Tuesday, July 15, 2014

Giveaway & Review ~ The Ringer by Amber Malloy

Book Description:

Lane Garret is a dead ringer...

Newly single, cheaters decoy Lane Garret is excited about her fresh start and believes everything is at last on track. Unfortunately, her fantasy of the good life is blown away…along with one of her marks. While on a date, Lane not just witnesses a murder but almost becomes a victim. Saved in the nick of time by one hot detective, she wonders if someone wants her dead.

On forced leave due to a pending Internal Affairs investigation, Jackson (Jax) Thornbird agrees to do a friend a favor. Tricked into decoy security, Jax decides one night will be easy enough, but things go awry. When shots are fired, he grabs the girl and leaves the scene of the crime—a rash decision that could ruin his career. However, Jax has a hunch the intended target wasn’t the dead, cheating husband.

The Ringer

Amber Malloy

Genre: Romantic Suspense

Publisher: Decadent Publishing

Date of Publication: May 23, 2014

ISBN: 978-1-61333-694-6

Number of pages: 184

Word Count: 55,395

Cover Artist: Lacey Savage

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It was too dark to see the woman’s face, but Jax recognized something about her. Streetlights ran over the car, creating a quick shadow before slipping back into the night.

He couldn’t get a good read on her face.

Even with her strange blonde hair and oddly matched clothes, Jax remembered the decoy.

This woman reeked girl-next-door wholesomeness, but without direct light he couldn’t place her, underneath the heavy makeup and the two-times-too-small Hello Kitty tank she wore.

“I know you,” she said. It came out in a hushed whisper while they sped down Wacker Drive. The underground tunnel had dangerous twists and turns.

“I-I-I remember—” she stuttered with a bit more panic lacing her voice.

A sedan whizzed past them, missing the sports car by mere inches. To overcompensate for the close call, she jerked the wheel too hard, careening them into a massive spinout.

Adrenaline thrummed through his veins, and Jax reached over to grab the steering wheel.

“Put your foot on the brake,” he instructed as they continued to spin in the opposite direction. She didn’t utter a single word, not even a peep, while Jax maneuvered the car into the slide.

Almost too late to save them, Jax noted very few cars passed them before they spun out over the median divider.

“I know you,” she wheezed. The woman dropped her head on the wheel.

The car idled in the middle of the road as Jax tried to calm her down. “You’re going into shock,” he told her. “I need you to take three deep breaths, hold for five seconds, then exhale. Come on, I’ll do it with you. One.” Getting close to her, he inhaled and waited before he released.

After a moment she began to follow his lead. Once they got through their first repetition, she had calmed down a bit. “Hot,” she said before she snatched the blonde wig off and shook her dark hair loose. The light from the street caught her eyes. Jax gazed into her dazzling green globes.

“Yeah,” he admitted as he stared at her. “I know you, too.”

About the Author:

Amber Malloy dreamed of being a double agent but couldn't pass the psyche evaluation. Crushed by despair that she couldn't legally shoot things, Amber pursued her second career choice as pastry chef. When she's not writing or whipping up a mean Snickers Cheesecake, she occasionally spies on her sommelier. Amber is convinced he's faking his French accent.

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  My Thoughts:

This book started out with excitement and pretty much had me on the edge of my seat most of the way through it.

It had lots of suspense and action, with oodles of sexual tension and attraction between the heroine and hero, in addition to some romance, danger, cover ups, corruption, and some privilidged pretty boys.

If you like suspense, this one is a winner! You will be guessing.

I am lost for what to say other than, check this one out. It is an action packed romantic suspense that is not to be missed!

I received an ecopy in exchange for my honest opinion. I really liked it. I thought it was terrific!

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  1. Well I like romantic suspense and action filled that keeps you guessing sounds fun. :) I'll add it to my list.

  2. Oh Brenda you sure know how to make me desire a book ^^. Strangely i'm a little more on the romance suspense genre at the moment so this is perfect story i would want to read if it was available in print of course.

    but i will put it on my maybe list ( never know could be free on smashwords in pdf opne day and i wouldn't want to miss that opportunity)

    it's also a new author for me but one i feel i need to keep my eyes open for^^