Sunday, March 31, 2013

Have a wonderful Easter!

Have a beautiful day!

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  1. Happy easter to you and your loved ones Brenda!!
    i hope you will have a sunny day if you go to an hunt^^

    here the weather is still freezing but no rain so far ( though we coul get a little snow ^^ Jack frost love to play with the rabbit^^)
    i do have received some kindner though^^

    Happy Easter to all!

    1. Happy Easter to you too Miki! :-)

      Today it is lightly sprinkling. We had our egg hunt yesterday and it was beautiful and sunny!

  2. Happy Easter! I hope you had a great day!

  3. Hope everyone had a totally AMAZING holiday! I was able to travel to an author event. Spent time with a friend from high school, and met a couple of my online bookclub friends fro the first time. It was an amazing time and then I came home to spend Easter day with my parents and children. The weekend before I made a great dinner for my in-laws. It totally made my day that they enjoyed it so much. Holidays are always about family around her, and I'm so glad to get the chance to spend each one with my family and friends.