Saturday, April 18, 2015

Review ~ In His Corner by Vina Arno


No sex for almost a year could kill a guy, but when you’re the boxer known as the Juggernaut, it’s the price you pay for turning pro. Tommy’s fully dedicated to his craft, until he meets the incredibly gorgeous Dr. Siena Carr.

Now he’s looking forward to taking on this prim and proper lady in a wet and wild workout…


Siena has seen many patients come through the ER, but none as sexy as Tommy Raines. With a nasty cut over his eye, she knows he needs stitches, but after he takes off his shirt, she needs some air. With rock-hard abs and taut biceps, it’s clear this man takes care of his body. And all Siena can think about is letting him take care of hers…

Title:  In His Corner

Author:   Vina Arno

Genre: Contemporary Romance

Publish Date:   April 14, 2015

Publisher: Lyrical Press/Kensington Publishing

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Vina Arno is a pen name used by Cindy Fazzi. She is a Philippine-born American writer who has worked as a

journalist in the Philippines, Taiwan, and the United States. Her two decades of experience as a news reporter

and editor includes working for the Associated Press. She has a master’s degree in journalism from Ohio State

University. Her short stories have been published in Snake Nation Review, Copperfield Review, and SN

Review. Her debut romance, "In His Corner," published by Lyrical Press/Kensington Publishing, is scheduled for release on April 14, 2015.

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My Thoughts:

Kapow! Blam! Yowza! These two main characters could not have been more opposite. These two had lots of issues mostly due to their differences. They had blazing hot chemistry though!  

I really liked Tommy. He was just a regular guy with normal interests and tastes even though he was extremely popular. He was very down to Earth and this impressed me A LOT!

I was not as impressed with his leading lady. Siena was a caring doctor but she was a privileged snob with expensive taste. I did not connect with her.

She kept setting abnormally high standards and requests and Tommy bent over backwards to be with her. She wasn't so generous and it irritated me.

The opposites attract thing proved to really work with this book. I read it straight through in one sitting. I liked it a great deal to stick with it even though one of the characters got on my nerves. ;-)

You will find a popular fighter who is just one of the guys, a snobbish Doctor, supportive friends, plenty of sexy scenes, problems brought on by differences, and obviously, romance in this book.

I received an ecopy in exchange for my honest opinion. I liked it a great deal.
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  1. Well I'm not sure I'd like Siena either. Im a very laid back person so I cant connect with high maintenance people. But I will definitely add this to my list since you still liked it so much! :)

    At first glance the cover model totally reminded me of Judd Nelson (the guy from the Breakfast Club)

  2. interesting but i don't think i would hate teh heroine^^;; she really isn't what i appreciate in people so it would be hard to co,,ect with her but teh hero that's teh opposite yes

  3. Thanks so much for your review. As a first-time novelist, your feedback is very helpful. More power to this blog!
    Cindy Fazzi aka Vina Arno

    1. Thanks so much for stopping by! Feel free to let us know if you have any new releases coming out! :)