than 300 email so i will check which are giveaways after spending too much time on it i must admit i don't have a lot sadly

      sawg ( really good one) US only:

      ebook ( i have read book 3 by this author and will start book 1 soon i loved it)

      and a mix of the two

      it's all for the moment

    3. oki more:

      visa card and paperback US only
      visa card & paperback but with less entries

      ebook+ yshirt

      print book INT:

      now that's all because i really need to go to bed the day was too hard on me

    4. This ones for a necklace and its open int.

      same author as the last but this ones for a bookmark its int.-

      More maybe to come later. Thats all I have for the moment. :)

    5. And I wanted to say Im sorry that you didnt have a very good day. I would have said that in the other comment but I didnt realize that you had commented yet. I hadnt refreshed the page. I was still looking for contests. I may still have some more coming. Im taking a break to eat dinner then I'll be back on. Ive been going through emails too. So far just for US.
      I found one more before I hit comment, :) Its int for Print book and a GC-

    6. Ok I think this is it for tonite. heres for an ebook for int.
      This one sounds kinda dark so I dont know if you'd want the book per say but its also offering a GC for int.theres 2 rafflecopters so go to the 2nd-
      This one has some ebooks and a poster I think for int. -

    7. Sorry! I take it back I found these ones right now! This is for 2 signed books(there are 2 copters)
      This one you could get ebooks on-
      I cant remember if we gave this one to each other or not its for Gena Showalter you can get a GC or a book from her-
      Ok I may be done for tonite.. maybe.. :)

    8. I just found this one on my facebook, Im going to be after this one. :) all you have to do is comment and its int.

    9. You did have found several^^.... don't worry the day wasn't so bad i guess i was just really REALLY disappointed not to have found something for me but i did get what my brother wanted. also i managed to get a cold so i took some rasperries ( to help my mood) and i found myself hurting while eating them so i was tired and grumpy i guess^^ but i must admit the day wasn't bad not fruitful but not bad ( and if i compare to the fright i had this morning i really coplained for nothing....thi smorning i found my cat on teh roof...we don't know how he got there but believe when my dog wake me up then i hear him crying but i can't find him until i lift my eyes it was like " ARGGGGGGGGG" so afraid something was going to happen or that he would ge too far... now he safe and sound inside but he can dream before i put him in the court again!!!!)

      i found one contest that could make part of your dream come true....either you come in europe if you win or you see if one of the ressort is near rt and available when it is^^ i really wish you good luck in it

      another US only but one that you have to find answer each day:

      ebook or gift card ( starbuck i can't use but still the story feels good)


      Now ^^ if you want to continue the imalind series here a few opportunity to get book 2 or 3 or swag ( since you got book 1 already) ( you follow the site i know but in case you missed the post)

    10. I think you would love to win this swag^^ US only

      Another go for a kindle ( int ^^ so rare for this kind):

      print book:

      oki for now that 's all perhaps a little more before i go to sleep but not sure

    11. That would be really scary! Im glad your dog woke you up to go save him! you need to just stay inside and get better! I know with the weather going back and forth like it is here I tend to get sick so Im hoping I can avoid that. I found a freebie on Amazon but I know that it doesnt mean you can get it. So I was looking on smashwords and while I didnt find that same book I found others from her that are free. She writes a were series and a few of her others were free too. Heres both links so you can see

    12. i saw on smashword that's some of her different series... ( the one with werewolf sound good but book 1 is the only one not free^^) still i will keep my eyes open thank you for teh discovery, have you read anything by her?

    13. oups i forgot, i saw some of these as price in contest so perhaps the paperback oen day

    14. K found another for a print book or ebook-

    15. Sorry just saw your comment. I didnt refresh the page before I sent that one. I havent read anything yet but I may try one of the freebies and see if its something that you have to read in order?

    16. Heres a giveaway from Laura kaye for a whole bunch of swag. You just have to comment. Shes having a blog tour and on all the stops she usually gives stuff away.

    17. i saw another of her stop so thank you for this one.

      Like Brenda asked i will put the new one in teh other post but don't worry i will still send yuou an email to the more urgent one^^

    18. I will do the same, but so far I havent found any that were ending very fast.

    19. ^^ you will be happy then because in a few minute i will add a lot of them^^

    20. ^^ i'm so glad it paid off!!

    21. Me too! Now I hope you win some goodies! :D

    22. we will see but if i do win something you gave me the link to i will tell you don't worry

    23. Hey I won some swag from my book chatter. I saw that you did too so yay!!! We were #'s 9 and 10 :)

    24. ^^ isn't great? i just saw that too^^ ^^ some piece for my collection and i hope some special one too *_*

    25. I was very happy to see your name on there too! :) I'll let you know if I get mine soon. Im not sure where its coming from but if its in the US it'll probably reach me first.

    26. yes but all package will be different too ( i guess for the US you will get the larger heavier piece like water bottle etc

    27. Probably. We'll have to compare what we get.

    28. oki^^ deal! i will tell you once i receive it and then we will see

    29. Sounds good. :) Maybe we will want to swap stuff.

    30. if i have bookmarks in double in don't mind sharing ... now the rest of swag you can dream^^;; it's really REALLY too rare here so i treasure the few i have ( a notebook , 2pens,1waterbottle and 1 totebag ( small really small) that all i have "special"