Sunday, March 10, 2013

VBT: Giveaway and Review ~ Hearts of Ishira by Bethany Aan

                                                                                                                                                         When Arianna wakes on a strange planet, she is the only human able to communicate psychically with the big, sexy Thorsani warrior who rides in with his men to rescue the Earth women from their crashed space transport. The Thorsani, humanoid but descended from sentient cats eons ago, are also marooned on this planet they have named 'Ishira'.

Hunter and his brother Jace are Commander and lead physician of Ishira colony. When the captured women tumble into their lives, the small Earthlings turn the men's world upside down. The girls bring drama and heartache, laughter and light...not to mention the first opportunity for sex in more than ten years. And though she's the oldest of her group, Hunter and Jace find themselves drawn to the lovely, curvy Arianna.

For Ri and her ladies, their tumultuous new life takes a very interesting turn when they discover that the Thorsani way is to marry in teams of men...

• Title: Hearts of Ishira    

• Author: Bethany Aan

• Release Date: September 16, 2012

• Genre: Romantica (Erotic Romance)

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About the Author:

Bethany has been a fan and a writer of romance, science fiction/fantasy, and erotic fiction for more than twenty years and is thrilled that the reading market has finally caught up to her love of all three so that she can share the stories she's always dreamed of writing.

Bethany Aan lives in the beautiful mountains of North Carolina with her husband and their dog, Loki.

You can find her author's page on Facebook, follow her blog at , or keep up with everything at once by visiting

My Thoughts:

It was original, imaginative, and super steamy! This book was about a group of women in a spaceship who crash land on an alien planet. There is one woman among them who is somewhat psychic. She sends out a mental cry for help and it is answered by an alien. Hunter and a crew of his men come to the rescue just in the nick of time!

There was lots of action, romance, and super steamy scenes in this one. It was a fairly long book but I didn't once check to see the number of pages I had left to read. :-)

I was swept away to the alien world and found myself caught in the web of this story. I had trouble walking away from it but had to at times because of the length.

I recommend this one to those of you who want some super steamy action in your next read, :-) those who like alien stories, or those just looking for something different. I would say this one is meant for adults only! ;-) Also I have to warn you that it does end in a cliff hanger. :-(

I received a copy of this book from CBL Book Tours in exchange for my honest opinion. I am honestly ready for more! As I already said, I found it to be original, imaginative, and super steamy! Translation I really liked it. ;-)

How would you handle it if you woke up on an alien world and didn't remember how you got there?

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  1. I would be terrified i guess... even more if i'm alone or couldn't communicate with those already on that world ( hoping they are friendly too^^;;) Now that being said to start with i'm not sure i would dare to go on a spaceship..; part of me would like to discover new things, languages and culture but the other know i'm not in a good health for this and is afraid of the unknown^^;;

    A steamy reads that can be great ^^, now they are the trouble of the cliffhanger but if book two isn't too long to arrive it's one i'm happy to add

    1. Miki, I too have a curiosity about learning new things. Always wanted to travel the world, but I LOVE to be home. As for health and such, there is no way I could go the way I am now, but if I was in that situation, I'm sure I would have taken training for survival and fitness. Of course, not being able to communicate, I think would be the scariest part of the scenario. I hate not knowing what others are thinking.

    2. I agree it is hard to not know what someone is thinking. Communication is key to any healthy relationship. When you don't speak the same language that would be super hard.

  2. +JMJ+

    At first I was going to say that I would be so traumatised if I woke up on an alien world with no memory of how I got there . . . but then I remembered that I run through similar scenarios of waking up in the past or in the future in my head all the time! =P An alien world would be a challenge on a whole other level, of course, but I might be able to hack it if I met a friendly inhabitant.

    But there would definitely be a big emotional toll. I like putting down roots more than spreading my wings, so I'd be homesick for a very long while. =/

    1. LOL, I hadn't thought of it from that perspective +JMJ+! It is true, I am constantly in new places, and wake up from my reading and forget where I am at all of the time :D

      I'm a roots kind of gal too. We'd have to lean on each other for moral support.

    2. Yes great outlook as usual E!

      I too am a roots girl. I live across the street from the house I grew up in.

      I agree Josette, we could all lean on each other! :-)

  3. Thank you so much for such a wonderful review!

    I promise that book two is nearly ready. Hopefully it will be out by summer, and my beta readers assure me that it's worth waiting for. *crossing fingers*

    1. You do rassure me a lot^^ because i don't like cliffhanger so knowing book 2 will be there is great ( though i hope it won('t have a cliffhanger too!)

    2. Bethany,

      Thank you! I'll keep my fingers crossed too!

      If you haven't already figured it out, most of my followers shy away from cliffhangers. They will wait for me to give them an all clear before reading books that may have them in it. Not to worry though, I'll let them know when it's safe to read them! :-)

  4. This one sounds right up my ally. I've been reading a lot of YA and tamer reads lately. I think it's time for something a bit steamy ;)

    As for being stranded, I would be terrified because I am kind of a wimp LOL However, I would think if I was already traveling out in space, I'd probably be braver than I am now. I would hope I had taken some survival training, etc. before leaving home, so I'd know the basics on how to live.

    1. With the proper preparation yes it could be interesting ^^ but if i don't know how i got there not sure it was prepared at all^^

      if i was just wisked away suddenly for example^^ but this book can made us think about it it seems^^

      now if we could pick our comrades i think i would be prepared for everything if i had brenda, enbrethiel and you ^^ ( the space book gang^^)

    2. Josette,

      There is definitely steam! ;-) I would be freaking out and be extremely scared too!

      I'd be there for you in a heartbeat Miki!

    3. Thanks Miki! I agree, I think the group of us could do surprising well if we were there to support each other.

      Steam, huh, guess I need to add this one to my TBR pile ;)

    4. Yes you want to add this one. ;-)

  5. I would freak out. I watch enough sci-fi and horror to imagine the worst things possible. :) Sounds like an interesting story. I will definitely check it out.

    1. I would freak out too Amber! It was an interesting story. :-)

  6. I think anyone that handled it calmly would be crazy, I would freak out and be scared out of my mind...I would panic and then I would HOPE that whatever survival skill may be within me would kick in! LOL, But the freaking out would probably last for a long time.

    1. Might I also add that once my freaking out subsided and if the environment didn't prove itself hostile, I would want to know more about the strange place and inhabitants. Besides knowing your surroundings is part of surviving, right? Or maybe that's just my justification for being curious :)

    2. Ha! I'd be going crazy too Dione!

  7. Don't believe that I'd be happy in the least! I'd probably freak out, be scared and be trying to find a place to hide- you would also have to be in "survival" mode...