Thursday, April 24, 2014

Review ~ Songbird Caged by Lisa Edward with a Giveaway

Tara has made a promise.

A promise to wait six months for Riley to come home from his tour of duty, so they can be together.

But as secrets and lies are uncovered, it leads Tara to question their commitment, and she is finding it difficult to keep that promise.
The distance between them is growing, and only one person can fill the void, Tara’s best friend Cole.

As Cole tries to support Tara, he is struggling with demons of his own, that threaten to tear him away from the life he has built for himself. 

After devastating news is received, who will be there to pick up the pieces?
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I awoke with a start.

My arm had gone to sleep from laying on it all night, and my face was squished into someone’s neck. It was Cole’s. I inhaled his warm cedar and musk scent. Even after sleeping on the couch all night, he smelt unbelievable.

Sitting up, I moved my head from side to side, trying to stretch out the kinks.

“Good morning, sleepy head. Did you just sniff me again?”

I looked down at Cole. He was grinning up at me as I rubbed my shoulders and numb arm.

“Good morning,” I replied with a groan, as I stretched my arms over my head. “You know I’m staying here so I don’t have to sleep on a couch. Kind of defeats the purpose, spending the night out here.”

He sat up and started rubbing my arm, trying to get the blood to flow back into it.

“I disagree. I’m sure I’m much more comfortable to lay on than your lumpy couch.” He moved his attention to my shoulders, and I sighed. “Besides, it’s not every day I have someone dribble all down my neck.”

I wiped my hand across my cheek. It was damp. Oh my God, I had dribbled in my sleep. I checked Cole’s neck and quickly wiped it dry.

“You should be used to it,” I said, trying to make light of the embarrassing situation. “You have girls drooling over you everywhere you go.”

He chuckled. “No one who matters.” He took my hand away from his now dry neck and held it. 

“Until now, that is.”
Songbird, book 1
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Every relationship changes you, some for the better, others can shatter your confidence and almost destroy you.

For the musically talented, twenty-four year old Tara O’Connell, her relationship with Stephen almost broke her, until Tara found the strength to leave.

Now she is on the road to discovering that it is never too late to pursue your dreams and follow your heart.

As Tara’s self-belief grows, she meets two men she is instantly drawn to who will change her life forever.

Corporal Riley Hammond is a soldier in the Australian Military Special Forces. With his smiling sapphire blue eyes, Tara falls for him instantly. He is thoughtful and caring, and gives her the support and love she needs.

While Cole Michaels is the overconfident singer in a popular local band. His charisma, emerald green eyes, tattoos and  piercing, have girls falling at his feet. But while Cole pushes Tara’s buttons, he also pushes her to reach for the stars.

Both men couldn’t be more polar opposites, but both offer Tara different qualities that she needs to fulfill her destiny.

As Tara continues her journey, she will discover fate can offer you more than one path. Her fate is in her own hands, and the choices she makes, will shape her life forever.


While Lisa Edward has called Melbourne Australia home for her entire life, she has lived and worked in England, and travelled through most parts of Europe and the United States. She loves nothing more than spending time with her husband and beautiful daughter, or curling up into the early hours of the morning with a great novel. 

By day, Lisa works in the analytical IT field, so relishes the opportunity to foster her creative side through writing. Her deep appreciation for literature was nurtured from a young age, being taught to respect books and get lost in their stories. She enjoys reading honest and realistic novels that are relatable, thought provoking and leave a lasting impression. 

She can’t write without music playing, using the emotions from different songs to invoke that of her characters. Lisa takes inspiration from her own life experiences, the people around her and those she has met in her travels.

My Thoughts:

I read both Songbird which was the first book and Songbird Caged which is the second book. I strongly suggest reading them in order.

This series is about Tara. She is a talented musician who's spirit has been broken by an a** of a man that she's been shacking up with. Luckily she leaves him at the beginning of the book! :D

Tara is one of those charismatic people that others seem to flock to. She is kind, caring, talented, and loyal. I really liked her. Every once in a while, something she said or did got on my nerves but that was mostly when she was doubting herself or how someone felt about her. I understood that she would have doubts after the abuse she dealt with but it still grated a little.

There is an abundance of men wanting to be Tara's but she doesn't realize her appeal.

She ends up with one man much to the dismay of the others. I really liked all of the guys with the exception of the a** she started out with and one other who makes an appearance in both books. Lisa Edward has a great talent for writing book boyfriends. ;-) I am sure you will all agree!

The first book shows lots of character development in Tara. She starts to blossom under the positive attention that she receives from her friends. :-) 

Songbird features music, an obnoxious ex, a heroine with a lack of confidence at first, awesome men galore including a few in uniform ;-), drama, romance, some steam and dirty talk, ;-) all wrapped up with a ribbon of emotional ups and downs.

If you like steamy romances with a bit of a love triangle, you'll want to read this one!

In Songbird Caged, we pick up where book one left off. Tara is still the focus along with all of the guys. :-) She is still in a relationship with the man of her choice, however, things become far from perfect.

Meanwhile, she gets closer and closer with the others.

There is more angst, drama, and emotion in this book along with some sad and dangerously scary happenings. There is still music, romance, steam, and dirty talk as well. :D

Songbird Caged had my tears flowing freely in one or two places but I also found a few things to be predictable. 

I really really liked both of these books. I am team Cole. I liked all of the guys but I just don't quite trust Riley. I don't exactly know why. 

I would recommend these books to those of you who like sweet guys and bad boys, musicians, romance and especially a mixture of these things. And the first book is only 99 cents. Trust me, get it now!

I had a hard time putting either book down. I am eagerly awaiting the next book.

I received ecopies of both books in exchange for my honest opinion. They were both awesome! I really liked the first book and I liked the second book even more. I am now a huge fan of Lisa Edward. ;-)

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  1. oh you don't trust the military one^^ but at the same time i trust your instinct so if you have your alarms on something is definiotively off with him despites all his good looks.

    i appreciate that you pointed Tara to be loyal as you know it's something importnat for me.... i think i will put these on the maybe list while waiting for the series to be complete ( i couldn't stiop at a book that make you cry even a little evn at some part only... because it could me i would cry rivers so better have the next one under hand in that case^^)

    thank you a lot for sharing your passion with us day after day

  2. I remember you saying that I would like these. At least I'm pretty sure it was this one you said that too. :) I have them on my list. :)