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Blood Will Tell and Blood Is Thicker by Meredith Mansfield, review & giveaway

About the Author:

Professionally, I've been a financial analyst and a visual basic programmer. I also have a paralegal certificate, although I've never worked in that field. It's anybody's guess what I'll be when I grow up.

Imagining stories and writing have always been an important part of my life. It's one I've finally gotten to spend a significant amount of time on while I care for my mother who has Alzheimer's disease.

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Chimeria Two-Book Bundle

Contains both

Blood Will Tell

and Blood Is Thicker


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Blood Will Tell

Book One

Meredith Mansfield

Genre: Paranormal Romance/Urban Fantasy

ISBN: 978-1484141137

ISBN: 9781476442884


Number of pages: 249 pages

Word Count: 96,000 words

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Book Description:

Being a half-blood is inconvenient on a good day, especially when the half you got from your mother is werewolf. Valeriah can’t take wolf form, but the full moon still fills her with manic energy. Running helps; a tired werewolf is a good werewolf.

Living perennially caught between two worlds--human and werewolf, magic and non-magic--doesn't leave much room for love. That suits Valeriah just fine. She's never had any luck with that anyway.

Until her cousin’s life is threatened, that is, and out of necessity she accepts the help of a mysterious young man to protect Cristel. Rolf is everything that makes Valeriah's pulse speed up in spite of herself. Now, with Cristel's life in the balance, is the worst possible time for that kind of complication.

But Rolf's secrets could destroy her trust and that might cost her life.

Blood Is Thicker

Book Two

Meredith Mansfield

ISBN: 978-1492105138

ISBN: 9781301244065


Number of Pages: 212 pages

Number of Words: 78,000 words

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In the sequel to BLOOD WILL TELL, the newlyweds, Rolf and Valeriah, face a new crisis.

Born half-werewolf, Valeriah's life has never been simple. Her recent marriage to a dragon has led to a transformation--Valeriah is now a dragon, too. But, taking the form and knowing how to actually be a dragon is not the same thing. Her life has even more complications than ever. So many, in fact, that she doesn't recognize the signs of her own pregnancy until Rolf rushes her to the Hatching Grounds to lay their eggs.

But then things only get worse, because something's wrong on the Hatching Grounds. The underground source of heat that sustains the eggs is slowly dying. Valeriah and Rolf have to scramble to discover what's gone wrong and find a way to fix it before their eggs die.

Excerpt: ( I love this!) (Bah humbug!)

Rolf noticed the decorations on the light standards first. He started whistling "Joy to the World."

Vallie took one look and groaned. "Christmas. Perfect. Busiest shopping time of the year."

"Well, we left here six months ago and it was June, then," Rolf said.

"I know. It's just easy to lose track of the dates over here when you spend a lot of time in Chimeria."

"What's Christmas?" Kamara asked from the back seat.

Vallie twisted around to answer her. "A big holiday in the main religion over here. They all go out and buy each other gifts they can't afford and don't need."

Rolf laughed. "Scrooge! Christmas can be fun. Singing. Parties. Decorations."

"Dragging a dead tree into the house," Vallie answered.

"The piney smell of the forest drifting through the house."

Vallie made a rude noise.


Vallie made a face. "Yuck."

"Hot cocoa with peppermint schnapps, then." As the look on Vallie's face changed, Rolf continued, pressing his advantage. "Peppermint bark, candy canes, fudge, Christmas cookies."

"Well . . ." Vallie said. "Some of it may be okay."

"Haven't you ever had a good time at Christmas over here?" Rolf asked.

She shrugged. "No. I've never been on this side for pleasure, only as a bodyguard for Zobran or Tirella or one of the other Council members. All the crowds and chaos of the holidays only made my job harder."

"We'll have to see if we can't fix that," Rolf said. "Show you how much fun it can be."

Vallie turned to him, frowning. "I'm not concerned about having fun. We're here to find out how to save our eggs," Valeriah said.

"Well, I think it sounds like fun. Are we going to celebrate Christmas?" Kamara asked, cutting off any further argument from Valeriah.

"I believe a Christmas party for the employees of Goldings Bank is traditional," Rolf said.

"Oh, good!" Kamara said, bouncing in her seat.

My Thoughts:

I was glad to read the omnibus and not just book one. There wasn't a cliff hanger or anything, I was just happy to jump from book to book without having to wait.

First let me say these are Dragon books. No they don't drag and you shouldn't drag them, I mean they are about dragons. You know large scaly reptiles that can breathe fire.

There are so many more creatures in these books that you'll be ecstatic! There are even unicorns!

The main character Valeriah is a tough as nails bodyguard who is a hybrid mix of species. She is one quarter human, one quarter unicorn, and half werewolf. Her Grandfather is a powerful wizard, her Grandmother was a unicorn, and her mom was a werewolf. Many of the pure bloods look down on her because of it. This is validated when something happens to a family member and the council refuses to give her the inheritance that was left for her because of her mixed blood.

She doesn't take their answer and demands that they reconvene with all of the members present.

I don't want to give too much away, so let me just say there is suspense, lots of action, romance, some steam though not detailed, oodles and oodles of supes, danger and a somewhat scary scenario (if it happened in real life) which results in a life or death situation.
That pretty much sums up the first book other than the romance between Rolf and Vallie. Rolf was sweet. He was very protective with both Vallie and her cousin.

In the second book, Blood Is Thicker, Rolf and Vallie are mated and she is pregnant. Problems arise and they have to find a way to fix them. This is the main focus in this book.

There are many other surprises though, including an awesome one at the end. :D

I'm not sure that I like Rolf's mother. I feel like she's up to something but I can't figure out what.

I love the way Rolf sticks up for Vallie. He is awesome (most of the time).

This book has the same attributes as book one. You will experience romance, action, surprise, angst, and some danger.

It didn't take much time to read the omnibus and it kept my interest from start to finish.

I am revved up and ready to read more about these characters especially Rudy. :-)

I would recommend this to all of you who enjoy Dragons, paranormal books, or an interesting story.

I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. I though it was fantastically imaginative. I really liked it a lot!

You could get a copy of this book. How? Just leave a comment and enter it into the Comment Incentive Rafflecopter. The link can be found at the top of the page!


  1. Oh dragon and unicorns and all teh rest!! yes i'm estatic^^ and teh fact you loved teh story makes it even better!!! thank you for teh discovery.
    i love she is of mixed blood because it show that loves interspecies is possible

  2. I'm so glad you enjoyed it. :)

    I'll be back by later.

    1. To say I enjoyed it is putting it too mildly. :-) I thought it was wonderful! I can't wait to read more!

  3. Dragons werewolves and did I hear unicorns wow my favourite things.

    1. Yes, all three. And wizards, too.

  4. I feel like I should sing "These are a few of my favorite things" LOL Sounds great! Thanks for sharing!

  5. I loved your review. Both books sound so good with dragons and all the rest. I would really enjoy reading them. Thanks for this chance.

    1. :-) I bet you would enjoy them. Good luck!

    2. Yes, I hope you'd enjoy them as much as Brenda has.

  6. What a fascinating set of books! I am intrigued by Yaleriah being a hybrid mix of human, unicorn, and werewolf and her transformation into a dragon. Will definitely put this book on my TBR list. Thanks for sharing.

    1. I'm glad you find it intriguing.

  7. I love dragons and hearing how good it is.I'm surely intrigued

    1. I love dragons, too. They creep into a surprising number of my stories--but they're always different. :)

  8. oo fantasyy. im definitely gettin my hands on this one