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Blurb Blitz ~CAT GOT YOUR TONGUE by Rae Rivers featuring a giveaway & review


A billionaire’s life and art collection are at risk. Who better to help than the daughter of a cat burglar?

When art collector Cole Anderson is targeted for his priceless Renoir, he reluctantly employs a bodyguard to upgrade his personal security. Imagine his surprise when she arrives—professional, capable, and sporting a ponytail and a gorgeous smile. Alex Foxley is all woman—sexy, feisty, and intimately familiar with the shady workings of the art underworld thanks to her mother’s connections.

While battling an explosive attraction for each other and thwarting thieves determined to have Cole’s Renoir at any cost, Cole and Alex must work together to protect his life and property—and uncover a secret neither of them knows exists. Will they discover who is behind the deadly conspiracy before it’s too late? Or will passion and lust blind them to what’s right under their noses?

Cat Got Your Tongue?

By: Rae Rivers

Released Sept 22nd, 2013

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“Perhaps we should up your bodyguards to two agents when you attend a more public event?”

Cole’s eyes flickered with amusement. “You think you can’t handle it on your own?”

Mm, she should have expected that from him. “I can handle it, Anderson. Just thinking ahead and trying to be prepared, that’s all.”

“You’re my arm candy with a kick, remember? You can handle me.”

“I can handle the press,” she said softly. “As for you, I’m not so sure.” She’d meant to tease him but to her surprise, she found her words had a ring of truth to them. She wasn’t sure if she could handle him – or the chemistry that sparked between them.

“If you can handle a bullet and a cat burglar, I should be a walk in the park.”

“Bullets and cat burglars are familiar to me. You are an entirely new game.”

“I like games.”

“Why am I not surprised?”

Dark eyes zeroed in on her and he gave her a slow, predatory smile. “Scared?”

 Author Info:

I’m an avid reader and writer with a passion for writing romance novels. I live in Cape Town, South Africa, with my gorgeous husband, two beautiful children and a zoo of house pets. Besides writing, I love family time, the outdoors, travelling, watching TV series, reading and chocolate.

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My Thoughts:  

This book was a rather fast read. When I first read the title, I thought it was going to be about a cat shifter. That is not the case. This book delves a little into the world of cat burglars.   

Our leading lady is NOT a cat burglar but let's just say that it's in her blood. She knows the way they operate and that makes her perfect for her job as a security guard for the wealthy.   

 Alex is a tough as nails gal who always gets the job done. She is one of the best and it shows.   Cole is thinking of hiring her before he knows that she is not a he. LOL! He meets her for the first time at an art auction while she is attending with a friend whom she is working for. The same friend is the one who recommended Alex to him.   

While at the auction Alex sees a known cat burglar looking at a painting that Cole is buying. Although he doesn't realize that Alex is the bodyguard that he is going to hire, she knows who he is and feels obligated to help him.... Things get pretty deep pretty quickly!   

There is a lot of action and suspense in this book in addition to some romance, danger, and art.   

Alex is one tough cookie but she is a woman too. Cole is a typical man and has a neanderthal living in his mind that thinks he can and should protect "his" woman. LOL! These two were great together!    

The beginning threw me off just a tad (you'll understand when you read it) but the ending brought it full circle for me. It started with an adrenaline spike and ended with some sweetness. :-)   I was completely entrenched in this book and I barely put it down until the end.         

If you like who dun its, art, and romantic suspense books, this one is a must have for you.   

I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I thought it was an exciting, adrenaline filled read that had just the right amount of steam. ;-)  I also found the cat burglar element interesting.     


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  1. oh so good to know ^^ just for a second i imagined feline shifter too but teh summary changed my mind quickly. it still a really interesting plot . the fact you loved it is also a really great recommandation even if i wonder what had you perturbed at a time;)

    now what kind of heroine i connect better with? loyal ones they can be quiet or feisty but honest and loyal oh and not the damsel in distress that act stupidly ( even quiet one can be intelligent;) )

  2. I don't like clingy dainty wimpy heroines other than that I'm fine though I do like ones that can look after themselves

    1. LOL we all think alike here. None of us do the damsels in distress well.

  3. I've read some with cat burglars and they were very fun. I'm intrigued now by your review. :)

    I prefer the feistier heroines. I definitely don't like damsels in distress. I like to think most females can rescue themselves. So pretty much any type of heroine but that.

    1. I agree! I love feisty heroines! Thanks for the comment!

  4. What an interesting book! I like heroines who are strong, independent, and feisty.

    1. ^^ that's the general opinion as it seems^^

  5. Hi, Brenda. Thank you so much for having me on your blog and for this lovely review. I'm thrilled that you enjoyed Cat Got Your Tongue? :)