Sunday, March 31, 2013

March Wrap Up and April Comment Incentive

Miki is once again our MVC for March! Congratulations Miki! I'll be in touch. :-)

I have decided to add a new twist to the Comment Incentive Giveaway.

It will stay the same except, the prize will now be the winner's choice of book from those we discussed during the month.

For those of you who are new to this giveaway, it is pretty simple. The giveaway will remain open for the entire month. The link can be found at the top of my page for easy access! Each post will entered on the giveaway form. Most posts give you two chances to get points. :-)

You can get one point just for commenting. Easy peasy! While every comment counts, I hope that you will be more original than just saying this sounds good all of the time! 

The second way to earn points is to share the post. You can get three points for sharing the post in addition to the one for commenting.

You can enter up till the last day of the month. So even if you can't stop by each day, you can still take part!

I appologize for not answering your comments as quickly as I usually do the last week or so. With the holiday and the kids home from school, I was a tad distracted (to say the least).

Thank you to all those who entered my giveaways this month especially those who took the time to comment and enter the Incentive giveaway.

Here is a recap on some of the winners from my last few contests:

The Lunar Love winner was Cricket and she choose Frost Burned.

The winner of the Lucky in Love Giveaway was Jennifer W. and she choose Walking Disaster.

The winner of my Spring Cleaning giveaway was Megan K. who chose The Man Must Marry.

There were a whole bunch of other winners from the other giveaways not sponsored by me. All of the winners responded and should have received their prizes or at least correspondance about receiving them. All of the winners can be found on the giveaway form for that giveaway. As soon as the winner responds to my email, I publish their name.

Congratulations to all of the winners!

Good Luck!

Thank you for commenting! Don't forget to enter the Comment Incentive Giveaway. The link can be found at the top of the page!


  1. +JMJ+

    Happy Easter, Brenda! =D

    I think the new twist on the Comment Incentive Giveaway is a great idea, especially since it will reflect the spirit of your blog. =) I look forward to another month of discussion with you, Miki, Josette, and everyone else!

    1. Thanks I look forward to it as well. I've been thinking of doing the twist for awhile. You helped me decide to make the change. I hope everyone else is as accepting of it. :D

    2. Thanks +JMJ+, I hope to be on more this month. March was a bit of a struggle. How does it go, In like a Lion and Out like a Lamb ;)

  2. Happy Easter! and a big thank you!

    i don't mind the new twist since you spoke a little about this idea when you started to think about this comment incentive... it's really logic too^^
    i do have a little precision to ask though... do the new rule include the books you reviewed during the month only or also teh cover revealed one, those you spoke of but without a review) and lastly when you put some choice for giveaway hop etc during the month do those books count in the winner choice or not? ( yes i know i'm checking all detail but i think it could be useful to know)

    Enbrethiliel, i'm really happy to continue to discuss with you and the gang ( while vbeing still open to newcomers^^)

    1. I think any books mentioned that month is fair. So whether it is a review, a cover reveal, a release post, a book hop, or even one of my IMM posts it counts.

      Does that work for you?

    2. no problem don't worry^^ i just thought it was better to have the precision ^^ now everything is clear and no one should have any trouble to understand now ^^, you did well

  3. I am new to this website. In addition to your great posts, I really like the Comment Incentive Giveaway.

    1. Welcome! I'm a realist and I know that not every post is going to hit with everyone but I try to mix them up. I'm glad you like it here. :-)

      I Love to offer giveaways. :-) Good Luck!

  4. Congrats Miki! I hope everyone had a great Easter!

  5. Happy Belated Easter to Everyone! Congrats to Miki! I hope to be on more this month, crossing my fingers that things get better than last month ;) Of course, I am going into the kids busy time of the year, so we'll just have to play it by ear.

    Brenda, I think it's a great idea for the giveaway. My only concern is to make sure that there is a good selection of different type of books to choose from. I've noticed on a few blogs I used to follow more, that they seem to do a lot of YA or NA (New Adult) books. Although, I do enjoy one from those areas once in awhile, I am definitely an Adult level reader. So, I don't really follow them much any more. I've never noticed that with your blog though, but thought I would mention it. Thanks for a great blog site and the giveaway!


    1. It's a good point but I don't think you have to worry about it. I like to many different genres for that to be a problem!

  6. I've been here before but I'm new to the Comment Inceptive and I'm really looking forward to joining the giveaway and leaving comments.
    Thanks for the great giveaway and Happy Easter(better late than never)!

  7. I commented on your
    My comment was
    I entered your Fool For Books Giveaway
    In response to your questions of
    Which book would you choose? And
    How would you make a Fool of yourself for a book?
    I would like to win a copy of
    Scarlet by Marissa Meyer And yes i would
    make a Fool of myself for a book.
    I would be willing to dress up like
    William Shakespeare and go to a book store and read aloud from his books then dance in the aisle
    and ask every girl i see if her name is Juliet.
    Thank you for having this giveaway!!!!!!

    1. Wayne,

      If you want to enter the giveaway you need to enter it in the giveaway entry form above. If you've done that then you're all set!

  8. I'm new to your blog and I think this is an awesome idea.

    1. Welcome Shona! I look forward to talking with you. :-)

  9. What an innovative way to have a giveaway. Great idea. I was looking through the selection of books for this month's giveaway and am very excited for Screaming Spires by Georgiana Derwent. It's book two in the Cavalier series. I am going to check out Book 1. How can one go wrong with centuries old vampires and ancient conspiracies?

    1. How indeed! I'll be reviewing book one this coming week! :-)