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Review ~ One Chance (Part #1) by T. Renee Fike with a giveaway


Haley has always lived in the shadows of her identical twin Kenzie. Moving on to different colleges, Haley decides to show people who she is and who she wants to be. Setting her sites on Liam, the boy she’s always wanted, she takes a chance that can cost her everything.

Liam Masters, the football jock known by many, is cocky, stubborn, and gorgeous. Liam has always gotten what he’s wanted, that is until he finds out the girl he’s known forever uses him. Torn and shattered, he loses it deciding to cause havoc to her life.

Quinn, Haley’s best friend and roommate at college has seen and heard everything. What she didn’t expect was for Liam to actually show his true feelings for Haley.

Can Quinn help Haley find herself and her true love?

All it takes is one chance.

One Chance (part #1)

T. Renee Fike

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“Are we okay?” I ask, looking into his beautiful blue eyes.

“Yeah,” he says before pulling me in for a kiss, “We’re good.”  The kiss is slow and sensual, but I can feel it picking up speed.

I pull back, “I need to deal with Brody first.”

“Yeah, I know,” he mumbles, “Actually, it should be me talking to him, not you.”

“You can talk to him when I’m done,” I say before leaning in and getting one more kiss.  Then I turn and head back out to where Brody is.

“Are you ready?”

“Yep,” I say as I walk out the door.  We walk down the steps toward the sidewalk.

“Your feet are going to freeze,” he says looking down at my flip-flops.

“I’m fine.  We need to talk.”

“Seriously Hails, Liam, after everything he’s done to you.  How do you sleep with him?” he asks frustrated.

“I didn’t plan it, it just kind of happened.”

“So you’re what, dating my brother now?”


“What do you mean, no?” he stops to stare at me, waiting for an answer.

“We aren’t dating,” I stutter.

“Then what are you doing Haley?”

“Liam and I have an agreement.”

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I hang out with friends and love my sports!! NFL Football is my favorite... GO EAGLES!!

I have my bachelor's degree in Business/Human Resources Management and currently working towards my Masters in Management!

A friend encouraged me to write a book and I can say it's exhilarating and I can't even begin to form words on how I feel right now.

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My Thoughts:

I'm having a hard time describing this one. Some parts seem almost teen-like but there are some situations that would not really be appropriate for them.

It starts when Haley and her twin Kenzie are fourteen. Haley is best friends with Brody and has a crush on his brother Liam. Actually both girls do.

I don't want to tell you what happens so let me just say that I despise Kenzie. She is obnoxious, self centered, cruel, self serving and has no consideration for anyone else's feelings or well being. This is evident from the get go and though it appears to lesson part way through, it never goes away. By the end of the book, you will hate her too.

Haley on the other hand, I really like. I can't help but feel bad for her to a point for having to deal with her witch of a twin.

She makes an awesome decision though and goes off to college away from her sister and Brody. She becomes fast friends with her roommate Quinn. Quinn is a terrific character. The two of them are great together. :-)

She becomes more adventurous and outgoing while at college. Again, I won't spill the beans but she does something that is surprising and that ends up causing some turmoil.

College is great until she makes enemies out of the barbie and Ken team which happens to include Brody's brother Liam.

When things get completely out of hand, Haley ends up in danger. 

There are lots of twists and turns, back stabbing, plotting, secrets, lies, drinking, school work (they are in college), love, lust, hazing, friendship, and football.

As I said in the beginning, some of the things and behaviors of the characters in this book are quite juvenile. I also found myself getting whiplash once or twice with how quickly certain characters (I won't mention any names) change their mind or feelings.

Liam was a hard character for me to swallow. On one hand he seems like the model guy on the other he seems like an immature, arrogant a**. The jury is still out on whether or not I actually like him or not. As of right now, I'm not a fan. 

Overall, I did really like it. There is something about T Renee Fike's writing style that draws me in and keeps me begging for more. This first book in this new series and her other books have had the same effect on me.

I have to tell you that it ends in a cliffhanger. The good news is that the next book is due out in August. :-) We don't have long to wait. Thank God!

I would recommend this and her other books because they are really that good and have characters that will keep you on your toes.

I received an ecopy of this book in exchange for my honest opinion. It was engaging, frustrating, heart warming. dramatic, and emotional. I liked it a lot.

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  1. i think it would be best for me to way until the series is complete because of the cliffhanger and i don't know i'm really glad you liked it a lot but i don't think i'm ready for this books ( perhaps because i'm sure i will hate kenzie as well^^) so i will see when it's omplete hoping you will tell me of a good HEA and great punishment for the "bad" ones^^

  2. Hm.. possibly. If you liked her writing style then I'm definitely going to grab some of her books. I'm intrigued by this one so I'll add it to my list. :)