Friday, November 1, 2013

Review ~ Running From Forever by Ashley Wilcox




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Book Description:

Recent college graduate, Kayla Reynolds was ready to leave the university, sorority life behind. Leaving her boyfriend of over three years, she packed her bags and moved four hours south to the big city…New York City. Bright lights, streets that never sleep, and a business lifestyle that she yearned to have were all at her fingertips.

Kayla Reynolds was chasing her dream.

Determined and eager to make it in the corporate world, Kayla changed everything- her image, lifestyle, and outlook on life, putting her career first and her personal life second. That was until her first day, the first time she got a glimpse of Miles Blackwell. Corporate CEO and part owner of ETV, and not to mention, incredibly handsome, Miles Blackwell took Kayla by surprise, stealing her heart as he did.

But nothing had ever come that easy for Kayla. Life had always seemed to have a personal vendetta against her, stepping in when everything seemed too good to be true, reminding herself of whom she really was. It wasn’t until she met Merrick Drake that she realized when to stop; when running was no longer an option. For the first time in her life she had someone she could relate to; someone who wouldn’t judge- who saw the person she was inside. She and Merrick connected…on more levels than one.

When life was too much to handle, they ran.

But there was only one person that could make Kayla stop for good. Only one man that made her want to stay.

Would Kayla finally stop running or would it all be too much to handle?


About the Author

Some may consider me a jack of all trades, but I consider myself well rounded. I've waitressed, styled hair, answered phones and, most recently, worked full time as mom to my two beautiful little boys.

Then there was this book...

Everyone and their brother started talking about this book series titled Fifty Shades of Grey by EL James. I didn't really pay attention to the craze at first, since I wasn't a big reader- okay, I didn't read at all. But curiosity got the best of me, so I downloaded it to my kindle.
I was immediately hooked. I read the whole series in three days. Yes, three books in three days.

I kept finding all these great books that I HAD to read (just ask my credit card!).

Then I started hearing voices. Voices that turned into stories; stories that were begging to get out of my head. I started writing them down on scraps of paper. Then I transferred them to my computer. Before I knew it, Planning on Forever was born.

The voices in my head are still talking, so I'm still writing.

My thoughts:

I really liked this book. :-) If you have a WTRAFS list like me, I'd advise you to try this one. ;-)

This is actually book five in the Forever series. However, it stands alone really well! I haven't read any of the other books. Now I plan to though!

There was deception, lust and steam, romance, a couple of hot hunky guys, and a heroine who likes to run from her problems.

What can I say? I was hooked from the beginning and I stayed there until ~ wait I'm still there! lol!

There were twists and turns that I just didn't see coming. It was great!

I received an ecopy of this book through AToMR Tours in exchange for my honest opinion. I thought it was really good and as I said, I'm so enraptured that I'll be going back to read the previous books too.

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  1. That's quite a surprise^^ from the summary i wouldn't have thought it was for us ( she loves someone but leaves him they get another etc) glad to see it worth a lot more than first impression and since it's a stand alone ( part of a series i know^^) it gains even more points

    but just from curiosity ^^ the " WTRAFS" stands for what exactly?

    1. what to read after fifty shades. ;)

    2. oh i understand why i missed that since i haven't read that book^^ ( i prefer to ask in case^^)

    3. :) I dont think you'd really like fifty shades and I had to think about it for a minute too. :)

    4. I'm so sorry! I didn't notice that you guys commented. :-( I just assumed everyone would know what I was talking about. Thanks for clearing it up Amber!

      I agree with Amber. Although I really liked it, I don't think you'd like Fifty Shades, Miki.

    5. First Brenda don't worry ^^ we try to comment on each post^^ and we know you don't always have the time to check all comments each day)
      it's not on my list either i know you liked it but i never though it was my kind of book ( so a lot of common tastes and some difference too ;) )

  2. Sounds really good :)
    Very nice review,this book go on my to-read list :)

  3. I will definitely have to look into this series. It sounds intriguing. :)

  4. Really cool to know that this book can be a standalone but as usual it's always best to read from the very beginning. I'd never heard of WTRAFS as well so thanks for clearing that up! I've only read book 1 of FS. The book description confused me a little bit. Does that mean Miles wasn't good to her and she learned her lesson after him? Curious.

    Thanks for sharing this book!

  5. book five? this author can write cx i am a sucker for romance. i like the idea of the stuggle just to get through life's obstacles. will there be a love triangle? o:

  6. I can't say I've even been interested in reading Fifty Shades -- so should I be interested in this one, Running From Forever? From the blurb, I though it might be interesting, now I'm not so sure. I do know I have the tendency to want to run away when I face difficulties.